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North America » United States » Florida » Orlando » Disney World January 5th 2011

For our final day in Orlando started out by getting into the packing. Thank goodness for packing cells. We arrived with 2 back packs, one containing a third pack and are leaving with our original two packs, the empty extra and a handy piece of luggage from Timberland all comfortably filled. Late morning, satisfied we had enough packing receptacles headed back for a last few hours at the Magic Kingdom... Weather was good and Caitlin was wearing her brand new Princess dress that she and Sandy had purchased from Disney Enterprises last night. Very cliche but a certain little girl thought it was very special to walk around the Magic Kingdom dressed as a princess. Staff and characters get into it also...bowing and curtseying to the princesses (she was not the only one, trust me...). As ... read more
Main entrance..
Like the song said..
Back to Buzz..

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando » Disney World January 4th 2011

Started the day at an Outlet Mall..the first one we went to on our arrival in Orlando and the one we have not been able to get near since due to the most amazing queues of traffic. Incredible backlogs and traffic jams as people sought to get that extra special pair of Nike running shoes... Regardless of all that, today it was oh so quiet, no queues of traffic and fine for a leisurely stroll the standard husbands 3 paces behind the good wife, carrying the purchases. Gentlemen, the shopping husbands club is take a seat next to the other 6 guys, bags from previous adventures piled around their feet and with the odd child concealed amongst them. The standard 'I feel your pain brother' eye contact and nod as you sit quietly and wait. ... read more
A ferryboat..
A large dog..
Pirates of the Caribbean..

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando » Disney World January 3rd 2011

This being written the day after as opposed to on the day as both Reubs and I have been mildly afflicted with that most serious of ailments..Homosapien Influenza...commonly known as 'Man-flu' and whilst he has been a trooper, dad's been a little under the weather. Clearly I was ill because yesterday morning Sandy even offered me the opportunity of having the day off, although I am not sure if she was serious...there was just something about the way she said, "ooh, does boo-boo want to back to bed for some more bye-byes'" that made me suspect she was not that sympathetic. Anyway now fully recovered so no more flowers please! We were off to the Magic Kingdom... So 10.00 am and we were in the first recongnisable queue of the day. This was the car park ... read more
Spinning teacups..

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando » Disney World January 2nd 2011

As stated in the title it was a quiet day at Disney Studios it wasn't was just quieter - but that ain't hard. All in all it was still a lot better and only some parts of the park were manic as opposed to every square inch.. Weather was superb today but quite humid and a little muggy..especially when in close proximity to others in queues. We were in the park at 11 am this morning and frankly it did not make a skerrit of difference..this is the busy time of the year. Having said that it was still a good day and we stayed until around 4 pm but made a conscious decision to leave so as to better ensure the kids got an earlier night. It took the longest to get in ... read more
Whanau on main street..
Sound Stage...
Indiana Jones stage set..

North America » United States » Florida January 1st 2011

Being New Years Eve we watched the fireworks at Disney from the apartment...just amazing! Today, got up, packed up and headed off for Cape Canaveral...even had meticulous directions - turned out completely unnecessary as the signage out there was so good it was like being led there by the hand. The weather today was superb! So good that the pool was being used by lots of residents early and it stayed a great day throughout..probably low to mid 20's and still in most of the places we were at. Drive out to Canaveral is listed as around 67 miles and according to Google should take around an hour and a half. Traffic was light today, surprisingly so and we were out in the car park of the Kennedy Space Centre by a little after midday. But ... read more
Rocket Garden...
Kids in a capsule..
Space Shuttle..

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando December 31st 2010

Spectacular weather today and what better way to enjoy it than returning to the infamous Florida Mall...what a difference...all that was missing was a haunting wind stirring up the sand and pushing tumbleweed gently across the street. Not quite but compared to other occasions this was just like walking around a mall at home...painful still but no crowds. Finding a car park was so easy we actually tried out several to see which suited the Chrysler best. Plan had been to head up Mt Dora, some quaint little town an hour or so north (had directions down pat for this venture), but this plan was torn asunder when littlest tourist got up at 9am and then we noticed her absent at 9.30am only to find she had gone back to bed and despite plenty of noise ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando December 31st 2010

As per the normal was good today, warm, some scattered cloud, no wind and no rain. After late night last night junior troops were slow to rise and even slower to stir into action...but not a problem as both completely happy and a pleasure to have around - even though both a little tired. Plan was to go to some other outlet mall that had been recommended to Sandy and then have dinner around Universal Studios and then spend late afternoon and early evening in the park for our final day on those passes. Had a quick glance at the map and headed off with route sorted and off ramps identified. Twenty minutes later we approached the outlet mall and watched it magnify in the windscreen in accord with the levels of excitement displayed by ... read more
Family dining..
Waitress signal..
Waitress signal 2#

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando » Disney World December 29th 2010

This Florida weather has irregular mood swings! Today the weather was warm and pleasant and we were able to go out and about without the number of layers that have become necessary over the last few days. Today as reward for her tolerance and fantastic efforts yesterday in organising the Manatee Trek and for navigating us there semi successfully, we decided to start the day off with shopping at the Beuna Vista Outlet Mall... On arrival men went one way, women went the other and we met up a couple of hours later. At this time the men were carrying '0' shopping bags where the women were carrying three...reason for this anomaly was that I had the car keys and we had already sequestered our purchases therein. Reuben is something of a disappointment...he is a good ... read more
The worlds most famous rodent..
Sorcerers Apprentice..
Christmas Light Sabres..

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando December 28th 2010

Started out as another chilly one but then the sun gained some strength and became a brilliant day. Standard blue cloudless skies but just a lot warmer...not tropical but very pleasant. For what we ended up doing - the weather was perfect!! Reubs has got a bit of a cold so has been hacking like a 40 a day man for the last two days...been told to harden up and he has...he's a good lad. So late morning, as we waited to see whether to don the arctic wardrobe or just one for winter in Otago, packed a lunch (cos we're cheap!) and then headed off for the Blue Springs National Park. Nope, never heard of it either but from one of Sandy's gazillion (that is actually a word she uses) guide books and bookmarked web ... read more
First Manatee
Head shot..
Clear water..

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando » Disney World December 27th 2010

Very, very cold is the only way to describe it. There was no wind today and the skies were clear and bright blue....but regardless of the picture postcard appearance, it was bitterly cold. The photos will give testament to that. Today around midday we got to Disney's Animal Kingdom...this was the one that Sandy was dreading taking me to as she expected complaints and comparisons to Africa. Well, was she surprised - and to be honest so was I. Where Epcot attempted to emulate the real thing and failed, the safari drive here in the Animal Kingdom was really pretty good. Yes, its completely artificial and there were antelope mixing that never could geographically in Africa, but it was a damn good copy and very well done. Fantastic enclosures...huge multi acre blocks, and while captivity is ... read more
Tree of Life..
Happy campers..
Male Sable..

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