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Europe » Sweden » Västerbotten July 11th 2015

The cheapest way to fly to Skellefteå was from London with Ryan Air. There are very few airlines travelling to the north of Sweden and amazingly, we found a budget airline that did. This was a main reason why most of our travels were based from London. The last time I had visited Skellefteå it had involved a flight to Stockholm and then a 10 hour bus ride north overnight, so this was still much more convenient and economical. On arrival at Stansted, in London, we were greeted by 2 very young police officers standing together holding machine guns. They were surrounded by excited children wanting to look at their guns and the officers were proudly obliging. Stupid me, took a photo because I wanted an example of how sick this society has become and carelessly ... read more
Bonnstan Church Village
The little cabin
View From Cabin Window

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague July 3rd 2015

So here is an attempt at a brief run down of our 9 days, 10 nights. After day one, Thursday where we tackled the Charles bridge, astronomical clock and lovely gardens on the west banks with the thick crowds of tourists we decided on day two to do the same walk but much earlier in the morning. We mostly retraced our steps setting out about 7.30am but Prague Castle was added to day two itinerary. It was 9.30am when all the bus tours started arriving. They engulfed every location and we had done most of our exploration by then. The sun was also quickly heating all the concrete and stone. Beautiful views from absolutely every angle on all our walks. The camera kept clicking all week. We returned to our apartment for lunch and then went ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic July 2nd 2015

Now that I am writing about my travels I am beginning to see a pattern with my reaction when arriving in new city. I notice the similarity to my excitement when arriving here in Prague to when we arrived in London and in Kos Town. Emerging from the subway station which brought us from the airport and I was in awe. I was so looking forward to have 9 days here and such a big contrast to Greece! On arrival at the airport we had struggled with the ticket machines for the bus. Three out of four of the machines didn't work as busses that I had wanted to catch were passing. I had downloaded instructions of how to get to our accommodation. The good thing was that the busses were very regular but I was ... read more
St Vitus Cathedral
View from Castke Complex
View feom Charles Bridge

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Kos June 30th 2015

It took a while to wind down from the excitement of getting here but I soon learned to embrace it. The urgency to have excitement and adventure fill every day subsided as I knew that there was more of that ahead Routine relaxed to consist of laying by the pool or beach, reading, writing, walking and bathing. In the evenings after returning from dinner in town we usually sat outdoors near the resort lounge. Here we had WiFi and also a beautiful fresh breeze that came from the beach. The breeze was welcoming. If there was no breeze the mosquitoes were relentless and got a good feed from both of us during our fortnight. The days have been so long that it hasn't been getting dark until 9.30 pm and to get fresh air into the ... read more
Dinner at Alikes
The Coast Around Alike Salt Lake
A Beautiful Taverna

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Kos June 22nd 2015

Two days sitting by the pool reading and I was getting restless so we decided to do a day trip with a scooter and explore. Another warm day was ahead so the breeze on a scooter should be pleasant. Tomas had a bike licence so we took out a 125cc for 25 Euro. The smaller engines were 20 and little scooters 15. This is what was suggested considering we wanted to cover some distance and climb hills with the weight of the two of us. Our Dutch neighbours had mentioned that they had toured the Island with a quad bike the previous year so offered some suggestions of where to go. They circled locations on our crude map of the island which was the best I could find. The scooter dealer that opened earliest at 8.30am ... read more
Paradise Beach
Selfie Patadise Beach
Paradise Beach

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Kos » Kos June 19th 2015

Tomas, still suffering with "man flu" bravely dragged himself up for a day trip to Kos Town. The weather was expected to be a little cooler with some cloud and possibly rain so I thought it might be a good day for walking and exploration. As it turned out it was still mainly sunny but the breeze and occasional cloud cover did make it a good day to be more active. The bus to Kos left Tigaki hourly. We chose 9.25am but were waiting at the second stop away from the beach and there must have been so many people at the first stop that 3 busses went by before we were picked up about a half hour later. Extra busses just kept being filled until everyone had been collected. Everyone had a seat and no ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Kos June 16th 2015

Arrived 10.30 pm. I prepaid a shuttle with Resorthoppa which was very cheap and took us to the door of Oasis in Tigaki. On first impression it looked like we were the only ones staying here and that it was a little simple and isolated. In retrospect it is not a surprising impression for arriving in the middle of the night. I was initially concerned that we had commited to spend 2 weeks here. I commented that at least Tigaki had street lighting unlike other tiny villages we had dropped people off on the way so it couldn't be too boring. Our room did have a kitchenette with everything we needed and everything working with fridge, table, balcony and ensuite. It was clean and tidy and not at all shabby. Our impression changed for the better ... read more
Our Plane
Kos Fresh Air Arrival Lounge
Tigaki Bakery

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide June 13th 2015

Finally! It had been a long wait having booked the flight to London in September, to Sweden in October and Greece in December. I had been in Adelaide for a month before we set off and Tomas only a week. Here we wait for check in for our Royal Brunei flight to London. In Adelaide I mainly cycled to and from the local library to scan photos spanning back decades. An effort in trying to stream line my life and get rid of stuff. Doing this brought back loads of memories some good and some not so good so. It was good preparation for this trip. Try to only make good memories and remember them by special photos. We will not be able to do this indefinitely. It will be a special time and we will ... read more
Roxy Wrapped Up
Tomas backpack

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