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North America » United States » California » San Diego January 15th 2011

Mike forgot to mention in the blog last night that we are now flying home Qantas not Air NZ. I had a quick look to check the baggage allowance to find that it is DOUBLE the Air NZ baggage allowance. Instead of one bag each up to 23kg you can have TWO bags each up to 23kg............what should I do???? Well girls... trust me... I will try my very very best.....we are stopping at Carlsbad on the way back to LA and there just happens to be an outlet mall there. Whist some have the gift of healing and some have the gift of music Mike has been blessed with the gift of packing. He has re-packed the bags and made MORE space for the odd little purchase. Reuben had a good night sleep only waking ... read more

North America » United States » California » San Diego » La Jolla January 14th 2011

...rough night for Reubs with it ending up with us watching cartoons at 4 am. I just don't get Pokemon! Complaining now of tooth ache...suspected he was just misreading the pain from his ear and sinuses but the pain medications were not assisting. One good aspect to the start to the day was the travel insurance company emailled us e-tickets for our return home, Qantas on the 15th so only one more night here before we can get home and in particular get the little guy fixed up and comfortable at least in his own surroundings. Only downer, and not a significant one, is that the flight is at 11:30 pm so long day and long night - but it will get us home. If Reubs was 100% the delay would not be an issue but ... read more
The little Princess..

North America » United States » California » San Diego January 13th 2011

I think I could live in San Diego...and at the pace our travel insurance company is progressing it is a fair bet we probably will be! Started the day, brilliant weather by the way, with communication from our travel insurance provider asking us to undertake a number of tasks for them...annoying part was that these had all been done yesterday and answered in the email that this guy was actually replying to. It has become apparent they are not reading them and just firing off demands. They are in Malaysia so co-ordinating times and contacts is proving difficult. First indicators this morning that they were not that keen on doing anything and may be leaving us to our own devices. Breakfast is supplied here so we wandered down for that and whilst not a buffet at ... read more
Bathing flamingo...
Standard one leg trick...
That's just not right...

North America » United States » California » San Diego » La Jolla January 12th 2011

...started the day out in Los Angeles after a good nights sleep for the patient. Only woke once for pain meds at 1.30 am and then went straight down again... Up at 7am and decision time... what to do! Travel agent is on New Zealand time, travel insurance is in Singapore (we think) so co-ordinating contact and planning is proving just a little difficult. Big ups to the travel agent, Fiona, she is doing an awesome job to help out. Situation is that the boy still ain;t up to travelling and both the doctor and the travel insurance people are advising against travelling for another couple of days and on top of that he is still in some discomfort. Decision made - we simply cannot travel. Having said that it will be frosty day in hell ... read more

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » LAX January 11th 2011

Things not quite so rosy today and in every season a little rain must fall and all that... on way to airport in New Orleans Reubs mentioned a sore ear...during the flight this got steadily worse and by the time we landed he was in a bad way. Made our way to the Westin Los Angeles Airport where we thought he would settle down with some sleep... 2am this morning after checking all the options and with a very distraught little man ended up having a doctor coming in to the hotel. Anyway up shot is Reuben has a bad ear infection and we cannot travel. Fortunately, these call out doctors don't charge much...merely the GDP of most Pacific Nations combined...but you have to laugh and its handy cos as a medical practitioner he can help ... read more

North America » United States » Louisiana » New Orleans January 10th 2011, we are not the Saint's that is more of a reference to the New Orleans Saints from the NFL this year... Now sitting in the departure lounge at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport awaiting our flight to Los Angeles... today has been something of a Louis Armstrong day. After breakfast walked up Canal Street and along North Rampart and into the Louis Armstrong Cemetery No.1#...believed to be the oldest cemetery in New Orleans dating back to something like 1780 something. All in fairly rough order and we wonder if this was an area affected by the flooding from Katrina as much of the paving tiles are uneven and lifted and the crypts were all displaying damage apart from some recently restored. Interesting slab of history as the French and Spanish influence was very apparent ... read more
Cafe Du Monde..

North America » United States » Louisiana » New Orleans January 9th 2011

They promised a storm ... and they delivered! Woke up to relatively clear skies but could see it was much, much colder so wrapped up warm and headed out intending to visit the Audobon Zoo. Rode the street cars down St Charles Avenue - from one of the guide books we expected to see some fairly valuable and impressive real estate...certainly did, lots of very big houses come mansions some taking up large blocks of land with 4, 5 and 6 garages. Old plantation style places, newer refurbished, renovations and some new construction but keeping the Old South theme alive on the street. Two large and prominent universities on this street also and numerous churchs and synagogues... Street is lined on both sides by large trees with the street cars riding the island in the middle ... read more
Riding the Street car...
Look at that smile..
Local Real Estate..

North America » United States » Louisiana » New Orleans January 8th 2011

Weather was magnificent and plan had been to head off to the Audobon Zoo but things conspired against a little and that could not occur but not a major. Had breakfast in the hotel just so as to get at some fresh fruit and slightly more orthodox food...the food here is fantastic but takes a little to get used to it and is very rich. Its consistency is generally softer as in Gumbo, jambalya, red beans etc which are all more consistent with a thick minestrone or slightly heavier. Miss something to chew on sometimes and can sit a little heavy sometimes...the mainstays of the diet stem from poorer aspects of the regions history and people. Very original and generally tasty, save for grits. Then headed to the Audobon Insectarium, part of the Audobon Institute. Interesting ... read more
..wall displays..
In the underground..
Another gator..

North America » United States » Louisiana » New Orleans January 7th 2011

Day got off to a good start when the missing back pack turned up... appears the Samsonite was married. So reunited with my extensive wardrobe and the others bits and pieces. Kids slept a little later as they had had such a long day yesterday. Took advice from the concierge and ended up at a little place next door called Menas' for breakfast. Had grits...won't have them again. Tasted a bit like sudza a maize dish from Zim but not as good. Caitlin ran with pancakes again. Nice homely little place and now understand the menu will probably go back. Spent the morning on the Riverwalk and then in the Riverwalk Mall. Really, really enjoying the lack of crowds after Orlando. Just a cool place to wander. People are very friendly but like San Francisco there ... read more
Jackson Square..
The houses..

North America » United States » Louisiana » New Orleans January 7th 2011

Real early start to the day and it was not pretty... up at 5.30 ish and on the way to the airport a little after 6.30 am. Reubs reinforcing the fact that he is not a morning person and best left to his own devices until around 9 or after he has been fed and watered.. Pouring with rain and a little chilly so a good day to be moving on...all going swimmingly until check in for our first leg flight into Atlanta when found out flight now delayed by an hour ... or may be more. Our 8.30 flight left at 9.50 getting in a little after 11 and around 40 minutes after our connecting flight from Atlanta through to New Orleans had gone...I said 'blast it'. That was fine and we caught a flight ... read more
First buskers..
Lone busker on Chartres..
View of city..

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