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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Albany July 10th 2005

'Castle Rock' was a recommended hike in the guide book so off we went to find it in Porongurup National Park. It was a drizzly, foggy day but we made the most of it and hiked for 4 hours to try and see the 'spectacular' view amongst the fog. The hike was fairly easy until the last 20 minutes when we had to scramble over and under rocks and through caves. After scrammbling through the last cave I thought the hard work would be immediately rewarded with the styunning view, unfortunately we still had to climb up a long, rusty and slippery ladder to the very top of 'Castle Rock'. Andrew bravely went up first as I lingered at the bottom contemplating the steep ladder (heights are not my favourite things!) I eventually decided to make ... read more
Where's Fiona?
Andrew takes the last few steps
Fiona makes it to the top

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Albany July 9th 2005

On Saturday we visited some of the natural wonders on offer in and around Albany. Beginning with the Natural Bridge - just as it sounds a 'natural bridge' made from rock with waves crashing around it. The Natural Gap was next - a 'U' shape cut into the rocks which made for some spectacular crashing waves.... read more
The Natural Gap
Fiona takes a break
The Southern Ocean

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Albany July 7th 2005

A trip to Pemberton and we arrive at the amazing Tingle Tree Forrest. It is basically a suspension bridge constructed among the tops of some very large and very old trees. It was a bit weird being among the tree tops, a place where you would never normally get a perspective on life from.... read more
The shaky walk across the bridge
Andrew at the highest point
Spot the bridge?

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Albany July 5th 2005

Yippee!! - On the road again and it feels fantastic, FREEDOM!! After a pleasent four hour drive from Perth to Albany we arrived late afternoon and checked in to our first hostel for four months. The hostel was homely and we met some great people that we'll keep in touch with throught this trip. It's bloody cold down here, apparently there's nothing seperating us from the Antartic so that might explain it. We were originally planning to spend 3 nights here but after our first night, and realising how much there was to see we bumped it up to 4 nights and could have stayed longer. After doing very little in the way of physical activity for a while we jumped at every chance to go for a hike or walk and saw some amazing stuff, ... read more
Andrew on the rocks

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth July 2nd 2005

Well, we have finally finished work and are about to hit the road again. I enjoyed working at Rolls-Royce Marine and will miss all the great people I met there and Andrew will miss the 'footy' chat at his work in Fremantle Hospital (now he only has me to chat to for a while - poor bastard!) We are really excited about getting into travelling again after replenishing our bank accounts a little. I will miss driving Frank's car to and from work every day. Initially I was a bit nervous about driving such a big automatic car and in a different country but it was great after a couple of go's. I think it has renewed my confidence in driving a bit. The only bad thing was the other 'idiots' on the road. Australians are ... read more
Fiona driving to work on her last day
Andrew in Kings Park
Fiona in Kings Park

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth June 5th 2005

We spent a day at Caversham Wildlife park at the weekend, it was great, it's in the middle of Whiteman Park, about 30KM's North of the city. It houses all different species of Australian animals in a natural surrounding, there aren't many fences (apart from the main one around the park) and most of the animals are free to roam about and that. There's loads to see and you're allowed to interact with the animals, feeding them, racing them, challenging them to jumping competitions etc. We see loads of different things, Cassowary, Lorikeets, Flying Foxes, Koalas, Quokka, Wallabies, Walleroos, Kangadrews, Tasmanian Devils, Kookaburra, Damas, Falcons, Eagles, Busards, Curlew, Dingos, Potteroos, Wombats, Gliders, Camels etc. I'll probably fill in the blanks at a later date but am starving so away to eat a Kangaroo steak, wonder if ... read more
Fiona makes a friend
How high can you jump?
Good boy

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth May 28th 2005

We (I) were (was) getting excited about the cup final and wanted nothing more to go and kick a ball about the park and pretend I was Dave Narey, Andy Gray, Craig Brewster, Davey Dodds and Ralph Milne rolled into one, Fiona was excited by the prospect as she's never kicked a ball in anger before, and what better teacher than the 2000 European University Championship (joint) top scorer? And the scorer of the most amazing goal the Gussie Park has ever seen, some swear it was from in my own half, with my back to goal, against the wind, with bare feet, anyway both these people are me. It was a beutiful Morning, about 28 degrees and felt a helluvalot hotter due to the amount of alcohol that we got through on the Friday night, ... read more
Fiona does Keepy-uppy
The perfect overhead kick

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Fremantle May 26th 2005

I’ve completed my longest Australian employment history to date, one full week and I’m still here, quite an achievement for my good self. I’m working as an IT technician in a hospital; it’s a real interesting job, fixing things that go bad in the hospital, not operations and that, just computer related stuff. This could be from a simple problem like a printer isn’t working properly, or a PC is running real slow to a complicated issue like the screen that we’re monitoring this boy’s life on has gone down or the camera we’re using for this operation isn’t working. Obviously the latter is far more exciting and there is the chance that you’ll have to go into theatre during an operation and fix some of the equipment, all scrubbed up to the nines, unfortunately I ... read more
St Mary's Cathedral
Inside the WACA
Trotting at the races

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth May 16th 2005

Well I started my fifth, yes fifth, job on Monday working as an IT technician in a hospital, finally something that I can do! Let me take you on a wander through my oh so brief Australian working history. When we landed in Perth we sent our CV's out to loads of agencies hoping to get temporary work. We knew it would be far easier to get work in the hospitality trade but we wanted to try and get Mon-Fri, 9-5 first so we could still enjoy our weekends together. So we sent out our CV's and I got a couple of calls to come in and meet with agencies who promised the world but who still havn't delivered. Then Fiona gets a job, we went to visit Lara at her work which happens to be ... read more
Ye Old Mill
Work Number 2
Fiona the mummy

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth May 13th 2005

Well it’s been a while since I’ve written in here, so what’s been going on I here you ask? We moved in to a nice apartment in South Perth, it’s across the water from the city but it only takes seven minutes on the ferry or 10 minutes by bus from outside our door. South Perth is a nice spot, a leafy suburb with loads of mega expensive apartments and condo type affairs, there’s loads of restaurants, three pubs and loads of wee café’s and trendy coffee shops. I’ve worked in most of these places but that’s another thread entirely…… We’re moving towards winter here and it’s getting pretty wet, it doesn’t rain often, twice a week or so, but when it does rain it comes down in style I tell thee. It’s never really cold, ... read more
The Swan Bell Tower
Our flat
The other wall in our flat

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