David Garry


David Garry

I am a journalist who loves travelling & photography. History, climate, architecture & archaeology are particular interests.

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome September 23rd 2006

My wife came up with the idea to visit Rome, and after a brief hesitation, I agreed it would be the ideal vacation. We had visited once before - the day after 9-11 - and although the aftermath of that event was obviously tragic, we liked what we saw of the Italian capital. All the guide books I've read make it clear that you're not likely to get bored in the ''Eternal City'', so I agreed and we set the date for seven days, eight nights, in late September. I figured the weather would be cooler than August, the leaves might be turning (good for photos) and there would be less tourists. I was right on the first count, sort-of-right on the second, and dead wrong on the third! (more on that later) In the days ... read more

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