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25th July 2016

I know you guys will all have a great trip.............can't wait for the stories!!
25th July 2016

Love those smiles at Gamlin's Whiskey House!!
25th July 2016

Cool pictures! The view from the cabin looks amazing!
25th July 2016

Love to see the Route 66 places! I remember stopping at the Standard Station a few years ago.
25th July 2016

Have Fun!!
Enjoy the trip. I can't wait to see some pictures!
24th July 2016

Looks like a fun guys trip so far ! If you need any help with directions let me know .
21st July 2016

Sounds really cool
Wow, sounds really good. Be safe have fun
9th April 2016
Poipu Beach

cool place
It is very nice beach which i have seen.
29th February 2016

Airlines poor customer service
Bob, we agree with all that you have said. As a world traveler, I love to fly, I need to fly to get to these amazing locations but if there was ever an industry that you wanted to see fail it would be several of the top airlines that run America. Often times, not all, the flight staff are detestable and you wonder why they selected these jobs. There is very little customer service. When we do find someone who treats us kindly and with respect we write letters praising them....but it should not have to be that way. Good luck with a refund or points. I would send a certified letter to prove they received it and there must be some airline hotline that you can call or write in addition. Good luck.
28th February 2016

Complain to customer service...
and ask for (demand) air miles. I did this and got enough air miles to fly to Lima, Peru. And if you ever fly to Europe, there are passenger rights that include monetary compensation.
28th February 2016

Complain to customer service
We've sent them an email. We'll see what they say.
26th February 2016

agree. what happened to you 3 is unacceptable, given the fact that you arranged your flights months in advance. Scary to separate three people traveling together, especially at the cost of the flight. Not right.
25th February 2016
Sunset At Poipu Beach

Look at that sunset!!! In love!
25th February 2016

Look at that gorgeous beach! Man, that's the stuff of dreams. Looks beautiful!
25th February 2016

Sounds like a real ferry tale to me .
24th February 2016

We have not made it to this island yet but it has been on the list for years. Enjoyed your impressions.
23rd February 2016

Never enough! Glad you are enjoying Maui.
21st February 2016

Thanks for sharing your trip via photos-I really enjoyed it all! Almost like being there myself-ok-not a chance!!!!! But very enjoyable!
21st February 2016

Blood Marys - a must!!
No one can ever tire of the beautiful views along The Road To Hana!! As many times as we have done this, you do need a fortified drink before the "curves" begin - many thanks to Charley's in Paia!! Loved the fresh baked, still warm, banana bread, at a cute "Half way to Hana stand!
21st February 2016

Above the clouds!
This was my second trip up to Haleakala National Park. To be above the clouds ( and not in an airplane) is so very awesome! Our first time was to witness the sunrise, which is unbelievable, this time we were able to hike and see even more.
From Blog: House Of The Sun
19th February 2016

A nice relaxing day on the course, but a little hillier than Fresh Meadows!
From Blog: Golf Day For Bob
19th February 2016

I remember seeing that course , looks so picturesque ! That golf cart partner sounds like a real jagweed . You should have exacted revenge - ha ha . I would have saved dough by using rentals , likely same unfortunate result .
From Blog: Golf Day For Bob
19th February 2016

Love It All!
Love reading all of your entries and the pics are beautiful! I think this is my favorite...I laughed out loud several times, had a bit of anxiety about the bus situation and was glad there was a happy ending. You guys look so happy - love it all :)
19th February 2016

Love it All!
Thanks for the kind comments.

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