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Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Moalboal February 9th 2013

Our trip over to Cebu and up to Moalboal was an eye opening and beautiful one which took us along the East cost of Cebu. It was only a short 20 minute hop over to Cebu from Sibulan to Lilo-an (P65 for the ferry or P45 for a banka), then a tricycle up to Bato and finally a bus to Moalboal. The coastline that we saw on this 1¼ hour journey was stunning, we were met with crystal clear waters when we got off the ferry and this continued on uninterrupted all the way to Moalboal and probably beyond. Admittedly at times it was quite hard to see what we were passing as our bus driver seemed intent on breaking some sort of speed record to get us there and we were literally on a white ... read more
Kawasan Falls
Sleepy Panagsama village
Catch of the day

Asia » Philippines » Negros » Dumaguete February 1st 2013

We opted for Harold’s again on our return to Dumaguete and instantly fell in love with the huge air con room we were allocated (P800). It was a real treat to have wardrobes, a massive window and air con for less than we were paying in Siquijor.. ok it didn’t have the beach views but we were still happy! It’s the little things that matter! First on the list was trying to find someone to help with Dale’s camera. We didn’t really want to take it to a random electronic repair place so headed over to Robinson’s Mall in the hope that someone in a shiny shop might be our saviour, and they were! We were checking out prices in the first place we came to - we didn’t want to fork out for a new ... read more
Sumilon Island
Whale Shark
Sumilon Island

Asia » Philippines » Siquijor January 31st 2013

Our next island is surrounded by rumours of witchcraft and black magic with some Filipinos steering well clear for fear of what may happen to them. Of course we poo poohed all this but each one of us secretly hoped that we might find something a little surreal and were looking forward to finding out what the island of Siquijor might offer. We started to wonder whether the rumours were actually true when Dale’s camera broke on the ferry across.. was it trying to tell us something? The next bit of bad luck for our group came along when Achim & Anita lost 10 entries to their blog… would this be the end? We were still travelling with Anita & Achim for our ferry over from Dumaguete (136PHP) and had read in the LP that this ... read more
Cambugahay Falls
Healing potions
Dale having leaves applied

Asia » Philippines » Negros January 26th 2013

For our time in the Philippines we had a rough idea of where we want to visit but no real set plan on the order and how to get there. We knew we wanted to head south after Boracay so after we’d waved off Eleanor in Caitaclan we caught a bus down to Iloilo with the plan to head over to Negros and beyond. We’d forgotten we’d actually done the 6 hour ride before in the opposite direction 3 years back and it was painless enough on a nice air-conditioned bus (386PHP) and with some good, bad and truly awful movies to keep us occupied along the way. We arrived in Iloilo in the dark and had chosen a guesthouse from the LP along the way so we had somewhere to head to. Unfortunately for us ... read more
Dale snorkelling
Local kids

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok January 18th 2013

Back in 2012 we'd settled on a return to SE Asia for our next trip, we'd toyed with many ideas.. Central America, South America, Africa but we had loved the variety of countries in this area so much and wanted to take it a bit easier this time around so SE Asia it was.. we can't say that the weather and beaches in this part of the world didn't have a large part to play too! When we mentioned to Sophie's family that this was our destination they decided that they'd like to come along for the first couple of weeks so flights were booked and the deal was sealed. We'd chosen Bangkok and Boracay to share our time with them, after which time Eleanor (Sophie's sister) would return home and her mum & dad would ... read more
Tuk Tuk
Bridge Over the River Kwai

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Northamptonshire » Northampton December 16th 2012

Oh how plans change... As we said in our last blog our plans to return to life on the road have changed, changed and changed again since we returned back to the UK in February 2010. After a slightly longer stopover than we'd initially planned we are now just days (well tens of days) away from our next trip so what have we been doing in the 3 years we've been back home.. Well the most major thing was getting married back in February 2011 and we are looking forward to celebrating our 2nd anniversary in the country where it all came about.. The Philippines. This place will always be special to us as it was the place Dale got down on one knee and asked Sophie to be his wife and we feel sure that ... read more
San Sebastian

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome February 21st 2011

We haven't been on here for a while now, we had intended to do a best of blog but that didn't come to fruition in the end partly through denial that the journey had ended and partly through being too busy. We couldn't however let it pass without documenting one of the most momentous events of both our lives... our marriage & honeymoon so this blog will give the full run down on the week which was truly one of the best we've ever experienced. It's a bit strange writing this from the relative comfort of our lounge back in Northampton. Far away from those days spent in noisy internet cafes with a million children running around us playing COD or other equally high volume games, whether this will make this blog better or worse will ... read more
Trevi Fountain
Vatican Museum

Asia February 9th 2010

We were looking forward to going back to Bangkok as it is one of our favorite citites, certainly our favourite in Asia anyway. It has everything you could want in a city.. fabulous shopping, cheap & tasty food, good and cheap (sometimes free!) public transport and loads to see and do. As is now typical of our time here Sophie had organised for us to come here for one thing and one thing only.. to shop.. Dale was delighted as always! We spent our days wanding the city, looking round the shopping centres and went on a silk buying mission to Little India to get some material for Sophie's mum which took us to a new area previously unexplored by us so we enjoyed walking around here too. Whilst browsing in Siam Paragon Dale engineered a ... read more
Dale in Siam Square
Lady sellers down Khao San Road
View from the Vertigo Bar

Asia » Philippines » Panay » Kalibo January 19th 2010

There were a million things we'd have loved to do in the Philippines, but a while back we'd decided that top of our list would be to go to the Ati-Atihan festival, said to be the wildest and most colourful of all festivals in South East Asia. We'd had to pre book our hotel in advance so were a bit limited with how we could spend our remaining few weeks. Along with Dominic we'd all decided to head towards the Panay island where Kalibo, the home of the festival is found as well as the beautiful Boracay. On the way our boat would stop at the Cuyo Islands so we thought we'd make use of this stop and stay a few days on this group of islands that there is very little information about both in ... read more
Ati-Atihan Festival Parade
Snr. Santo Nino
Ati-Atihan Festival Parade

Asia » Philippines » Palawan January 3rd 2010

We'd been flapping a bit about where to spend Christmas so when we found a resort that was affordable we texted them straight away to try and book a room and thankfully they had a room free so that was sorted. This resort was on Cacnipa Island, a small island a 40 minute boat ride away from Port Barton. After a night spent in Port Barton to relax after our 6 hour dusty bus ride followed by a 1 hour bumpy rooftop ride on an overpacked jeepney we caught the boat over to the island on Christmas Eve. We were really happy with our choice because the resort was gorgeous with it's own little private beach and beautiful coconut tree garden behind. Our room was really nice, the food served on the island was mouthwatering and ... read more
Pet Monkey
Christmas day on Cacnipa Island
Dale and the christmas tree in Puerto Princesa

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