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30th May 2015

Loving all your super blogs and photos
Is 'falls' relevant, here ? Or 'flat'; or possibly both? Much love. Mum and Dad.
14th May 2015

Leopards and Spots
It just goes to show that leopards do not change their spots
13th May 2015

Another year wiser
Happy Birthday Sarah. Hope you have a lovely day roaming the wilderness of the U.S. Not a bad way to spend your birthday, hopefully Spencer has found the RV's kitchen and has rustled you up a cake. Nick & Ben
12th May 2015

Great Blog!
A delight to read. (We see that tortoises and heels have now become an international theme in your family life). Love, B and R. XX
11th May 2015

That last sentence! You should sell that to RV companies to use in their advertising campaigns!! Brilliant.
18th October 2012

You were so lucky to have Danni and Kylie entertaining you on your long journey. I hope your contribution wasn't "Are we there yet. How much further and I'm hungry." Followed by a quick nap, waking up with a burst of energy and a run up and down the carriages! I'm sure you made their journey fun too.
13th October 2012

An extra 20 years of drawing your pension then after taking a dip in the lake. You are very adventurous going off on the local bus - do you find there are many other English people travelling around or do they, like us, prefer warmer climes? I had imagined the homestay to be a wooden chalet in the country and found the picture of it a little dissapointing if not depressing. Hope they had a lift! Pleased to hear you are still having fun - keep blobbing. Luv Mum
11th October 2012

Tatty animal!
We wanted to ask if it was embarrassing riding with such a scruffy looking animal? That's a question for the horse - not you Spencer! Looks great , have fun. Sco7(1)
From Blog: The Ger Camp
10th October 2012

I thought it was a photo of you in the floppy hat on the mountain path but on closer inspection discovered it's probably "Peking Pete." The washing machine and 42 inch T.V. are confusing me - I was feeling so sorry for the lady when she finished your dinner up but maybe that was for effect and she had another horse already prepared in the freezer for her next guests. Glad you enjoyed the 4 star experience. You always enjoyed the little luxuries of life and that must have been an experience. Have you booked a fortnight for next year's holiday or decided on a staycation? Almost halfway through your trip so you can eat all your food up as you must be getting nearer civilisation. Really look forward to your Blobs everyday so keep them coming. Our love
From Blog: Ulaanbaatar
9th October 2012

Mum calling
I do enjoy reading your blobbies - I feel as if I am really with you eating all that wonderful food. Bet you can't wait to arrive at the 4 star hotel to enjoy the luxury of an en suite, hot water and a comfortable bed. So pleased you are enjoying your trip - even the horse riding - guess I know what will be on your list to Father Christmas this year. You've never had horse riding lessons before have you?????? Did you get a invitation from the Aussie sisters to visit for a holiday? If so, when have you booked for. I am enjoying your holiday almost as much as you but I guess you are only telling me the good bits. Keep blobbing. We are all O.K. Love Mum xxxxxxxxxxxx
From Blog: The Ger Camp
5th October 2012

Another fantastic experience. Hope you bought me the snow storm of the great wall. I hope you deducted Peter's fee for not walking with you on the Great Wall. You might have been kidnapped and never seen again. So pleased you enjoyed it - Sparrows Den will never be the same again. Off to The Warren for "the wedding" - very wet and windy here. What's the weather like with you and keep Blobbing. Really look forward to your Blobbs every day. Luv Mum and Dad xxxx
From Blog: The Great Wall
3rd October 2012

Expensive water
You sound like your mother, rather go without than spend 2Y on a bottle of water. How many Y to the pound? Can you get yourself in one of the photos.
3rd October 2012

Lovely to read your "Blobby" and hear you are having so much fun and learning so much. Please don't transfer to the Chinese police force, (don't expect they would have a big enough uniform for you). Spirits sound high even though it must be quite daunting to experience such a difference in culture. Have you eaten through your 2 tons of food or found a McDonalds? Only a few days in China and you have done so much, especially going out on the underground on your own. I know how frightening it was for us in the Forbidden City when we split up from our guide but I remember, if you follow an umbrella you will always find another tour group. Are there many Europeans with "round eyes" about or is everyone Chinese!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy the Great Wall. Were you able to see it from the plane as you flew into China. It really is a fantastic sight- almost as good as the Crystal Palace Tower so be prepared. Don't forget to buy little souvenirs from the poor chinese people - it will help their economy. I am wondering if the bicycles have all gone and everyone has a car now, if so - don't buy any souvenirs - they are doing O.K. Keep your sense of humour - it's only for a few weeks and you will have enjoyed, (or not), so many amazing things it will be relief to return to England. Keep us amused with your Blobbies. Has anyone taken a photo of you recently or is your novelty value over? When you take photos of them - do they smile or are they still "po faced." ? Keep smiling and have fun (don't give Peter our address).
3rd October 2012

Gidday fella
'Deployed'as a missionary? Clearly needed that three weeks away!!! Very funny..... Keep it up. LYL. Xx
1st October 2012

Glad you have arrived safely, was tracking your flight and it disappeared over Mongolia somewhere but figured that it would be in the news if anything happened so put it down to a technology failure. Regarding the hair, it does sound like you are being set up for a kidnapping, you cab driver couldn\'t believe his luck when he picked you up (and you can guarantee he had a webcam in his cab) so he phoned all his mates and they are the ones taking photos of you. The reason they are stalking you is not because of you money (or pot noodles) but because ginger hair is a good luck charm or aphrodisiac (can\'t remember which) but they\'ll soon be cutting bits off or licking your head. Good luck shut in the cabin on the train for four days - you are going to end up bald. Any way the cultural differences aside, hope you enjoy your tour round Beijing and I\'m looking forward to the next instalment. Have you broken into the pot noodles yet or have you found a cafe that does a full English?
1st October 2012

We always knew you would be famous for something one day - but ginger hair in China - didn't see that one coming!
27th September 2012

Testing the blogger!!!
My intrepid traveller packed and ready to go... Just three weeks worth of pack lunches to organise!! Not looking forward to the quiet, dull time without him...

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