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30th November 2010

Jackie: Hotels
In the past I have stayed on Disney property, and at the Radisson Resort Parkway - Kissimmee. Ha, MUCH better options than Motel 6. I was just tyring to pinch pennies this time. But you def get what you pay for! For sure won't be Motel 6in' it again :)
30th November 2010

More photos?! There are 5 pages worth already!!!! :)
30th November 2010

Continue, please!
Waiting for more photos and adventures!
30th November 2010

better hotels
Okay, I haven't been to Orlando much. . . but have stayed in some awesome hotels that in themselves were a destination. . and NOT for kiddies looking for Mickey. . purely for adults! And, can I add one more comment? - - - this writer would have chosen to drive the Sebring - - - - So, um, Joe, you may have lost your chair in my kitchen, and won yourself a case of chocolate wine! Edit baby! Edit!! ;)
19th July 2010

Good Job
Good write up Mr. Brown, love your mom!
16th July 2010

Thanks, Ann! I am only on TravelBlog because I read your blog like a year ago before I even met you :)
16th July 2010

I love it Joseph... wonderful write-up, and yes... what happens in international waters, stays in international waters. Love Mom!
15th July 2010

Another wow
Joe, I am so very proud that you were able to experience all of this. It is what I would have wished for you. Love, Mom
15th July 2010

Hi son
I am just reading this entry. I am so pleased you are continuing this and sharing with all of us who were so excited for you. Also, I haven't remembered to thank you for the post card of the Mona Lisa. Love you, son. Mom
29th March 2010

We are all missing you here!
Hi son, So many places - so many memories! You must be making friends and creating memories that will last a life time. Thanks again for sharing with us, Joe. Will see you soon. Love, Mom
26th March 2010

Good trip for a young man to see
Joe, so glad you have shared your time with us with the pictures. I wish I could be there with you. Uncle Richard
22nd March 2010

Hi Joe, Uncle Richard is forwarding your stuff to me, so you don't need to send it to me, too. I just wanted to say how happy I am that you got to take this trip. I do have one concern........... every other word relates to alcohol!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't care how old you are, you're still my little nephew!! Be careful and enjoy - it's an opportunity of a lifetime. Oh, have some of your fellow travelers include you in a picture. Otherwise, we'll never believe you were there.
From Blog: Denmark & Sweden
22nd March 2010

Looks like you are having a blast! Can't wait to hear stories and see more pictures!!
19th March 2010

Joe, Looks like a wonderful trip so far, interesting to know that a building was saved just by luck the bomb never exploded. My Grandfather Herman Fredrick Brand came fom Bippen Germany, straight west of Hanover Germany. Hope to get there somday myself.
19th March 2010

WOW, son
I can only fathom the beauty of the cathedral. The one memorial of Neurengamme makes me think of perhaps a broken man but not a broken spirit. Thank you for sharing, son. Was so anxious to hear what you are seeing and experiencing. Love you and miss you. Mom
14th March 2010

Son, I am so thrilled for you - and of course, quite envious. Have the time of your life! I came home from the hospital Friday evening. Heart rate back down and back in rhythm. Miss you already. Love, mom
From Blog: Denmark & Sweden
10th March 2010

Write more!
C'mon! I want to hear more. . . you sound so incredibly organized! What's the itinerary?!
6th March 2010

Good Luck, and have fun on the other side of the pond. Sounds like an awesome trip. I would love to spend another St. Patrick's Day in Ireland. Have a Guinness or 3 for me.
5th March 2010

Jealous? -- You bet!
Jealous? You bet! Please take lots of pictures of WWII battlefields and any former Concentration Camps you might visit . . .
5th March 2010

I'm sure you are going to have a great time. I'll be here trying not to be too jealous! Mike and I will miss you more than we will admit, I'm sure. Who will we play with while you are gone? lol. Have FUN, but not too much. ; )
5th March 2010

Just because we don't talk as much doesn't mean I'm not inerested. Have an awesome trip and take lots of pictures!
5th March 2010

Great, son!
I am so very excited for you, son. I can share your joy with you through this format. Who would have thunk it? Thanks for doing this for all of us who love you. Love, Mom

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