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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Sutherland October 14th 2017

Mosman June 2017 For me it was a very short stay in Mosman. Tomas got there a week earlier than me but I finished the house sit in Toorak Gardens, in Adelaide and then started the following house sit in Oyster Bay while he remained in Mosman. It worked out tidily for us in the fact that we could seamlessly move from one to the other, without any gaps. We have got to know Boomer and Lyla, the 2 posh poodles well now, as well as their parents Robert and Barbara as this was our third time house sitting for them. They were our first house sit through the Aussie House sitters website and we feel they took a huge gamble on appointing us when we were still living in New Zealand and had few references ... read more
Harbour Sailing
Yogi morning walk
Mr Bear

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide June 22nd 2017

Klemzig Adelaide March/April 2017 What great timing! Arriving in Adelaide just as the Adelaide Festival was opening. Before we could relax and get into all the action we had to settle into our newest house sit. Sascha in Klemzig was waiting for us and we were excited to spend time with her. She was a golden retriever with such a child like personality. Easy to love and our new friend for 6 weeks. We arranged this housesit when we were last in Adelaide. These people were known to the house sit hosts we worked for in St Peters last year but we weren't aware of this until after we were booked. We visited them back in September and were booked well in advance. Both of us felt really comfortable with Sascha and a house with a ... read more
Feb Henley Beach
MarchApril Sascha Klemzig
Feb Semaphore Beach

Oceania » Australia » Victoria »  Yarraville February 21st 2017

Melbourne 2017 Cheltenham Jan-Feb We never planned to go to Melbourne! Other than that we don't usually move around more than we have to because it becomes unnecessarily costly. There doesn't seem to be much purpose in moving when there was still so much unexplored in Sydney. As February approached I still hadn't secured the perfect house sit- the one that fit perfectly without any gaps and wasn't too hard to get too. I had obviously been way too fussy, or not opened my options wide enough. Our hosts in Mosman had been very gracious in offering us to stay as long as we needed with them but as time approached we opened our options and an offer came for Yarraville in Melbourne for early February. We still had a few days free prior and rather ... read more
Cycling Melbourne
Jan- Cheltenham-Jet
Feb- Yarraville-Jazz+Leo

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » CBD January 25th 2017

Jan 2017 Sydney Alexandria Dec- Jan Back in Sydney and this time we were in small 1 bedroom apartment with 2 cheeky terriers in Alexandria. We were booked by a young couple who had a parent visiting from Italy and they were off travelling to Central Australia. We arrived on the 22nd and by Xmas day were well settled in so went sight seeing up the coast to Palm Beach. All the way up the coast groups were picnicking and celebrating their day off. We stopped at a few spots that caught our eye to take in the atmosphere of the coast and festivities. From Manly we went for a walk and admired the beauty of the bay before catching a ferry back to Circular Quay. We appreciated the convenience of where we were staying after ... read more
Dec- Tubby and Comet
Jan- Sydney Festival
The Grounds of Alexandria

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide December 27th 2016

The four months in Adelaide from August until December allowed us to get to know the suburbs of the city better than I had managed in 30 years of having grown up there. Four months in a year would normally fly by with routine of nothing out of the ordinary but these four months were punctuated with highlighted memories. St Peters, Aug- Oct Our first house sit was for a lovely couple in St. Peters for 2 months during which time they visited Portugal, France and Spain. We tended to 2 lovable little white terriers. A Lahso Apso called Cooper and a West Highland Terrier called Bonnie. I don't think they had ever had so many walks in their lives. We had fun with them and Bonnie promptly lost the extra weight she was carrying when ... read more
Waterfall Gully Walk
St Peters Bonnie and Cooper
Fulham Charly and Bundy

Oceania » Australia August 11th 2016

I dedicate this blog to my mother, who turns 90 today. She has given me the freedom and support to do whatever I have wanted with my life and has always told me that whatever I want to be when I grow up and what ever I want to do that I will do well. With all my indecision and experimentation I have felt support, no matter how far I strayed from mainstream convention. She taught me self sufficiency in how to sew, cook and fix things. She introduced me to fitness and running and was always positive, showing strength in the most difficult of situations. Most importantly taught me that I was enough, with or without a partner. I have been lucky to have had them in my life for so long and admire and ... read more
Mosman Map

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Hai Phong June 20th 2016

I woke at 6 and a few minutes later there was a power cut. Our air conditioner died and there was no light in our windowless room. We planned to leave for the train at 9 am so fortunately had plenty of time to pack and have breakfast in the candle and torchlight. Breakfast was already laid out in the restaurant as a simple buffet. The umbrellas we had been carrying for weeks were made use of for the first time on the way to the train station . It was only a 20 minute walk and that short distance made carrying them worth the weight. It felt so good for us to be self reliant. If we would have had to catch a taxi who knows how long we would have waited and the stress ... read more
On our Way to Cat Ba Island
Our Cruise Boat
Floating Fishing Villages

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Hanoi June 15th 2016

Our night bus arrived in Hanoi 3 am and this time the driver didn't let us sleep in the bus until sunrise, as he had no where that he was allowed to park so we all had to disembark. We all cringed at each other at the thought of having to wander the streets at such an early hour. It had actually been a very pleasant trip. A clean bus and not at all busy. Everyone on the bus was really friendly and some young girls were showing off their shopping. The drivers were respectful and polite. I really have to say that all the bad reviews for the night busses that I read about on Trip Advisor must be the very occasional incident or very out of date. This time we hadn't booked a bed ... read more
Hoan Kiem Lake
Early morning Hanoi
Our Lovely 3 Star Hotel Room

Asia » Vietnam » Northwest » Lao Cai » Sapa June 14th 2016

Our night bus was due to pick us up at our hotel 9.30 pm. We expected that it might be closer to 10 pm. as we were living quite close to the station so might be the last pick up. At 9.30pm a guy on a motorbike came and directed us to wait on the side of the road around the corner from our hotel. 10 pm came and still no bus. Now we were getting concerned. It was meant to leave Hanoi 10 pm. About 10.20 I took a risk missing the bus and dashed back across the busy road to our hotel. The lovely Max in reception was surprised to see that we hadn't yet gone. I gave him a phone number and raced back to Tomas in the side of the street. A ... read more
Looking towards Sapa
I couldn't look past the rubbish any more so I started looking at it.
The Lake in the Town of Sapa

Asia June 11th 2016

The shuttle picked us up 15 mins early but we were sitting in the hotel reception waiting. I didn't drink so much water from then on as I was fearful of the toilets on the bus. This time we traveled with Hung Thanh Bus Company. It was just chance which company we ended up with depending on from where we booked it. Hung Thanh had many bad reviews online, as had Camel Travel, so what would it be like? The bus was freshly cleaned and we were the first group to hop on. The group that had traveled up until Hue must have been changed onto this bus from another. This was a good start. As I always do I wiped down my seat, cushion, air vent, light and railings with my disinfectant wipe and then ... read more
Sleeper bus Hue- Hanoi
The 1st English Students in the Park
Hoan Kiem Lake

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