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North America » United States » New York July 3rd 2013

Geo: 40.7528, -73.9853This morning we awoke and headed straight to the Hudson River. We planned to board a two hour cruise seeing the sights of New York. We bought tickets and awaited the start. Once on board we were lucky enough to get a seat in the top deck. It was a beautiful day as we sailed along looking at Manhattan skyline and circled the Statue of Liberty. As we approached the Yankees Stadium fate decided we had had too much sun and the heavens opened. It was torrential so we took refuge but still got soaked! Typical British Weather!Once we docked we walked to the High Line which was a public park which was on an abandoned elevated train track. This gave beautiful views and offered a spectacular differing view from the skyscrapers and busy ... read more

North America » United States » New York July 2nd 2013

Geo: 40.7528, -73.9853This morning we awoke and headed into the centre of New York. We first had to find and negotiate the subway system but we got there. Once we got out of the subway our belly's were rumbling for breakfast so we headed to a diner called Ellen's stardust diner where the waiters and waitress sing to you while you eat. These were aspiring Broadway's stars and was entertaining to watch. I had chocolate French toast whilst Simon had the more traditional French toast.Afterwards we headed down and we were walking along Broadway which was a spectacle and definitely just as we imagined. We continued along Broadway till we were in the centre of Times Square. We both were amazed at the size and it was super busy too! We spent some time exploring the ... read more

Geo: 39.8302, -77.2311This morning we had a little treat and had a lie in - but then we headed onto Gettysburg where we were directed to park and ride area. This was very busy - worried we had just been directed to a re-enactment or to someones private party we asked a member of staff who informed us that we were in the right place. In fact we had arrived in Gettysburg on the 150 year anniversary of the first day of the battle - good timing or what??We got on a shuttle bus and headed to the visitor centre and this was a eye opener with people dressed up. We purchased tickets to go into museum, view a film and look at a cyclorama. First was the movie which gave us a brief overview of ... read more

Geo: 38.8921, -77.0241This morning we awoke and headed back into the city. Unfortunately the rain started to pour down but luckily our first port of call was The Holocaust Museum. We got our tickets and joined an expert on a tour through an exposition and learned all about the stories behind the Holocaust. We then went up to the main part which was a walk through the whole story starting with Hilters rise to power right through to the liberation of the camps. This was a harrowing museum but was very informative and we both came away with a lot more knowledge.Next we walked to see the Thomas Jefferson Memorial which was impressive but didn't beat the Lincoln! After that we walked through the Roosevelt Memorial which was broken into four parts to symbolize different parts ... read more

Geo: 38.8921, -77.0241This morning we awoke and after a quick breakfast we caught the shuttle and metro into Washington. Our first stop had to be the White House - this was a beautiful view and one which looked like a view on a postcard. Next we walked round to take in the building from behind. From here behind us we could also see the magnificent Washington Monument. Unfortunately this was covered in scaffolding due to repairs following an earthquake 2 years ago.The weather was getting hotter and hotter but we perceived. Our next stop was the Declaration of Independence Monument which was on an island which shows all signatures of those who signed the original declaration. Afterwords we walked onto the Vietnam War memorials, the first one was the women's memorial and then onto the mens ... read more

Geo: 38.4953, -78.4497Today we awoke in a town called Waynesboro and we had a quick breakfast before heading off to the Shenandoah National Park. There awaiting us was the Skyline Drive, which was a 103 mile drive through the park. We set off on the drive and straight away were blown away by the beautiful views across the park. Luckily there was 75 overlooks which you could park in to admire the different views.As we were driving we stopped at every overlook to make the most of the views and sometimes they were so beautiful we had to force ourselves to move on. Along the trail we had been told to look out for various animals - such as squirrels and woodchucks. However there were three animals we both wanted to see - bears, deers and ... read more

North America » United States » Tennessee June 27th 2013

Geo: 35.6473, -83.5115Today we awoke after a quite eventful night sleep as there was a thunderstorm and the crash of the thunder woke us both up. After we checked out of the motel we headed to Mel's diner for some breakfast. Nicky had a stack of pancakes, whilst Simon had french toast - both were thoroughly tasty and prepared us for the day ahead.Today we visited the Great Smokey Mountains National Park which was by far the largest park we had visited and had the largest crowds. After calling into the visitor centre to gain perspective and get a map of where to visit we set off on the first adventure. The first stop was the Laurel Falls - as the car park was full we parked up at side of the road and started going. ... read more

Geo: 36.5913, -83.6615This morning after a quick breakfast we headed to the Cumberland Gap National Park. We decided to call into the visitor centre and we were quickly greated by Ron who worked there. He gave us a map and showed us where we needed to visit.We drove to the first car park and got our treks underway. The one thing Ron forgot to tell us was how high these treks were. After about a mile we got to the bottom of our first adventure. After a gruelling climb up about 2000 feet of hills we reached the tri-state peak. This was a very exciting place in which three seperate states met, these were: kentucky, virginia and tennessee. We began playing round jumping state to state and bridging the gap between them.After we made the descent ... read more

North America » United States » Kentucky » Corbin June 25th 2013

Geo: 36.9441, -84.0955We awoke after a restful night sleep with our intrepid explorer feet itching. After some breakfast we headed for Cumberland Falls National Park. We started walking and it wasn't long before we heard the roaring of the waterfall. This was a beautiful sight and we took various routes to different viewing points where were even lucky enough to see a rainbow formed in the waterfall. However, we came here to explorer so we set off on the most dangerous looking trail we could find. This was a hike adjacent to the river but unfortunately the rain decided to try and stop us. But these explorers were not going to be put off that easily and we persevered - only stopping occasionally to stop in caves when rain got heaviest. We hiked, climbed and strolled ... read more

North America » United States » Ohio June 24th 2013

Geo: 39.3485, -84.2834This morning, after a nutritious McDonald's breakfast we headed down the interstate towards Mason. This is where Kings Island is located. Kings Island is a massive amusement park with variety of roller coasters and rides. The first thing we noticed when we walked through the gates was the Eiffel Tower. Assured that we hadn't driven to France we set about mapping our route through the rides. As Simon had been scouting Kings Island since we started planning the honeymoon, we headed straight to one of the better rides - the Diamondback. This was a very fast and scary ride and definitely set the tone. We then worked our way through some of the other rides, occasionally stopping at water fountains as the sun was once again at full force. As the weather was so ... read more

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