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Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » King's Canyon September 23rd 2012

Our departure from Uluru was quite early (8:15) and we were pleased that we managed to pack up the awning successfully the first time, as this was one task that we had been warned about. On the drive we had to stop as a group of about ten brumbies (wild horses) meandered their way across the road. They were in no hurry and did not seem the least worried by our presence. Joan continued to comment how her stereotypical view of deserts was continuously challenged by the dense vegetation that we saw. The country looks more like a park than the classic view of a desert. In addition to the desert she-oaks we are now also starting to see Coolabahs. As we set up in King’s canyon resort camping ground we discovered that we had to ... read more
Easy walking
King's canyon creek
We see the cliffs

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru September 21st 2012

It was another hot NT day when we decided to tackle the Olgas. They are in the same national park as Uluru, about 50 km away. The experience is quite different as you walk amongst them, rather than around a single monolith. Their texture is also different as they are composed of conglomerate rather than pure sandstone. The valley of winds walk was true to name as the monoliths funnelled the winds and we had to hang onto our hats or lose them. As we progressed further we were lucky enough to see a Perentile (Goanna) up very close. It was not camera shy so we had ample time to take some photos. We also saw multiple flocks of Zebra finches. Back in camp we read the manuals and successfully used the washing machine in the ... read more
The Olgas
Starting the walk.
Penetrating deeper into Olgas….

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru September 20th 2012

We tried for a reasonably early start on the Uluru base walk (about 10km) to beat the forecast 36C heat. When we arrived there were already lots of people climbing the rock. We were surprised to see so many people still doing it. It looked like very hard work, with many on their hands and knees. Seeing the rock up close made it seem more real, and the ever changing views were awesome. It is hard to describe so we hope the photos do it some justice. The walk was hot and dusty with very limited shade. Can not imagine what it would be like in summer. We were not surprised to hear an ambulance as the walk would be challenging for many. We have been fascinated by some strange trees and on the way back ... read more
Joan loved these free-form seats that were found all around the National Park.
Inspecting cave paintings
One of many awesome caves

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru September 19th 2012

The first day of our journey we departed at 9:30, the second day it was 8:30 and on the third it was 7:30. This was obviously not a trend that could be maintained. Joan was pleased to note that we departed at 8:15 today. Today we discovered what a difference a tail wind can make when pulling a caravan. We recorded a 14l/100 Km difference in fuel consumption between and head or a tail wind. Sadly we left the tail wind as we turned west toward Uluru and suddenly we were back to a head wind. When we filled at Yalara resort (at Uluru) we passed the $2 per litre mark, paying $2.11 per litre! Ouch. It was a day of adventures. One Wedge Tail Eagle, out of a group of three feeding on road kill, ... read more
We enter the Northern Territory.
Road kill attack
A hot desert lunch stop

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Marla September 18th 2012

Last night we went to bed the lone people in the rest stop. We awoke this morning to find that we had been joined by two road trains and a camper. Today we found how challenging it is to estimate our fuel needs as we battled heads winds and lots of long uphill gradients. We were relieved to get to the next fuel stop with some fuel remaining. A lesson learned. As you can see from the photo, fuel has become a significant cost. Only $130 this time! Yesterday we got very close to breaking the $200 fuel stop. In spite of the warning signs, today we only saw three brumbies, two head of cattle and a couple of groups of emus. Two groups of people trying to wave cars down was a little disconcerting. However ... read more
Check out the fuel price!
Marla Traveller’s rest caravan park

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Outback September 18th 2012

We have quickly been pegged as newbies with our shiny new caravan. We were even asked if we picked it up this morning!... read more
Don't try driving across this ground.
Unexploded ordinance
Greg contemplating hunting for ordinance

Oceania » Australia » South Australia September 16th 2012

Finally the mythical caravan has materialised, been packed, and we are on our way. So for those of you who are curious, here is out caravan. It is an Adventura 19’ 6” with an ensuite, and has been set up like a mobile studio apartment. So a brief tour of our caravan starts with this image of the bedroom. The ensuite has what you would expect plus a washing machine under the vanity bench. The kitchen is near and dear to Joan’s heart. Although the limited bench space will require some getting used to. Following Joan’s comments about never having seen Greg without his beard in 35 years of marriage, he decided to start out trek with a new look. What do you think? We set off on a bright sunny Sunday, initially driving through the ... read more
Bed area

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