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Modern air travel is miraclulous and miserable. If you're old enough to remember when all airplanes had propellers, which I am, it's amazing to consider that you can leave 30 degrees and snow and be in 83 degrees in sun in a matter of a couple hours if...everything goes well. That's where the miserable part can come in. It seems from our experience that it's damn near a 50-50 proposition for everything to go as scheduled, especially when you can't get direct flights. Changing planes just about guarantees one of them will be late for some reason. Yesterday it was the flight from Charlotte to Nassau. Thunderstorms in Charlotte delayed our departure for 2 hours. Then when we finally got to Atlantis, they had no record of our reservation booked through Two more hours later, ... read more
Atlantis Resort

It's time Jan got a little payback for taking such great care of me after having total hip replacement surgery on December 27th. Without her help I would have gone to a rehab facility rather than home. It sure was nice to go home. She treated my surgical wound every day until the staples were removed and the doctor was amazed how well it had healed. She waited on me hand and foot...literally. I couldn't put a sock or shoe on my right foot for over 3 weeks. So, this little trip is a bit of a thank you to her. We have done quite a few winter trips to nice warm places for longer than this one in the past years since my retirement and we were planning a trip to Tahiti and Bora Bora ... read more

North America » United States » Illinois » Orland Park May 17th 2013

After 11 years and 188,000 miles, good old Buck, my 2002 Suburban is gone, totalled. I named the Burban after Buck, the half German Shepherd half St. Bernard sled dog that is the hero of Jack London's "Call of the Wild," because of Buck's large size, loyalty and dependability. I know that men often refer to their vehicles as "she", and I do too. But when we made the Alaska trip together and I listened to many audio books, I got to calling her Buck. I bought her brand new in October of 2002. Most men have a dream car they would love to have, like Corvettes or Mustangs, but my dream car was always a Suburban. We had many, many adventures together. The 10,000 mile trip to Alaska and back being the biggest and most ... read more

North America » United States » Wisconsin March 8th 2013

Contributing Photographer: Michael Weinstein Our last ride of the week is a ride to Manitowish Waters, WI, where the Little Bohemia Lodge is located. I figured we would have lunch there since the food is excellent at the lodge. We took Trail 8 heading west and once again, the trails were stupendous. It's just amazing, every trail perfect. The weather was beautiful, too: sunny and the upper 30's. Gotta love March riding.The ride there ended up being 62 miles of rolling hills and woods and, once again, Trail 8 is one of my favorites. When we arrived at Little Bohemia, we had a bit of a surprise. This isn't the first time I've been skunked by Little Bohemia not being open when I thought they were. According to their website, they are open for lunch ... read more
Little Bohemia
Interesting Winter Footwear
Shootout Bullet Holes

Contributing Photographer: Michael Weinstein The next morning we got an early start and left Big Bay on Trail 14. The plan was to ride the 40 miles down Trail 5 toward Michigamme and then ride west on Trail 8 to Kenton. At least the WAS the plan. The guide (me) thought he knew the trails without checking the current trail map and didn't know that they changed where the intersection of Trail 14 and 5 was. Sooo, he went past it. He didn't realize it until we were a good 10 miles past it, so we rode Trail 14 back toward L'Anse. A lot of the woods in the Hurons were coated with frost from the previous day's mist and it looked like a winter wonderland, but it was overcast the day before so we couldn't ... read more
Michael Enjoying The Beauty
The Mighty Skidoo 800 X
Spectacular Trails!

Contributing Photographer: Michael Weinstein We awoke to a freezing drizzle in Copper Harbor. This is probably the worst condition for riding. The drizzle freezes to the visor of your helmet within seconds and reduces visibility to close to zero. By the time we finished breakfast across the street at the Pines Restaurant, the drizzle changed over to snow, thankfully. It snowed hard after that all morning. We rode back over Brockway Mountain, but it was snowing too hard to see much of anything. We rode down to trail 124 which runs southeast from Phoenix to Gay. I have several fovorite trails in this part of the world and Trail 124 is one of them. The trails that make my favorite list are always scenic and remote with stretches of curves and some straightaways. 124 is all ... read more
On Trail 124
Dogsled Team
Lady Musher

Contributing Photographer: Michael Weinstein Our riding itinerary for the week included making a saddlebag, three day cross country trip. For this trip, we packed what we would need for the next three days in the expandable tunnel bags on our snowmobiles. Tuesday we rode from Land O' Lakes, WI to Copper Harbor, MI, the northernmost point in the Upper Peninsula. We headed north on Trail 3 to Watersmeet, MI and then continued east about 5 miles to where the trail heads north again. Our first stop of the day was Bond Falls, about 25 miles north of Land O' Lakes. It's a pretty waterfall, probably about 100 yards wide and very lovely in the winter with a lot of the water frozen in the falls. After that stop, we rode north on Trail 3 to the ... read more
Trail 2 East of Watersmeet
Bond Falls
Bond Falls

Contributing Photographer: Michael Weinstein We planned on making a variation of Dawn's Loop today. We left The Gateway at 9:00 AM and headed west towards Bent's Camp on the Cisco Chain of Lakes. The trail goes over 4 lakes in the chain, marked by orange barrels. We rode the lakes north to the Cisco Bar, then further north to Trail 2 in Michigan. We headed west on Trail 2 to to Trail 1, which we rode south to Presque Isle, WI. We stopped for lunch at the Skyview Lodge in Presque Isle: At this point, we had ridden a bit over 50 miles, and every mile was perfect riding. We couldn't believe how smooth the trails were considering that it is a Monday after the weekend riding. After lunch and the welcome break we headed ... read more
And...We Have a Winner!
Pat's Winning Shake
Smooth Trails

Contributing Photographer: Michael Weinstein A couple years ago, I made a snowmobile tour of the Gaspe Peninsula in Quebec. While on that trip, I met a fellow snowmobiler who happened to be from Brooklyn, NY, Michael Weinstein. We hit it off on that trip and have stayed in touch. Back around October, we discussed riding together again and we came up with the idea that he would come to Chicago and go riding the northwoods of Wisconsin and the Western U.P. Michael and I arrived at The Gateway Lodge, Sunday a about 3:00 PM. It's a great old lodge that was built in the 1930's. In it's heyday, it had a ski jump, bowling alley, golf course and trap shooting. It still has the 9 hole golf course and trap shooting. I've been staying here ... read more
Source of the Wisconsin River
At The Red Man
At The Red Man

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Monroe January 2nd 2013

It's been a very slow beginning to the snow season here in the upper Midwest. There have been a couple pretty good snow storms, but they have tracked much further south than the northwoods of Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where I usually ride. Southern and central Wisconsin have a large array of well maintained snowmobile trails similar to the northern trails. As a matter of fact, Wisconsin has over 25,000 miles of snowmobile trails, the most of any state in snow country. I rode in Green, LaFayette and Dane counties last week with my friend, Pat. It was good enough that I was more than willing to come back this week with Jan. We're staying at the Americinn in Monroe, just north of the Illinois-Wisconsin state line, north of Freeport, IL. The area ... read more
The Sugar River Trail
Puempel's Tavern
Established 1893

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