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8th January 2014

You so cool....
That's all I have to say..i love your so cool.....
22nd November 2013

Mega-Awesome Update
Slappy, As always, your update was both well written and a riot, I love hearing all about it. I found myself getting nervous along with you reading about your first performances, proud of you rocking it out! Keep those soccer skills honed on deck, the team is 2-0 without you at the moment having won 5-1 and 4-0 in our first two games but we will miss your skills in the upcoming tougher games. Much love, Biggest Bro
From Blog: Showtime!
16th November 2013

Ha! So you're one of talented young fellas doing the cool acrobatic moves on the cruise ship! Went on a cruise to Alaska with my best friend in June and LOVED the performances! Have fun, Sloan!
6th May 2011

You were Vietnam and Australia! Please enjoy your trip,and take care!
13th March 2011

Hey Cuz!
Hey Sloan, Are you okay over there in Tokyo? You've been in my thoughts and prayers since the disaster hit. Praying for God's protection over you... Love you Dude!
7th March 2011

Such a great entry bro. Just got the forward from Steve and had a chance to check it out. Most of your photos bring back amazing memories of when I was over there. Beyond special experiences. Keep us updated. Mad love. $ura
7th March 2011

Hi Sloaner, Great to read your note, its like you are in competition with yourself for the most immersive experience possible. You are living a hundred lifetimes in such a short time, its overwhelming to take in from a blog, let alone living it. Miss you so much but its worth it seeing how much you are absorbing and growing and whittling out the person you want to become from you youthful self. I was really stressed at work this Morning, but your quotes and messages gave me pause about where the stress was derived from, and I feel so much better having thought about it in that way. Keep getting it done, much love, Steve-o aka biggest
6th March 2011

20 canadians are coming
Hi Sloan It's nice to hear from you. I can tell how much you have been learning ,enjoying your life in Japan/Asia. By the way ,Canadian national team will have a training camp from April28-May4 at Japanese national training centre ( near AKABANE train station) ,then off to China ,competing at Chinese National Championships. Please come and see our guys. From GTA ,Casey, Kevin , Carlo ,Dr.Mah(Hamilton)and myself( I became in charge for this team from last August) Other guys are from Vancouver,Calgaly.Edmonton,Saskatoon and Halifax. You MUST come to see us. All the BEST. Naosaki
1st March 2011

hey your grandparents were my godparents!
hi Sloan just talking to my sister MP and she was with your mom this weekend and talking about you kids and while on the phone I googled you WOW are you your grandmother Crawford reincarnated or what! Very adventurous, smart and good looking to boot! Loved reading the blog - life sounds great - love your spirit! Pegi
27th February 2011
My Chat Club students and I

15th December 2010

Sloan, your blog helps me keep you alive here in Atlanta Georgia and it sounds as if you are really enjoying your life which makes me very happy. Don't forget about us girls in the South; Eryn, Maureen, and me! Wish we could come visit you! Well, you never know, do you. Eryn graduates from Boston University in May 2011 with her theatre degree. I am excited to visit her for 5 days Feb 17-22 to watch her perform her two day actors thesis, should be fun, and I have never had the opportunity to see her act in college before. I think she will be doing pieces from Macbeth, Hamlet, St. Monica, Perfume, and lots of others including an original LADY GAGA tribute. She says it is rated "X"! Maureen is going to BU too and loves it. Merry Christmas Sloan, we love you!
19th March 2010

Human burrito?
Hey Sloan me and Maureen were at Mary's too and we both agree Lennon is the cutest baby on the planet. Maureen is working on getting into a good theatre school for the fall and Eryn is busy preparing to play Hamlet in London for her BU affiliate at Lamda. Keep having all that fun for us! -Auntie Ann
11th March 2010

Such an adventurer!
Dear Sloan, I love your blogs; keep 'em coming. We had such a nice visit from Erica, Paula, and little Lennon last week. What a cute baby and your sister and mom are both clearly ga-ga over her. Thanks, too, for the lovely letter, we really appreciated it, and hope to see you when you get back to the western world.
10th March 2010

Hey Sloan!
Well, you look like you're having a fabulous time! Saw Erica and the little Goo-Goo Head at my folks' place.....very cute!\--both of them! Hope to see you soon, Mr. Man! Love your Cuz :)
8th February 2010

Fun Dial 11
Thanks for the update Sloan - we love you in Atlanta too!
17th January 2010

You got me!
Way to go Mr. Man! First thing I thought was, "Oh, crap, what did Sloan do to get fired? He's such a nice boy!" Glad it's bogus! Nice pics! Love, your Cuz
2nd January 2010

Happy New Year!
Hey Cuz! Thanks for all of your fascinating blog entries. You are having such a swell time, I can see! I'm surprised they have any Christmas trees over there...well, the world is certainly getting smaller. I'm putting a few new pics on my Facebook soon, so check them out. Oh yeah, WOW, a real rearthquake! cool! I thought you weere going to say that you had come down with the Japanese flu, or something! Way to go with your adventures, cuz! Love you! Kristen :)
24th December 2009

woot woot! looks like you're having a blast there Spanky boy!
6th December 2009

Japan is way better!! XD
16th November 2009

Love Tokyo!
Wonderful, your pictures bring back lots of good memories, I was just there in September. Thanks!
14th November 2009

Nifty Sloan!
Hey, thanks for sending me the blog! You look like you're having a super time! Love Your Cuz :)
3rd November 2009

Happy Birthday Bro!
Hi Sloaner, For some inexcusable reason I haven't had access to your blog information for the past few weeks, so am I the one sad soul who didn't wish you happy birthday on the day! Not saying' I didn't think of you- I did FB a message but that just seems like a copout. Anyway, HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY little brother!! We sure miss you here in Toronto. It was so wonderful to have you here in the summer and now gone for a year seems so strange. It sure seems like you are having an awesome time though. I am envious of the experience and so proud of you for doing it! I can't wait to read more and get Skyping! When is that going to be set up and running? Love you tonnes and so does Baby Lennon! Your devoted sister, Erica xoxoxo
2nd November 2009

I was JUST going to make fun of you guys for the peace sign. Good call on the postscript. I really enjoy the blog updates; thanks for taking the time for a long one! All the pictures are awesome, though as for me, I'd love to see what your classroom looks like and whether you do gymnastics as a reward for the students' good behavior? Happy birthday again and hope your next adventures are much fun and rewarding as these seem to have been -Anne
2nd November 2009

Older and Wiser?
Keep 'em comin', Sloan. I love to hear of your adventures which make mine look meager, but who cares? At my age, living vicariously is the best option.

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