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Ruth Mawer

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Surfers Paradise September 15th 2008

Hellooooo everyone from sunny hot Brisbane! We started out fairly early this morning to travel to Surfers Paradise and Sea World. Bekk and I arrived at about 10.20am just in time to be before the crowds. First thing we did was to go and see the Dolphins at play and they have this routine that they do to show the dolphins off. Must admit it was rather exciting! From there we wandered into the 4D film of insects and sea creatures, I think the scary bit was putting on the glasses and watching a big python come towards you….LOL We walked through the Polar bear exhibit, the new Shark Bay and got some great photos of sharks and sting rays under the water. We had lunch at the Dockside Tavern, I had chicken in pyjama’s and ... read more
Surfers Paradise 2
Surfers Paradise 3
Sea World

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Redland City » Wellington Point September 15th 2008

Today started cold again, and knowing I am going into the heat of Brisbane is awesome, I don’t know how I will go. When we got to the airport Charlie and I lined up to go to luggage and checkin, we got called up to another line at the front as we only had 10 minutes before boarding, how that happened I have no idea, as we were only 10 minutes from the airport and had to be there an hour before time. I must have miscalculated the time, anyway I got through that quick and then also through security in one big rush, at least it made it easier to get on the plane, not much waiting in line to do stuff…no line….LOL When I got to Brisbane, there was Bekk waiting for me, it ... read more
Baby Bump
Wellington Point

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Launceston September 15th 2008

Hi Everyone, Well the day started out dark and cold……LOL….. It was an early morning, getting up packing up the car and travelling to Launceston. On the way we meet up with my grandson Liam and his mum Emma, which my son was returning from a weekend visit to his Dad. It was lovely to see him as his birthday is in a day or two and I must remember to send him something like a good Granna would! heehee Both Charlie and I stayed with Charlies sister Alice and her hubby Tony. While we were there we also caught up with Amanda, Chris and my granddaughter Sway. Sway is growing so very fast, and she is almost to the stage where she can have a conversation with us, she at least can have one word ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Launceston September 7th 2008

Hi Everyone, Well here I am with Charlie in Launceston, one more night and I am off to Brisbane, and yes both Bekk and I are counting the hours...... Charlie and I will stay with Alice and Tony - Alice is Charlie's Sister, and lives close to the airport...THANK YOU ALICE! At present we are visiting with my son Christopher, his wife Amanda and my lovely grand daughter Sway, who has at last got used to me again and has come and given me a cuddle and a kiss.....what else could a grandmother ask for. On the way through Elizabeth town I also got a visit in with my grandson Liam, as he was going home to his mothers after a weekend with his Dad. He is a cute kid now too, its been so long ... read more

Good Morning All, Well I am at it again, and although I am travelling alone this time without my beloved Charlie, and I am only travelling within Australia, I thought I might as well keep you all posted! I leave here (Tassie) on the 8th September and thought that as I have a moment I will start the blog! I know Charlie will be wanting to know what I am up to every minute of the day and I know he will be watching his emails morning and night! The purpose of this trip is to visit with my daughter Rebekah (Bekk to me), who I haven't seen in nearly 2 years. As she is getting ready for her wedding she has requested that I visit so she can talk things out with me....then what happens? ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Rosebery March 10th 2008

Hi All, Well this will be the last message, after a terrible start with the 2 hours delay that turned into a 1 ½ hour delay the day just got better…. As our first flight was late we did not make our connecting flight from Sydney to Melbourne, but QANTAS is good as always and had us on the next available flight which was the 2 pm flight to Melbourne. We got some lunch, and settled into gate 4 to wait. Let me tell you health food from the airport is not health food.. LOL we bought some sandwiches from the health food bar, needless to say they were day old bread and soggy! I gave up, by that stage I had had enough! I headed for the nearest McDonalds….MrC won’t eat it but I would! ... read more
View from the Balcony.
Last sights
Norfolk Island runway.

Oceania » Australia » Norfolk Island » Burnt Pine March 8th 2008

HI All, Well here we go again..... we came to book in for the first flight and its delayed 2 hours, and won't make our connection to Melbourne.... This then means we don't get a great deal of time to meet with you Ellen, I am sorry. At least they have us on a flight an hour later which means we still make the connection to Launceston....*sigh* For a holiday that was supposed to relieve my stress level....let me tell you it hasn't! Charlie is a little niggly, I think its upset him a but we will manage. I think I will need to go on a holiday to get over this one! Oh Well..... Lets see how we go.... Ruthie & Charlie lost in paradise somewhere..... ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Norfolk Island » Kingston March 8th 2008

Hi All! Well today was just wonderful with a very over cast day, it seemed cooler even though I doubt it is. The day started with a 7 am swim at Emily Bay again, last day today for Rhonda she was off on the 2 o’clock plane today. Even MrC came and even though he said it was cold I know he enjoyed it. Also the last day for us too as we will be on a plane at 8 am tomorrow. After breakfast we started out with only two things in mind….one to go back and look in all the shops that we hadn’t been in, and two was to go and look over the Cemetery. We went into all the shops that took our fancy and yes I bought some stuff to bring home… ... read more
Whaler Boat.
Old Kingston.

Oceania » Australia » Norfolk Island » Burnt Pine March 7th 2008

Hi Everyone, Well today we had a completely free day until 6pm when we went on our last family reunion event. Tell you more about it later! This morning again started with a swim, very beautiful and I am going to miss that when I come home! After returning MrC and I had breakfast, and as MrC was having trouble with his feet we went into town to visit the shoe shop, so now he sports a lovely set of new sandals, and I have some pink thongs from Diana Ferrari! All settled with our feet, we then took off to revisit the things I wanted to re-photograph because of lack of time the first time on the tour, and MrC came along for the ride. First on the list was the giant Moreton Bay fig ... read more
Moreton Bay Fig 2
Moreton Bay Fig 3
Perfect one day...

Oceania » Australia » Norfolk Island » Kingston March 6th 2008

Hello Everyone! Julia and Mark are you home yet? I left MrC in bed again this morning while going off with Rhonda for our 7am swim, Rhonda was right this time and we had the beach to ourselves, and only shared it with a lovely local lady called Dot. As we didn’t have to be anywhere until 11 am MrC and I had a leisurely breakfast on our balcony watching the black chooks that run around here free range. At 11 am we went off to the best day so far, a group of novas actors get together and re-enact the day the first fleeters arrived here on the island in 1780’s. The whole thing was absolutely done wonderfully …see photos, and the whole group cheered as they read out our two names Nathanial Lucas and ... read more
Ruffies Boat.
On the red carpet.
Convict settlement.

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