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24th April 2011

Looks like you are having fun! We miss you!
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13th September 2007

Italia! Ciao Bella!
YAY! I'm glad you made it safely there and YAY i'm glad you updated your blog and sent me a link :) I'm sorry I didn't get the chance to actually talk/see you before you left and wish you a safe and fun trip!!! Well...yay for going with the bigger suitcase, better more room and no room at all :) Take in the Italian air and take in the Italian food. Now you can finally say...when in rome! anyhoo, exciting and funny news on my end. email me when you can! miss you love you :)
12th September 2007

someone is nuts I say! :) bring the 26 in so that you can bring home tons of goodies!
12th September 2007

Have Fun
I'm sure in the long run, it doesn't matter which one you bring...I would waffle and second guess my decision the whole time anyways. Don't Drive yourself mad!! So, which one did you finally go with?

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