The Adventures of Shaun Goodfriend & the Goodfriend Girls


The Adventures of Shaun Goodfriend & the Goodfriend Girls

I go to Boston University, and Shaun goes to high school in NYC. Our mom has traveled the world and together we write about our travels.

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Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Legian August 3rd 2011

July 25 80% of it was getting in a van, sweating, listening to music, looking out the window, sleeping, getting out of the van, stopping at a roadside pit stop for "traditional indonesian food" which means more and more rice and vegetables which means we didn't eat much, which means we would then get back on the van for 5 more hours or so, snacking all the while... We slept at this really cool motel lodge for people all going to trek mt. Bromo in the morning - the walls were all bamboo which meant that everyone could hear everything, but also that it was really pretty. July 26 Today we woke up at 3:30am and drove to the lookout point. Then we hiked up for about a half hour in the pitch black to ... read more
Sunrise at Mt. Bromo 1
Sunrise at Mt. Bromo 2
Sunrise at Mt. Bromo 3

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Padangbai July 31st 2011

July 31 Right now I am on the "white beach" in Pandaganbai waiting for the sun to come out from behind the clouds. Today we havent done much besides the "goodbye breakfast" and come here - and there isn't much here besides a few streets with funky restaurants and hostels. I don't think ive ever been in a town this small actually, but it's low key and relaxing. I was really hoping to do some shopping while I was here because we haven't really bought anything on this trip in anticipation of buying in Bali, and now there's hardly anything off interest in the stores :( but maybe tomorrow in Legion (where we're going continuing on to). Okay i just took a 5 minute break to go into the water - wow! That was the ... read more
Bathrooms should always be in nautre
A $40 Splurge Well Worth It!
What's said in Bali stays in Bali

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Yogyakarta July 22nd 2011

So yesterday we woke up at 4:30am and drove to the Borbobudur Temple - the largest Buddhist temple in the world! Although our guide was really informative, there was such low energy that it was kind of hard to make sure his words didn't go in one ear and out the other. It's often compared to Ankor Wat in Cambodia, and even though this one is bigger and older, it doesn't have any of the enchanting romance that Ankor Wat does. There, it is overgrown with trees and in the middle of the jungle so you really have the sense that it was a long lost temple rediscovered. This one was restored with volcanic rock, and similar to the rest of the country we've seen, it kind of seems like a black void contrasting with a ... read more
I've got the body of a God
Chicks of color

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Pangandaran July 19th 2011

It was a packed day. We walked through the market in the morning; there were fish of all kind and in all stages of life, and after life, for sale. We tried a new fruit, "snake skin" which was actually really good! Once you peal off the skin (which kind of looks likes an old lychee) you can eat it in slices like an orange. The women let us try the various fruits and vegetables proudly showing off their selection. Then we went to visit a puppet maker. We sat in a circle and silently, without saying a word he just took a block of wood between his feet and started hacking away at it with a machete and saw. Miraculously, it morphed into a detailed puppet head of a Hindu god. After, he led us ... read more
Cave Heart
And I tried with all my might!
I bet ours is bigger than yours...

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Pangandaran July 18th 2011

Yesterday we literally spent the entire day in transit. Bus to the train, 4 hours on the train to the bus, and 7 hours to our hotel here. I didn't sleep much, even though I was exhausted, but I got really into my book on tape. At one point on the bus I looked over at my mom and realized that we were in the exact same position, with our lips pursed (because our books on tape were making us mad), and head to the side and knees bent and to the side and staring ahead. It was really weird to see how similar we looked, but I guess that makes sense...we ARE related after all... We arrived here around 7:30 and it was pitch dark. For some reason it was super cloudy so we couldn't ... read more
Goin' to the land down under
Monkey Face

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur July 18th 2011

Sasha We walked around kuala lumpur for a while, orienting ourselves with the city. It's so much more modern here than i ever could have imagined!! I don't know why, but I imagined it gloomy, dark and crumbling. Instead it was like all white, with tall skyscrapers everywhere that were actually really pretty to look like. The buildings had a lot of art deco and millennium themes...and there's the third largest needle(communication tower) here as well as the "twin towers" which are stunning. There are parks and it's clean and very civilized, kind of how I imagine tokyo to be, as opposed to the bangkok chaos I thought. It seems like keeping the city buildings modern seems to have been a government priority for a while, instead of keeping old buildings as historical site, they just ... read more
Blessing by Hindu Priest at Batu Caves
Batu Caves

Asia » Singapore July 15th 2011

Yesterday we arrived in Singapore (or our hostel rather) around 12:30, and then mom and I practically raced around the city trying to do everything before 8pm group dinner. We took the metro to Chinatown, river cruise, then took the subway to little India, then walked to the Arab quarter, then taxi back cause we were running late. Everything was actually gorgeous, really clean, modern, and tasteful. We went to Hooters for dinner. I have no idea why Kag our guide thought that'd be a good place to go? I've never been before, and at least in Singapore there was not much a show in terms of the waitresses. It's super expensive in Singapore so we all bought flasks in 7/11 of Bacardi and then ordered cokes and made a big charade of mixing them when ... read more
Posin' for Peace
'Big Brother's' Watching

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka July 14th 2011

Melaka complements Penang and Kuala Lumpur beautifully. It is a much smaller city with a village theme. It was colonized by the Dutch which is can be seen in the buildings and actually reminds me of old new York in a way. Overall Melaka seemed a bit folky, but maybe that was because the museum's 3D exhibits made it a little hard to take learning about the nations history seriously. There was a canal that ran through the middle of the city and it was the perfect place to sit and have lunch and cream my mom in gin rummy :p The first day in Melaka we arrived in the afternoon and walked around to get oriented. The following day we started off bright and early with a Trishaw tour of a Chinese temple, mosque and ... read more
400 year old decorations!
Burning $ for the ancestors
View along the rivercruise

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » George Town July 9th 2011

Sasha Malay is written in the English alphabet because of colonization, which I find kind of funny, and sad. Sometimes I think that with everything I've seen my mind would be the worst for "Inception." Today I was in kind of a pissy mood haha we did a tour of the city all day, saw a fort from the 1800s, a Thai temple, a Burmese temple and a Chinese temple. I think I just got tired of being shepherded with the group, not because the group is bad, they just don't add anything, and temples I think are such a personal thing that one should be allowed to wander at their own pace and not have to walk at the same time as everyone else and marvel at the same things. There were also tons ... read more
The Thai Temple
The Burmese Temple
A Camel in Malaysia?

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Phi Phi Don July 7th 2011

Sasha So I lost my flip flops last night. Okay, I'll start from the beginning. Krabi, a concrete beach town, turned out to be pretty crappy. So, after snorkling on a few surrounding Islands (including the island where the movie "The Beach" was filmed) two people from our group, Mike and Phoebe, decided to stay on Phi Phi island with us for the night instead. We went to dinner at this hole in the wall, mom and pop place and had really good pad Thai there, accompanied by a large Chang beer. Then we went to the beach and watched a fire show at this place called Monken. It was on a roped off area and not as romantic-seeming as when I saw it at Khoa Samed last time. There the guys were tattoo artists ... read more
Monkey Bussiness
Don't Ask...
Ah Ha!

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