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Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome June 28th 2012

Day 47 Walking, walking, hot and hotter.... Do the shops, pack up papers we have gathered and decide to send those back by snail mail. Warnd that Italian poste is horrendous but we get lucky and move everything in 20 minutes. Off to the Pantheon to see the light from the hole in the roof at noon (1 pm italian time as it is daylight saving here) to see if it gets anywhere near the middle of the floor. Not as many people today so easier to have a good look around. This time we see lots of different things than before. The marble beside each chapel has a pattern in it - Chris said on looked like Santa - she was right but I am sure the Romans didn't realize this when they built this ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome June 27th 2012

Day 46 Another day of exploring the back streets of Rome. We head towards the Piazza Venezzia via backstreets. Find all sorts of interesting places as we wander from one little street to another. Shops, little shops where men are re-upholstering chairs, metal working shops, all working in very confined spaces but some sort of organization exists. We eventually get near the Piazza Venzzia but there are flashing blue lights everywhere up the road we are now on. Oh oh. Looks like a bike accident ahead. There are police everywhere with a woman lying on the road - doesn't look too bad, but there is chaos with people, cars, buses, police. This place has about 6 roads feeding into it and the accident is on one of the out roads so you can imagine the mess ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome June 26th 2012

Day 45 Off to the Vatican today. On the way we are going to visit the Castel Sant'Angelo. This is a forts type building just on the corner of St Peters square. It used built back in the 1st century as a burial place for Kings, etc. and also as a place for popes to live later on. It was also used as a prison for one of the popes who was captured by the invading troops from somewhere or other and held in this place. Lots of ramps and steps later we are at the top. A very hot day so being inside is a good thing. We wander around here for over and hour or two. Then it is time to head off to our meeting place for our Vatican tour. They say we ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome June 25th 2012

Day 44 The day of the dead. Went to vist one of he Catacombes in Rome. This is where they buried the dead in underground caverns outside the walls of Rome. These Catacombes were up to 10 miles long in 4 or more levels under the ground. They would dig and then build a little slit hole to bury the corpse (none left in the one we visited). As usual the roman architecture and engineering back in the 3rd century amazes you..... They had family vaults, poor and rich buried in the same area, juts bigger slits for the rich - maybe they were fatter than the poor dudes. BTW this was done from our hop on hop off bus ticket so value for money there..... Back into town and walk into the Trastevere area (on ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome June 24th 2012

Day 43 and only 5 more sleeps in Europe...... We woke slowly after our walking tour yesterday and decided to do the Colloseum today. Wondered down to the Tiber river and walked along that. Not as nice as the other capital city rivers we have seen but still had some interesting parts. As we walked along the banks there was a camp under a bridge with about 5 people and 3 very large dogs. They were fishing and didn't seem interested in us which was good for us as they looked very dodgy. Walked up to the "orange mountain" where they say the first orange tree in Rome was grown. Seems strange to see a mini orange grove in the city but the views were also very good. Overlooked St Peters basilica and a few other ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome June 23rd 2012

Day 42 Rome. Busy, hot, people..... We we're going to do our usual new city trick and catch the hop on hop off bus. We also had the usual housekeeping stuff of washing to do as well. Asked reception about both and we're advised against the bus as the traffic is so busy that you don't get to see lots. Also found a laundromat and washed the clothes. While waiting we did a local market and some more back lanes - or are they just normal streets here.... Back at the hotel and the receptionist gives us some ideas on where to walk today. We start at the Panthenon which is stunning. The shaft of light that fills this 1st century building is amazing - like a spotlight from a stage show. Then onto the Trevi ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome June 22nd 2012

Day 41 A sad sad day. We have Ro return the car today. No more freedom to go here and there. No more Stella telling us where to go (nicely of course). No more clothes sitting on the back seat. Meaning that we have to pack bags for flight mode and be ready to go..... We do breakfast at the hotel in Sperlonga. A final walk up to the shops for some extra bits we want then back to the car. Farewells to the staff and off we head towards Rome airport where we have to drop the car. Stella has a real workout today. "turn right" becomes left, then we get "turn around in 200 metres" lots of times. Sorry Stella but we Re going via the beach, not as you have planned for us ... read more

Europe » Italy June 21st 2012

Day 40 Another lazy day in the Sperlonga beach area. We move slowly, as you do here and eventually decide to do the Tiberian Villa and grotto with the Archeological museum (all attached). Roman ruins found when they were doing a new tunnel. Pretty amazing statues found and restored (Cyclops, Argus, etc.). Drive on to another sea side area. This one has even more beach mbrellas then we have seen at Sperlonga. Too hard to park so just do a round trip then back and re-pack bags so we are ready to drop the car off tomorrow (that will be a sad day.....). Then into Rome for our last 7 days. After the bags are re-adjusted once again and papers sorted and culled we head to the beach. Recognised this time by the beach bed guard ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Sperlonga June 20th 2012

Day 39 All of a sudden the countdown to departure is sort of on.. Had to book thedrop off of the car at Romeyesterday for this Friday. That means we have only 7 nights in Rome and the remaining 2 nights here at Sperlonga. Oh dear, what do we do to keep ourselves busy. Lots. We did absolutey nothing today and it was fantastic. The car didn't even get moved at all. We did the shops again. Chris bought some bathers and we also bought beach towels (yes, more stuff to bring home but they were bargains). Went to the supermarket and they made fresh sandwiches (rolls) with fillings cut on the spot - cheese, salami, yummmmmm. Got toime fresh fruit and back to the hotel, beers and sandwiches on the terrace with a nice sea ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Sperlonga June 19th 2012

Day 38 Depart San Gimignano with more farewells for our new friends from yesterday and fond greetings from our host, Stefano. We head straight for our newest destination, Sperlonga (as offered by Samantha and a good choice). On the way we decide to do a detour into a tiny town for something to eat (and more importantly to break the 4.5 hour drive). Unfortunately Stella doesn't understand our interpretation of the spelling of the town we wanted so we offer alternatives. eventually we find something that looks like they do food and in we go. Interesting place, we are the only ones in there. Eventually a few more locals arrive. We order sandwiches which turn out to be pocket pizzas. Very nice. The bosses son (Luigi) who is probable 6 or 7 is there and he ... read more

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