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12th March 2008

Tiger Tiger ....not elephant man!
Hi Tiger, Been following your exploits and they look amazing - sorry for not posting sooner. I see you seem to be enjoying yourself....any thoughts on a full time placement :) When you're in Laos take a picture of the Imperial Tobacco factory...I nearly ended up working there. Keep those pictures coming, Steve
11th March 2008

What were you drinking Holy Tiger? This bottle looks suspicious.
From Blog: A week in Ba Na
11th March 2008

Nice helmet
Nice red helmet Holy Tiger.
11th March 2008

Shamus, you look so well. It all looks fantastic. xxxx
From Blog: A week in Ba Na
11th March 2008

That banana liquier must have done you some good Shaun - your hair started sprouting at an amazing rate!
From Blog: A week in Ba Na
10th March 2008

The Sidds
Very funny! Missing you all at home, I will try to give you a ring over the next couple of days. X
10th March 2008

Simon & Dorota
Hi, It's good to hear from you. There will be a few more blogs now as I will be going back to the Volunteer centre in Nong Khai for about a week, before traveling down to Kuiburi in Southern Thailand. I will post more info soon. Keep well ShaunX
10th March 2008

Hi Kate
Well the weather is certainally not cold here! I will be back in civilisation for the next week before going off to my next placement in Southern Thailand. I will post more info soon. I hope all is well at Hayssen, say hello to everyone from me. Cheers Shaun
7th March 2008

It looks incredible
It looks like everyday is an adventure, although you are busy I am sure you must feel so peaceful at the same time! It must be such a humbling experience, I am really happy to see you are enjoying yourself! Oh and as for Jake, he is working like a trooper at the minute on his work, he really is doing so well! Im really proud of him. And incase he forgot to mention it, he misses you! Have so much fun, be careful, and see you soon. Love Tracy xxx
4th March 2008

Sounds like you're having a whale of a time! Keep blogging when you can... Btw, you're missing nothing at home except biting winds and occasional snow flurries.
3rd March 2008

Shaun Glad to read that you're enjoying your placement. Not sure how big Ben Hatkhai is but couldn't locate it in my atlas. Bet Tony's got a map of it though!! I take it that you were swimming in the River Mekong? Hope that you matched the rendition of Kookaburra with some good British rounds!! Note you're going off radar for a while so take care of yourself and break radio silence as soon as you are able. Blighty is just about the same as when you left, short of the balmiest February on record and the odd earthquake, but don't worry I managed to sleep through it. Best wishes Simon & Dorota
3rd March 2008

wow you have been busy!
3rd March 2008

Volunteering in Laos
Hi Dawn, It's good to hear from you. Ban Hatkhai is a very special place, and not one that is easy to leave. Maybe you might consider spending some time there as there is a chance to work with the kids as well as the guides, and I think that if you want a truly unique experience, this is it! Good luck in which ever project you decide to take on, and maybe I will meet you at Openmind. Shaun
3rd March 2008

Hi Jan & Bozenka
It's good to hear from you both. I am having an amazing time as you can see. I've meet so many good people & the volunteering has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. If you ever get the opportunity to do something simmilar, go for it! I will be back into the wilderness again this afternoon, so will not be on the internet again for another week at least. Keep in touch Shaun
2nd March 2008

open mind & Nongkai
Goodluck in Laos! I will be doing the same thing shortly. I've always wanted to volunteer for kids. It's good to know the experience in Nongkai went well. Take care.
1st March 2008

Take care Shaun
Thanks for your message, glad you are well, don't fall off the cliff ; we are thinking of you.
1st March 2008

Aqua domestic
I am glad to say that the facillities far surpassed anything that Aqua domestic could ever build. At least the manual flushing mechanism was reliable! Love you always XXX
29th February 2008

Back home!
Hi Shaun, I was hoping to come to Vientiane and maybe catch up with you and Ida before I left NongKhai but it all got too rushed with school sports carnivals and the like! I'm back home in Aus now, and still a little dazed with the travel, but have to say that the school experience in Ho Kham village was amazing and I loved it. I saw Sven's photos of the weekend he and Tim spent with you guys in Ban Na and you seemed to be having a great time. Hope the teaching is going well. Is it as you expected? For me, it was both more than I expected and less. The Temple School novices were English language experts in comparison with what I found in the village, and 2 weeks wasn't near enough to touch the tip of the iceberg, but it comforts me to know that there is now a school of 120 village children in Thailand who canall now draw and spell "kangaroo" and were well on the way to learing all the words to "Kookaburra sits on the old gum tree" when I left! A pocket of Australia! Be in touch later.
21st February 2008

Ban Hatkhai
Looks Amazing ....what an adventure!! The wash room looks like it was the work of Aqua Domestic!! Have Fun and Take Care X
20th February 2008

Wicked Shamus xxxx
14th February 2008

Hi there, Your pictures of the tigers are amazing. Ive been reading up on this place a lot and really want to go but have read a lot of bad reviews about the place ie the tigers are badly treated, they are locked in cages most of the day etc. Just wondering did you see any evidence of this at all as would hate to go for it to be a horrible experience!!Thnks!!
14th February 2008

Take care Shaun
Good luck Shaun, do not get mauled, attacked, eaten, engaged etc ( please delete to taste!) We look forward to your next message.
12th February 2008

Harley Logo
Not sure where it came from, but they do get volunteers from America, so maybe from one of them.
11th February 2008

Perhaps criminal is more fitting!!!! only joking. Looks like a wonderful expereince loving seeing it all.. take care Haulwen
11th February 2008

Motorbike language
I suspect that the buddhist monks will learn all the essential words like names of different parts of the motorbike!

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