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1st February 2016
Mr. Bunky's Market

do you sell quail plain without maranaid
18th June 2015
Worlds Smallest Police Station

Not the world's smallest
Sorry. That title is reserved for the Carrabelle Police Station. It is the size of a phone booth. Clearly your photo is much larger and therefore not the smallest.
12th November 2013
Chapel in the Pines

Would like be be married there
Tom and I have visited this unique chapel several times and would like to have a very simple wedding here. Who do we get in touch with concerning this and how much would it cost? Thank you
20th June 2013

We miss your blogging
Hope you are enjoying the open roads. Love to read your work again.
7th February 2013

nice article! thaqnksmotorcycle travel
17th September 2012

I wonder if I will ever have a reason to use what I know about tyres, after reading this reading this blog. :) Mell(not logged in)
18th September 2012

Mell ... I am sure if you are ever out on a motorcycle adventure and have a flat tire you will be glad you know about these inexpensive tires ... happy travels ;-)
15th September 2012

Shinko vs CT
I'm also close to needing a new rear tire on my wee. I was going to try the 705s, but decided to take a walk on the dark side instead. I'll let you know how it goes when I put the CT on.
20th August 2012

Close to home
When you rode to the Saluda circle, you were less then 3 miles from where I live. I love riding out here. There are many roads to take with little to no traffic. Glad you had a good ride, Hope all is well with the family. Charlie
19th August 2012

6 months is far too long
Glad to see you are out exploring again. You should write a book about BBQ restaurants in the south.
19th August 2012

Hi Alex, I thought you had robbed a bank and gone into hiding. Nope nothing so easy for you, no, you just stayed in the area and put up with what life handed you. Glad to hear that you might be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and will be returning to a little less dynamic life. It feels good to get back in the saddle doesn't it..
19th August 2012

Alec's Blog
Hello Alec! Nice to read your blog again, and to see what is going on down there in the mid-state! I had asked Andy if he had seen or heard from you at our last RTE over in GA. Great to hear from you and I hope the faintin' goats are doing their thing again!! :) Looks like your day of BBQ was good. That's a good lookin' plate of food, and the slaw looks great, too! Maybe we can meet up on the road one of these days at a BBQ place, maybe Farm Boys. Not too far from you or Andy! I like to RTE, too, and besides I owe Andy a lunch! Sorry to hear of the young ones' illness, but hope and pray all is now going well with him! Larry in Travelers Rest
1st April 2012

They are out of business.
You should have found it when it was "Smokes". They were incredible, awesome food, great prices, incredible staff...oysters and bluegrass out back on thursdays thru Saturday. Unfortunately they closed after a partner backed out... Then came the disappointment named Blythewood Smoked, I told my wife the first time we went that they wouldn't last a year after tasting the expensive poorly made food, oh and the instant sweet tea that came out of a machine... Seriously fake tea in a southern BBQ place. The owners also own Tronco's catering so I really expected better. Less than a year after opening they are out of business. I saw the lease sign the other day and called to lease, I have been dying to bring back the glory that started as Myers BBQ then continued as Smokes, but someone else has already leased it. When I get to Open Smokey's there please be one of the first customers and we'll make sure to give you an experience worth coming back for.
24th January 2012

You are a 2011 TravelBlog favourite blogger!
Check this out, and feel free to add some 2011 TravelBlog favourite anythings of your own. :)
29th October 2011

Trip to Greenwood
Dixie Drive In -- bet that was a few calories! Sure looked yummy! Did you get to see Laine? Glad you have fun!
11th September 2011

Thought the Shadow was a total?
I would love to do what you just did, tho I think my butt would give out as my seat is not the most comfortable seat on the planet. :-) In the story you said that you provided a link, yet I do not see it, can you send it to me please via my email attached to this comment?
From Blog: Iron Butt SS1000
14th August 2011

Glad you are home safe and sound. Thanks for the tip about the rabbit. If someone pulls up behind me it will help me know to check my speed to make sure I'm NOT speeding. Glad you had fun!! :-)
3rd June 2011

Another great blog!
I was having fantasies about those hush puppies until I learned they were half cooked. Sad, that is the way they are starting off their business. They won't be around long if that continues.
10th May 2011

sounds like a good first ride, lucky your daughter was there with you to remond you of the mothers day gift. My safety instructions to passengers was always "if you get a clear view of the instruments and the road ahead, jump off, because it means I already have". Obvioulsy not the sort of instructions you would want to give your daughter. Stay upright and keep enjoying your riding.
9th May 2011

congrats Reagan
Hey little miss, how exciting was that, as a biker myself I was well older than you when I got up for the first time, Your Dad is really col eh, Wish Mum a happy Mothers day from me, You're a very brave young lady
9th May 2011

The bike ...
Is a 2007 Suzuki DL650 VStrom. We call it a Wee because it also come in a 1000 cc version too.
9th May 2011

World Travel
Nice information about bike riding and beautiful pics too...what the bike name and model..? Neetu more travel information..
9th May 2011

I love your blog...
Seriously! I wish we all kept one! It's so much fun to keep up this way, too! I read the Blog to Mom and showed her the pictures.... we loved them all! :-)
9th May 2011

Starting her young is a good thing.
Stay safe and gather those bonus locations.
9th May 2011

Lookin' Like A Pro ...
This will be such a great memory for her! She looks like a real pro in the "leaving Wal Mart" photo :) Congratulations, Reagan! Wishing you many, many more miles of smiles on 2 wheels!

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