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26th November 2014
Arequipa - El Misti

We'll be touching down in Arequipa in January for a Peru Secret Places Tour...great shot...looking forward to this city already.
From Blog: Southern Peru
26th November 2014
Nasca Lines

Love it
From Blog: Southern Peru
26th November 2014

We loved our time in Peru and loved the Nasca lines. I was thrilled to see them.
From Blog: Southern Peru
29th October 2014

About Big Mac
What you saw, the Big Mac with three patties is in fact called the "Triple Mac".. The original Big Mac is still available in Argentina, but not showed in the posters.. I think it's because it's too cheap.. Many people don't see de Big Mac, so they just order the Triple Mac, wich is more expensive.. =)
4th October 2014

No simple journey
Everyone needs to earn a buck and the bag boys have control. You are in the lands of good foods, wine and siestas. Enjoy.
1st September 2014

Came across this entry, got distracted.....
....... and kept reading. Entertaining entry, great work! Now what was it i was doing.....?
26th August 2014

'I suddenly felt inappropriately greasy haired and unshaven'... :)
Hi Mark, I really enjoyed this post and your photos are lovely too (Tara Cloud has been saying nice things about your blog). I look forward to following your future adventures. Cheers, Ren
25th August 2014

Love this properly decorated Bolivia bus
A great tongue-in-cheek account of the mixed bag that is Bolivia. Yes, free yellow fever vacs but glasses that don't fit (I have a pair of those, too). Cheap food in Tupiza, but it might make you ill (my eggplant parm was eggplant with ketchup). Despite 6 months in the country, I skipped Cochabamba, but since it will be rainy season when I return, I might take your advise and go to the place most likely to be sunny and to see the 2nd biggest JC (no way will I go to Santa Cruz). But then there's sweet Sucre where you got to meet the woman with the most impossible job in that poor, oh-so-corrupt country. And hey, how thrilling to experience a bloqueo--you know the real Bolivia!
30th July 2014

Excelllent blog!
Researching Ayacucho and central Peru, where I'll be heading next year, I discovered your blogs. What a great combination of historical context, personal adventures and fine photos. I'm going to nominate you for Blogger of the Week, so I do hope you continue to blog. Incidentally, I'm in Arequipa, so if you head down this way, I'd love to meet up with you. I really enjoy your writing--good show!
18th August 2014

Hello Ms Cloud
Hi Tara, thanks for noticing. I took a look at your blog. Seems like we both go for the slower option. We rarely keep pace with the younger crowd. Currently we are heading South from Bolivia to Argentina, so not close enough to touch base. Have fun in Peru, we loved it. All the best, Mark
13th June 2011

At this house began mexican revolution it´s because that there are shots marks (sorry my bad english :)) Actually it is used as a film location for a film of Mexican Revolution

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