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Sandy Nicholson

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand December 30th 2017

So we’re up bright and early this morning because we’re on Adelaide time and that means that we have a leisurely potter around and, once everyone is ready, we head off on foot to find somewhere for breakfast. Apparently, this is normally an easy thing to do. However, on the Saturday before New Year’s Eve, not so easy, as almost everything is closed. We stop at the first place that looks ok, a breakfast buffet at a hotel. So it costs more than it should have but there you go. Once fed, we go back to the hotel for James to rescue the van from the underground car park and the rest of us go upstairs to gather all our stuff. James is back upstairs in a flash - turns out the car park was nearly ... read more
Doi and I relaxing
That’s our cabin behind us
A temple at the top of a hill that we visited on the way to the resort

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok December 29th 2017

We are here - after a slight delay getting out of Adelaide. But it all went smoothly from there. Good things to watch during the flight so we passed the time easily. Happy to land in Bangkok though, as 9 hours flying time is a long time to sit still. Doi met us at the airport and we caught the train into the city and then a taxi to our accommodation - a very nice AirBnB apartment with plenty of room for the seven of us. We’re here for one night in Bangkok and we will head off in the morning for a four hour (or so) drive to Chanthaburi province. I now have an itinerary so I’ll be able to work out where we are going and when 😂. The rest of the group have ... read more

MISSING August 24th 2017

We’re up early for the train. Well, the bus to take us to the train. Had a fabulous night's sleep. Who knew that sitting on your butt, eating, drinking and watching the world go by could be so tiring 😂The bus arrived at the station, along with about 14 other buses. The arrival of the buses, and the choreography required to get them in the right place on the platform so that we all end up outside our own carriage is so well organised that I've named it ‘The Bus Ballet’. I know they do this a couple of times a week, but still, very organised. We're on board and moving by 8am. First sitting of breakfast is happening by 8:15. We’re on the second sitting today (we were first yesterday) so we stay in our ... read more
A Silver Leaf Carriage
Bus ballet
Outside our carriage

MISSING August 21st 2017

First full day in Banff. Late start to the day as our tour doesn't begin until 1330. So, a bit of a sleep in, breakfast and then sort some washing to take downtown to the laundromat. (Not glamorous, I know, but after nearly a fortnight, it has to be done.) The gorgeous boy and I decide to walk downtown with our laundry in backpacks. The Bow Falls are near our hotel (we can hear them at night) and we (ok, I) decide to walk via the Falls. Which, of course, involves quite a few stairs! Dad would have loved it 😂. Rob took the mickey the whole way, of course. Anyway, after a very scenic walk to the laundry, we arrived in the Main Street, found the laundromat, got our washing done, grabbed a coffee and ... read more
Bus tour
Fossil in he rock face
Bald eagle

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Whistler August 14th 2017

We're in Whistler! Bus and ferry ride today to get us here. Fabulous scenery all along the way. First part of the trip was the ride from Victoria to the ferry terminal at Nanaimo. Along the way, we stopped for an hour at Chemainus which is quite a pretty town with some interesting murals painted on the walls of the commercial buildings. It was a great place to have a leg stretch. The ferry was huge and the number of vehicles waiting to board was staggering. Apparently the ferry can hold 300 vehicles. Fortunately we were there early so ended up at the front of the vehicle deck which meant we were the first ones off the ferry. This ferry will take us from Vancouver Island to the mainland at North Vancouver. A very calm crossing ... read more
Almost passing another ferry
More beautiful water views
And some more

Yes, this is the second entry for today. Please don't get used to this, I can't guarantee that I'll get one entry done each day, much less two. Today is a bit special because I've been awake for over 24 hours and I really want to go to sleep but it's 4:30 in the afternoon and therefore way too early. And a nana nap is out of the question if I want to be spritely tomorrow. That, and I'm not a nana. I'm posting the photos that Rob took on our walk around the harbour. What I didn't mention earlier, is how hazey the sky is, due to the many fires around the area that are still burning, many remain out of control. The wind is blowing the smoke over Vancouver and out to Vancouver Island. ... read more
Float plane
Another float plane
Fisherman's wharf

We're here!!! Up early in Brisbane to be at the airport three hours before the flight leaves, which really only left us with just over an hour of waiting, so not a big deal. Thirteen hours aboard the aircraft to Vancouver, head through Customs and then board a Dash 8 for Victoria which added another 30 mins, almost, to our flying time. Local time was 1030 but about 2:30am the next day in Adelaide 🙃. Air Canada are a good airline - relatively comfortable and great service. The next great thing that happened was that our room at the hotel was ready when we got there, not the usual 4pm we had been advised to expect. So, shower, change of clothes and we're feeling like new people. Of course, having spent so much time sitting down, ... read more
BNE airport 2
Vancouver Ampersand Gin

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