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25th May 2011

Thanks for sharing.... Ang bait mo naman... binilan mo yung bata... :)
19th May 2011

Hello Nelson, Thanks for adding me to your blog. You take such wonderful adventures. I hope you enjoyed yourself to the fullest. Always, Shernita~
19th May 2011

Hi Guys!
So glad youre enjoying youselves. 15 shots, seriously???? Looks like an amazing place. Keep blogging!
19th May 2011

You are more than welcome to hang in Sydney with us. We know a lot more about the city now, we could show you an even better time :)
18th May 2011

Pics and BLOG
I love that you all crashed....must be all that sun and relaxing.... Love you!
17th May 2011

I cannot believe their is a Starbucks there! Too funny!
16th May 2011

Yummy food!!! As always, looks like you're having a good time!!! Love the updates! XOXO!
16th May 2011

So glad that you are having soooo much fun!
15th May 2011

Love the blog. Great pics!!! xoxo Sara
15th May 2011
Mango Bravo

Stephens friend Laura
That looks delicious. Looks like you guys are having a great time! tell Stepehen I said hello.
20th October 2010

That's my friend Alan haha..can't believe it's been a year already! Pride in Perth is 21!!!! Hell yeah :D
From Blog: Perth Pride 2009
22nd November 2009

I'm just saying...
Looks like we had a great time together...fooled everyone! ha-ha. I have to say, you are one of the best picture takers I know. Miss ya already, Aim
15th November 2009

OMG Nelson... I think I screamed out loud when I watched your guys' jumps! WHEW! LOL! :)
15th November 2009

These are your best pictures yet! I can't wait to see what type of camera you use.
13th November 2009

Looks like you guys are having the trip of a lifetime! Wow! And the fact that you have time to write everything up is pretty cool. Have fun making wonderful memories! Baby Owen is good! You guys will have to meet him next summer down the Cape ;)
13th November 2009

I love the skyswing video!! It made me laugh! You will love skydiving!!
12th November 2009

Lake Tekapo
WOW! Absolutely breathtaking!
From Blog: Lake Tekapo
12th November 2009

Very cool pics! Glad you're having such a great time. Can't wait to hear all about "The Great Adventure"!!
From Blog: Lake Tekapo
10th November 2009

Nelson.. I love your laugh... it made me laugh...
10th November 2009

Love your updates/pictures and videos!...The boys and I sit and watch them before they have to go to school and we are laughing our buts off! Miss you! Ann
10th November 2009

Oh My!!! I LOVE Maori Nelson... tooo funny! ALL these photos are great, brings back lots of good New Zealand memories for me! Can't wait to see more xox
8th November 2009

OMG. Too funny!
8th November 2009

Demanding WB
What? Did you seriously write demanding WB boyfriends?! ;-) Ha. LOL. Did Stephen see that? You are a riot!!!! XOXO SK
6th November 2009

Love the 12 Apostles! I have always wanted to go there, since I was little!

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