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Asia » Japan » Tokyo November 20th 2010

After the initial worry about our flight being overbooked, it turned out that it wasn't problem. Having been contacted twice by the airline to change to an earlier or later flight, I stuck to my guns and stayed with the same flight. There were about 150 Japanese school children returning to Japan on the flight, and we thought it was going to be very loud. As it turns out, they were all really well behaved and most of them just went to sleep after dinner Our arrival into Tokyo was pretty much on time, and the decision to take the Limousine bus was great. I chose a hotel that the bus dropped us at without having to take a train and then walk and get lost. Seriously, it was soooo easy! When the bus left each ... read more
Tokyo Tower
View from Tokyo Tower
View from Tokyo Tower

Asia » Japan » Tokyo November 16th 2010

I had a phone call from the airline last night wanting us to change our flight into Tokyo because the flight is over-booked. We could either leave the day after, or the day before. Unfortunately, we both have to work, so the day before wasn't an option, and the day after would mean that it was one day less in Japan! I declined their offer, and they told me to get to the airport really early for the flight so that we could get a seat. This means that we will be heading straight to the airport after work and finding some dinner there. It will mean we are hanging around the airport for about 4 hours or so.... It is going to make for a REALLY long day!! Never mind....... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Wollongong November 7th 2010

After volunteering at the Sydney to Wollongong MS Bike ride, I headed down to the Nan Tien Temple to see what it was all about. I've driven past it many times for work, but never had the opportunity to actually go in and have a look around. The entrance gate is quite nice, with a very well kept landscaping around the driveway leading up to the shrines and other buildings. The gardens were well kept, and I just loved all the statues of the children! Unfortunately, you are not allowed to take photos inside the buildings, but they are well worth the trip. I hope you enjoy the photos I took when I was there........ read more
Garden Statue

Asia » Japan » Tokyo October 23rd 2010

Today I finalised all the bookings we need to do... Flights from Sydney to Tokyo Accommodation in Tokyo Day tour to Mt Fuji Shinkansen tour to Kyoto & accommodation Day tour of Kyoto and Nara Return shinkansen to Yokohama Accommodation in Yokohama Quilt show tickets Additional accommodation in Yokohama It's all looking good! We've managed to save just over $2000 by booking it through our local travel agent with information I found on the net. We also get an upgrade in the hotel in Tokyo because the room I quoted was no longer available!! Only 4 weeks to go!... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo October 16th 2010

Well, our flights to and from Tokyo are booked and paid for, as well as our accommodation in Tokyo and Yokohama! It's getting real now! Only 5 weeks to go!!! Because I spent the time looking up all the info, we have got some really good prices, but some additional discounts and some vouchers to use later. The local travel agent is working to get us a good price on some day tours, plus a return trip to Kyoto on the Shinkansen (Bullet Train).... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Katoomba October 9th 2010

I spent the day in the blue mountains - it's really a glorious part of the world... I spent some time at the Three Sisters, Wentworth Falls, Wentworth Falls Lake, Glenbrook Lagoon and Knapsack Bridge at Glenbrook. Having something this wonderful on your doorstep is truly magical!... read more
Three Sisters, Katoomba
Three Sisters, Katoomba
Near Wentworth Falls

Asia » Japan » Tokyo October 8th 2010

Tomorrow my friend is coming over and we're going to sort out our Japan trip. We have already decided a few things.... We REALLY want to see Mt Fuji and Kyoto as well as Tokyo, and we will be going to the quilt fair in Yokohama too!! It's all becoming real now, which is great. It's the first trip I've looked forward to in years! I'm going to head up to the Blue Mountains on the weekend, so I might blog about that a bit.... I'll see how it goes. I'm still having problems with the maps.... I can't work out how to search for places!... read more

Asia » Japan October 4th 2010

Well, we got the news during the week that the organised tour has been cancelled, so I'm busy working out a new itinerary to follow. I've been looking at lots of different sites, and it's all looking good. I'm speaking (hopefully) to the tour company tomorrow to see what they can offer us. Let's wait and see... But I've got some good info so they won't be able to pull the wool over my eyes and con us out of too much money!!... read more

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