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Shane and Meg do Europe

Shane Reierson

We have been planing this trip for years (by planning I mean not planning...) and are finally here and doing it.

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin September 5th 2009

Berlin, Germany Berlin is such a great city! We went to the zoo like the super dorks that we are. I kind of obsessed over this silver monkey and Shane had it in for the lions, tigers and bears. It is such a new feeling city. There are lots of museums and tourists but we stayed in the Kreuzberg (Turkish Quarter) and it was very friendly. Free parking rocks! Food & booze were well priced, especially at supermarkets. The Jewish Museum (Judisches) was excellent and absolutely focused. The Geraldi Museum was EXCELLENT! Carravagio, Titian, Rembrant… Art heaven. Berlin is like a maze (to us) and you have to bank on getting lost. We saw naked people sun bathing in the ‘nude area’ but we weren’t inspired to document the event. ... read more
Amsterdam Belgium Berlin 425
Amsterdam Belgium Berlin 704
Meg in the Gardin

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Conwy » Llandudno August 27th 2009

Wales, Conwy & Caernferon, ie. excuse to add pictures The glorious Conwy Castle and exploration of the town. Doves & pigeons (are doves just white pigeons?). In this castle King Louis had himself a private privy built, eh. We looked down it. You really can’t understand Welsh at all. It is a lovely sounding language though. Hand gestures gets ye by. ... read more
Conwy Castle, Wales - Shane
Conwy Castle, Wales
Conwy, Raising a Welsh Flag

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin August 27th 2009

Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp, Germany Sobering and impossible to fully grasp; the two hot and dusty hours we experienced can only come the smallest step towards comprehending what occurred here. It is tradition for each new Prime Minister of Israel to visit this former work camp. Part of the Jewish barracks was burned by Neo Nazis and that is why you can see the fire damage in some of the shots. Of the ~200,000 prisoners that entered the camp about 30,00 never left due mostly impart to the Nazis killing mass numbers at the end of the war when they were trying to hide their crimes. The telling slogan (shown in the first picture) "Arbeit Macht Frei" ("Work will set you free"). In the one barrack with no damage they said that every air vent was ... read more
1 of 3 perimeter security features
2 of 3 perimeter security features
Barracks for Prisoners

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Warwickshire » Warwick August 26th 2009

Salisbury Cathedral in South West England (near Stonehenge) Holy House of God! We felt a touch blasphemous sneaking in for the price of one… It was impressive! Supposedly the granite columns holding up the tower are supposed to be the sagging under its great weight… Scary... Lots of really old graves in the floor and the foundation is only 4 ft deep (they showed us, it’s true)! Warwick My Grandma grew up here and my mum was born just outside in Leamington Spa so we paid a visit. Warwick Castle is famous, however, it seems to have been taken over by medieval impersonators so we opted to just break into a local garden (by accident, I swear). We also saw the free Military museum with its very enthusiastic curator; his pride and joy was the autographed ... read more
Salisbury Cathedral

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam August 22nd 2009

h2Amsterdam, The Netherlands/h2 Flat fields dotted with cows and the odd wind mill here and there. We head straight to Amsterdam with thoughts of neon lights filtering through the haze of smoke while we cruise down the canals enjoying a nice cold Heineken. Well, we weren’t disappointed but it wasn’t quite as idyllic. The canals are really reserved for tourists packed into boats, pumping top 40, or rich locals taking a tour (lovely). We found a free campsite a short train ride away from town as we were warned that driving in Amsterdam is crazy. We didn’t actually camp at the site (26 Euro!) but we used their showers (55 cents) and water. It was a very young and boisterous crowd. We happened to arrive the day before Gay Pride so there were many preparations going ... read more
Amsterdam Belgium Berlin 684
Amsterdam Belgium Berlin 693

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath August 8th 2009

The lovely town of Bath, sort of I am not joking about needing a bath. I am not the best smelling of people on a good day. We are a bit behind on blogs as we have been having trouble coordinating battery power and free internet. We actually visited Bath ahwile ago but it was so awesome we thought a belated post was due. The place is called Bath because it is centered around some old Roman bathing pools (I guess all roman things are old at this point). The Romans thought the natural spring was a gift from god (which kinda explains why their empire fell doesnt it) so they built this big temple and associated structure around it. The Romans knew their engineering because all of the plumbing still works just fine and ... read more
megs pics 087
Bath 1

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath July 14th 2009

Conquering Heights Shane has been challenging his fear of heights regularly here in Europe. This post is about a few of our high up adventures!! Part I: Cheddar, West England We went to Cheddar on an off chance (well not really..Meg likes cheese and that decided it). We did get some really lovely cheddar cheese, and 5L of cider (Meg eagle eye spotted this farm fresh cider shop on the way in). More on the escapades of the cider later. Much to our surprise Cheddar features a gorgeous gorge..called of all things Cheddar gorge. See ajoining pics. We did a half day hike to the top of the gorge and were blessed with some lovely vistas. See the attached video of Meg's reaction! In some of the pictures you will see two jagged peaks jutting ... read more
megs pics 304
megs pics 048

Europe » United Kingdom » England » East Sussex » Brighton July 8th 2009

The journey has begun We have officially begun touring Europe!! WooHoo! We picked up the van in London and Shane had an extremely stressful driving experience. Driving on the wrong side of the road, while sitting on the wrong side of the vehicle, shifting with his left hand in a large van in London which has the narrowest streets possible and the fastest most impatient drivers. Luckily we negotiated and managed to get 50 pounds off the van price as well as a TomTom (GPS) with western European maps. The TomTom was necessary in London..otherwise we would still be there... After leaving London we decided to drive to Kent, which seemed lovely in a movie we saw once about some tennis players and their balls.....unfortunately TomTom got confused (or we did!) and we ended up ... read more
Meg looks nervous
On the train to get the truck
Our new home

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Barnes July 6th 2009

It is time to name the van...suggestions welcome We have a van...well we are getting it tomorrow, but the deposit has been paid. The make is a '88 Ford Transit, which is a commercial type vehicle, with the modification into a camper van done professionally by a company that takes vehicle from factory and coverts them. The other option was some home brew van with much hippie character, but much less practicality...and yeah it smelled like hippies. Meaghan's bag finally arrived, which relieved some of the stress we have been dealing with since we arrived. Things can get going now. Our plans have changed (again..I know!!). Since we are in the UK now and no longer need to return in August we figured why waste the money to ferry back (not cheap by any means). ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Barnes July 4th 2009

We are going to look for vans today. We explored a few options such as long term leasing and Euro rail, but all either lacked the freedom we want or were too expensive. Actually the long term leasing was quote for the six months was $70 000!!!!!!!! Either way after some more internet detective work we found some good sites for buying vans and even got a reasonable quote for insurance that is good all over the UK. We found out today that Jenn, our intended travel buddy, wont be coming on our trip. We were disappointed but understood. We are going to have to re-evaluate our itinerary as our first 1.5 months of the trip we were trying to cover the paces Jenn wanted to see at a more break neck pace then we ... read more

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