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Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Chennai December 18th 2014

After the what was probably the worst journey of my life on public buses, down tiny winding roads, going over the completely unnecessary amount of speed bumps they seem to have in Tamil Nadu and travelling for around three hours to complete a 60Km journey! Me and Raja arrive in Madurai around 11pm, it's finally got to the dreaded time when I had to say goodbye to Raja and board a bus heading for Chennai, and thus beginning what was probably the worst 12 hours or so of my trip! The bus to Chennai is semi-sleeper, so I'm basically lying in a chair that reclines quite far, feeling like I’m in the person behinds lap! Going over yet more fucking speed bumps that wake me up and throw me off the chair before crashing back down! ... read more

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Tirunelveli November 29th 2014

The train from Thrissur to Chennai, via Tirunelveli is one of the busiest in India as there aren't many that go in a day. To get a bed in sleeper you need to book a month in advance, so i'm back to facing the reality of sitting in general class for 12 hours! Fuck sake, not again! I get on the train in sleeper as usual hoping I can upgrade when the Titi (conductor) comes, there's nothing available in sleeper, not even with a bribe! So I end up in A/C 2, which essentially 1st class, 700rs later and i'm in a compartment closed off with a curtain with an Indian family who're all staring at me....brilliant. Being in 1st class you'd expect top quality comfort etc, you do get a bed sheet and blanket, but ... read more

Asia » India » Kerala » Thrissur November 29th 2014

Leaving Gokarna all the trains to Thrissur, where Anu lives, were fully booked. I was facing 12 hours on a train in fucking general class, which is basically a wooden seat you share with two other people. I was dreading the journey and planning to brake the rules and just sit on the floor in sleeper. Luckily at the station I got talking to an Indian man, who was also making the same journey as me, with the same ticket. Basically if you buy general class ticket and then go in sleeper you can get an upgrade and it'll be cheaper than buying a sleeper ticket to start with. What the fuck! Having misunderstood Anu when she told me where she lives, I was initially getting the train to Kochi, which is two hours past where ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Gokarna November 17th 2014

So it's another bus ride from Hampi to Gorkarna, luckily I'm making the journey with a friend I've made in Hampi. There was no sleeper tickets available for the bus, so I'm sat upright all night trying to fucking sleep! No chance! We have to change bus at 2AM, and get onto what from the outside was a minivan, inside they'd managed to cram as many seats as a small airplane, goodbye knees. What I didn't realise before starting the journey was that it's only two hours on from this point, so we pay an extra 100rs each to get dropped at Om beach, meant to be really quiet and so named because it's in the shape of the Om symbol. We arrive in Gorkarna around 4/4.30AM, it's still dark and there's no one around. Collectively ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Hampi November 17th 2014

The journey to Hampi entailed my first bus ride in India. The bus is none A/C so it's hot as fuck! The beds are pretty uncomfy and it's pretty hard to sleep because the bus is rocking everywhere, turning corners, stopping etc! Definitely need to stick to the train in future. When I first get on the bus, I find my bed, and it's like the size of a normal single, but I'm meant to be sharing it with someone, turns out to be some European chick. Her and her friend have been separated and her friend's got a full bed to herself...So of course, I do the chivalrous thing and offer to swap with her friend, so as to avoid the awkward situation of having to sleep next to a randomer, fuck that! and to ... read more

Asia » India » Goa » Anjuna Beach November 9th 2014

Having just spent a week in Goa, I'm missing it already! Anjuna is pretty good, I can imagine how fucking class it would be in high season! Maybe next time! Basically it's a little town/village at the back of the beach, with hotels, bars and restaurants all around. All along the beach there's clubs, bars and the most expensive accommodation, a beach hut costing at least 2500rs a night! Fuck that! I end up walking back up the beach to the cheaper area just back from the beach, bump into a guy on the way back and end up in a room in the middle of a residential area, 5 minutes from the beach and 282rs a night. Spot on. Got offered a job one night when I was out, I was so tempted to stay ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai November 3rd 2014

This is going to be a short one, as the title suggests, I only stopped one night. Mumbai is basically fucking London's buildings with Indian roads Inbetween, not really too much to do either apart from sit in coffee shops, if I wanted to sit in a western coffee shop in a western city I'd still be at home! Fuck Mumbai. Not only this, but nowhere has wifi! For a city so western it's ridiculous that you can't get wifi! The fuck. I stop in the red salvation hostel, dorm room 350rs, welcome to Mumbai. The hostel is near the Taj Mahal hotel where the 2008 Mumbai attacks were, and a restaurant nearby "Leopolds" is also where people got shot, I'm staying away from there, apparently they sell the fact that there are bullet holes there ... read more

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Udaipur November 3rd 2014

The train from Delhi to Udaipur is 12 hours, probably the easiest journey I've had so far! Slept well and woke up on time. Udaipur must be the laziest city in India! Nothing's fucking open 'till 10AM! When compared with everywhere else opening at like 7/8 makes a difference, when I arrived at the station I couldn't book my fucking ticket for the next day cos no one's at work! Get to work you bums! As a consequence I ended up staying an extra night than I wanted to, and paying an extra 200 fucking rupees for the train! I suppose there's worse places to have to spend an extra night. I go to the cheapest place the guide book recommends, 150rs for a dorm room, lal ghat guest house, it's really really nice, probably the ... read more

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » New Delhi November 3rd 2014

So arrive in Delhi at 11:30pm due to the train from Agra being 5 fucking hours late! At this point I'm dreading having to spend a night on the streets because the guest houses might be closed, luckily I met a Brazilian girl on the train and just went to where she was staying, decent room, clean, my own shower and toilet 300rs, the shower doesn't work however and the guy refuses to lower the price to that of a room with no matter, I don't think they've realised you get wifi in this room! Flicking through the guide book for Delhi, and there's just the usual bollocks to go and do, more looking at old shit. Not interested at this point, I've seen enough old shit that more or less all looks the same, ... read more

Asia » India » Uttar Pradesh » Agra October 23rd 2014

I'll start briefly in Varanasi, so I thought I'll get back to the hotel two hours before the train so I can pack and chill before a 13 hour train journey. First off some kid leads me miles away taking me to a tuk tuk stand, then the fucking driver doesn't know where my hotel is! What kind of tuk tuk driver doesn't know where things are in the city?! Dickhead! So we're driving around for like an hour, at this point I'm thinking in going to miss the train. I get to the station with five minutes to find the platform and train, which in India is one of the hardest things, especially at Varanasi train station, there's fuck all in English and no one who speaks English, nightmare. I manage to just about find ... read more

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