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8th July 2016

Must-do in Hanoi, Hanoi Free Local Tours
A free tour to explore Hanoi in a local way Hanoi Free Local Tours (HFLT), a non-profit organization, is established to bring tourists and locals together. Therefore, Tourists can truly explore our culture, custom, history and local people have the opportunity of reaching their full potential . Acted as a travel-mate, our volunteers will help tourists discover the history, culture and beauty of Hanoi. To differentiate ourselves from other tour operators, we want the Hanoi Free Local Tours experience to be shaped in the friendliest, most welcomed and natural way. By offering tourists the chance to meet and talk to native people and experience the local’s lifestyle, we hope to bring out the truest of Hanoi to foreign visitors. Hanoi Free Local Tours is a voluntary club so we do not require any charge. You only have to prepare the expenses during the tour like admission fees, restaurant meals and drink, and transportation fees. All of your contribution (if applicable) will be used as a fund for the development of Hanoi Free Local Tours, not for personal purposes ----- We bring tourists and locals together Tourists coming to Vietnam will have the chance to talk, make friends with locals so you could have a deep understanding of our country. it is also useful for you who first visit Vietnam to travel around Hanoi without worrying about getting overcharged, lost. Locals (Hanoi Free Local Tours members), especially students in our team, need to be more fluent in English, have muti-national thingking. So we start to learn more about our history, culture… to gain more knowledge to explain many tough questions from tourists. That is simple. Tourists need to have local tour guides, Locals need to open the door to their future. We bring tourists and locals together! Thanks Hanoi Free Local Tours --- Book a free tour: Highlights: 1. Hoan Kiem Lake 2. St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Hanoi 3. Hoa Lo Prison 4. Temple of literature 5. Ho Chi Minh Complex Book a free our with us now:
7th June 2016

What an adventure!
4th June 2016

Motor scooter madness!
Wow! Temple looks amazing and worth the effort.
1st June 2016

Pleased all is going well. You are so organised.
From Blog: Ho Chi Minh City
29th May 2016

What a great start! I can't wait to hear the next instalment.
20th August 2015

London calling
Fantastic! Really whetting my appetite and making me yearn to be there. I wish we had overlapped as I would have loved to take you places. You really have explored the local area.
14th July 2015

A great experience
Fantastic to hear about all your adventures. I shall wait with baited breath for the next installment.
12th July 2015

Perfect Prague
James and I went here 9 years ago and I fell in love with it too. I am so envious of you both being there - it really is a magical place. Enjoy your time.
3rd July 2015

It sounds amazing.
From Blog: Wrapping Up Kos
2nd July 2015
Sunsets from our Resort

Beautiful photo
From Blog: Wrapping Up Kos
27th June 2015

Love it
Great photos and lovely to hear all about what you are doing. Sounds wonderful.
27th June 2015

Intrepid explorers
Oh my goodness - it just gets better and better! What a fantastic experience. Can't wait for the next installment.
22nd June 2015

So envious seeing pictures of you in a sarong!
So cold up in Crafers today. Just made some vegetable soup to try to warm up. It was a year yesterday that we returned from Greece - time we planned another adventure!
22nd June 2015

Packing light
When you get back, I could use a few lessons. :-)
18th June 2015

Bakery, sunshine, swimming pool... It doesn't get much better than that.
18th June 2015

What a great attitude!
Go girl!
18th June 2015

This looks amazing!
What a great idea! You both look like you are getting in to the local spirit of things. What a fantastic experience. Glad that you are making the most of your time there and relaxing in the pool.

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