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I have been a traveler all my life (airforce brat). Nothing makes me happier than exploring our world and I look forward to sharing whatever you might find useful along the way . I hope you enjoy sharing my travels and thoughts during the journey ahead. Take care and travel often. There is much to experience.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Kensington December 1st 2011

Well, we arrived and I remember why I loved London the first time I ever visited back in 2001. London is magical. Even with a third of the city buildings covered with scaffolding due to the “sprucing up” taking place for the upcoming Olympics, London has an exciting pulse. Jim and I tried to pick up on that pulse when we arrived on Wednesday, but to be perfectly honest we dragged ourselves around from the time we arrived at 6:30 am until 1:00 pm when we were allowed to check into our room and threw ourselves fully clothed onto the bed for a nap. We walked over to Hyde Park and Kensington Palace, but the palace is being remodeled for the Olympics this summer and the Public Rooms are hosting modern art exhibits, so we skipped ... read more
Cabby Stand
Kensington Palace
Jim Phones Home

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Kensington November 29th 2011

Here we are getting ready to go to London dreading our arrival there because we just heard that the customs agents will all be on strike when we arrive. Thank goodness we booked a driver to pick us up! They emailed to let us know what to expect. Up to 8 hours wait at the airport to go through customs! Yuk!... read more

Europe » Italy July 24th 2011

I’m really far behind on these blogs! It seems the only time available to do them is midnight! Well, this one is about Tarquinia, the Etruscan Tombs and Tuscania. MK and Jim and I ventured off to view these under threatening skies while the T’s road their bus east out of the rain zone to Rome. The Etruscans lived in west-central Italy from the 9th century BCE (Before the Common Era) onward. Their culture reached its height in the 6th century BC. In a strange way, the necropolis of Tarquinia documents the only urban civilication in pre-Roman Italy. The depictions in the frescoed tombs many of which are replicas of Etruscan houses are a unique testimony to a vanished ancient culture. The tombs are accessed through stepped corridors leading down into rock cut chambers. The painted ... read more

Europe » Italy » Tuscany July 22nd 2011

I wasn’t there (we were in the Cinque Terre remember?) but……. Rumor has it from the Warren source that they had a great time in Florence with the T’s. They started their day in Pisa where they visited the leaning tower, cathedral and baptistery located at the mouth of the river Arno on the Ligurian Sea at what is called the “field of miracles” so named after a poet flew over the beautiful white buildings and stated that their stunning beauty could only be a “miracle”. The Cathedral was begun in 1064 but many parts were updated in the 1500’s after fires damaged the original inter parts. The “leaning” Bell Tower of Pisa was begun in 1173 and took 177 years to finish. Five years after construction started, the building started sinking on its south side. ... read more

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Cinque Terre July 22nd 2011

Hi Folks! Time to catch you up on our comings and goings in Italy! Our first port in Italy was Livorno, from where all the excursions to Tuscany and Liguria departed. This time the blog is only about Jim and I in Cinque Terre. I will do a separate blog for M&K and the T’s in Florence. Jim and I hopped on the bus to the Cinque Terre. These are 5 tiny Italian Riveriera towns where the buildings hang precariously off the sea cliffs or perch on top of steeply terraced hillsides. We only visited 3 of them. Manarola, Riomaggiore and Vernazza. Manarola was in my opinion the most beautiful. The weather was mild and cool with the hint of rain hanging in the air. This made the cliff and vineyard vistas even more dramatic as ... read more

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona July 21st 2011

The next morning we loaded up for our embarkation on the ship. We breezed through and were soon in our luxurious cabins, complete with wrap around balconies and a private lounge down the hall. Too spoiled by far! No time to lounge around though. We all went our separate ways. T & T explored the ship and settled in, M and K took a “power walk” into Barcelona and along La Rambla, powering through the gothic quarter with stops to buy art and jewelry! Jim and I headed back to the Gothic quarter where the narrow streets often lead to gems of architecture or street performers playing for a few euro. Our goal was the most extensive subterranean Roman ruins in the world, accessed through Place del Rei, a 14th century mansion which was the home ... read more

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona July 18th 2011

Hi Folks! Finally time to blog. The unfortunate fact that I picked up a terrible cold and our Monaco stop has been cancelled due to high seas has one bright side. I am sitting here on the ship in our beautiful suite with lots of time to tell you what we’ve been up to! Our hotel in Barcelona, “Hotel 1898” was beautiful. The decor was somewhat art deco in style with contemporary Barcelona touch. As soon as we arrived, we all departed to different parts to relax. Kayla, Mike, Teresa and Tony took off for the rooftop lounge and pool for repair and rejuvenation. Cigars, Sangria, a cool swim and magnificent views! Jim and I had a cocktail at the hotel bar and decided to venture out onto La Rambla for saffron infused Paella. We then ... read more
Photo 2
Photo 3.5
Photo 3

Europe » Spain July 13th 2011

Hi all! We "the Six" (M, K, T & T and Jim and I) are finally getting ready to set off on a cruise through the Mediteranean. Tomorrow we will be jetting off to the land of tapas, wine and Gaudi....... Barcelona, Spain! Our cruise on the "almost new" (only1 year old!)" New Amsterdam" will take us to romantic and ancient cities in Spain, France, Monaco, Italy, Greece and Croatia, ending in the fabled city of "La Serenissima" the beautiful old lagoon city of Venice. I hope you enjoy following along on our journey! We'll post lots of pics and blogs! ... read more

Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region November 4th 2010

Back in Brussels. It’s our last day and we went to the Musee de Beaux Arts. We saw the most beautiful paintings, some of which I never thought I would ever see in person like David’s “Death of Murat” and a wonderful “Magritte” collection. They had an incredible collection of Dutch and Flemish Masters also. After that we roamed the streets of Brussels looking in the shop windows. We stopped in at a few chocolate shops and sampled the wares, and of course had to stop for BELGIAN WAFFLES! Topped with caramel syrup and whipped cream, they were delicious. On a sugar high we finally went back to the Metropole Hotel to our room to make sure our ride to the airport was all set. We had dinner at the beautiful Metropole Café and a last ... read more
Place de l'Albertine
Musee des Beaux Arts
Palace Royal

Europe » Belgium November 3rd 2010

Hi all, First more pics of Jim in Brussels enjoying VB and Mussels. The next day we left for Bruges. It was beautiful. We caught the train in the morning and about an hour and a half later we were in Bruges. No train problems this time and we got great seats which made Jim very happy. Our boutique hotel in Bruges, Relais Ravenstein, was the complete opposite of the Brussels hotel. Very modern and stylish with a beautiful spa bathroom and a great terrace Bar over the canal. We were e within easy walking distance to the Grote Markt and all the museums and cathedrals. Jim called this one the ABC (Another Bloody Cathedral) tour. We visited the Groening Museum to see their collection of early Flemish and Dutch masters. Breathtaking works of art. We ... read more
Me babysitting Jim at the Delerium Bar
Back in Brussels
Jim Enjoying Mussels

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