Ryan Kerr


Ryan Kerr

My name is Ryan Kerr, I was born and raised in the beautiful British Isles, and I am currently 23 years of age. I am embarking on an exciting journey across the globe with my fiancé, Danny (26). Our first stop is New Zealand, where we have been gifted a 2 year working visa.

We wanted to record our journey, so that we can easily reminisce on our adventures, but to also share them with friends and family from back home.

Oceania » New Zealand September 20th 2018

It’s around 2/3 am. Me and Danny are both suddenly more awake now than we had been the whole previous day. Perhaps that 4 hour nap wasn’t such a great idea, then again, I think it was pretty unavoidable, I would have probably just feel asleep standing up. We decide to just accept the alertness, and don’t try to force sleep. We actually get out of bed around 5 am, and I make a call to mum and dad, who have just gotten in from their work day. We have a lovely catch up and it’s amazing to hear their voices. It does add to my current mental confusion a little bit, due to them about to have dinner, when I haven’t even had breakfast yet. After my phone call, me and Danny make breakfast together, ... read more
Breakfast time!
Rise and shine :)

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland September 19th 2018

We awaken on our first day surprisingly early, around 6.30 am. Although we probably could have gone back to sleep, we decide to get up, as we have many things to sort out today. Luckily, our to-do-list is now one job shorter, as we set our phone number up at the airport. Breakfast is our priority, we haven’t yet done a food shop, and so grab ourselves a McMuffin Meal, complete with proper Barista Coffee! Stomachs full, we start our mission, first stop - the bank, so we can set up a New Zealand bank account. Upon arrival at the bank however, we realise that none of them open until 9 am, and it’s not even 8 yet. Even with just walking around for this small period, we are sensing how relaxed everybody seems to be ... read more
Auckland’s Under Ground.
Sushi, yes please.
My chopstick skills are improving.

Oceania » New Zealand September 18th 2018

The plane is huge!! We’re flying with Singapore Airlines. We heard great things from Danny’s parents, so are looking forward to see what it’s like. We are immediately impressed - plenty of leg room, your own touch screen entertainment system, complete with movies, TV programs and music. Plus, a flight tracker so you know exactly where you are at any given moment. The air stewardesses are all Thai, and look gorgeous in their outfits. Before we have even left the ground they come around the plane with hot towels to wet your face with. They are so hot that we initially struggle to handle them, but are surprisingly refreshing after patting our faces with them. The plane then leaves the ground, and we wave goodbye to our mother land! Danny, and the Australian girl who’s sat ... read more
First of many meals.
The claw!

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland September 17th 2018

7 a.m Monday morning, the alarm rings. The day we board the plane and begin the 25 hour flight has begun. 13 hours from London to Singapore, then an hours wait, then a further 11 hour flight from Singapore to Auckland!! Knowing we arrive in Auckland at around 10.30 pm on Tuesday is still rather mind-boggling. We’ve decided that trying to sleep on the first flight, and not on the second will hopefully allow us to get in to some kind of routine, and hopefully be able to sleep when we arrive. Although our body clock will still be telling us it’s 11.30 am. It’s first time at Heathrow. The only stories that I’ve been told are those from my mum, who has always avoided the airport due to its daunting size. However, upon arrival, it ... read more
Coffee Spilage!
G&T and Bloody Mary.
Ready to jet off!!

Oceania » New Zealand September 16th 2018

..and so the journey begins! Bidding emotional farewells to both of our family’s, and boarding the coach to Heathrow ready for a night in an airport hotel. It still just seems as though we are going on a 2 week holiday, the realisation that our trip is at least 2 years has yet to settle in, despite the fact that our plane departs tomorrow morning. A cocktail of anticipation, excitement and nervousness is bubbling in my stomach, which can only be settled with a glass of champagne. Luckily we have decided to celebrate our achievements of reaching and achieving our goal by buying a bottle to enjoy in our hotel room tonight! The bubbles worked us up an appetite. We decided to book an early evening table at the hotel’s restaurant, and opted for the ‘All ... read more
Celebratory Champagne! I
Celebratory Champagne!
Mediterranean Meal.

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