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We woke up this morning to beautiful blue skies, perfect for a day out on the water. The entire group was grateful that we didn't do this day trip yesterday under cloudy rainy skies. Waiting an additional day was well worth it. After another delicous breakfast at Amor y Cafe, we all met at Ragamuffin tours for our 10:30am departure. There were approximately 50 people and we were all divided into 3 boats. Daniel told us that we were going to be on a catamaran. However when we walked up to the boat, it was definitely not a catamaran. Despite this slight disappointment, we all made the best of it enjoying some fresh fruit and soaking in some sun as we ventured off to our first snorkeling spot of the day. We pulled into an area ... read more
Troy, Lalanti, & Ken
Pelican in Flight
Lalanti Enjoying Some Fruit

We awoke this morning with the hopes of being able to do a little snorkeling but the rains that had started last night continued on to this morning. Troy and I braved the muddy streets in the pouring rain and made our way over to Ragamuffin to cancel our spots on that day's snorkeling tour. After putting our names down for tomorrow's snorkeling trip, we walked back to the hotel and encouraged everyone else to do the same. A group of us made our way over to Amor Y Cafe, a popular local spot for breakfast. I ordered a delicious ham and pineapple breakfast sandwich and in contrast to our experiences at other restaurants in Belize, the service here was amazingly quick. While we were eating, the clouds opened up yet again for another torrential downpour. ... read more
The Streets of Caye Caulker
The Streets of Caye Caulker
At the Split

We left the Las Gardenias Hotel this morning for a long travel day back into Belize. It was finally time for some down time as we set off for our final destination of the tour in the cayes. The cayes are a series of sand islands off the coast of Belize and just off the second longest barrier reef in the world. Before we reached the Belizean border, we stopped at El Portal de Yaxha, where we enjoyed a delicious typical Guatemalan breakfast. After going through the usual border formalities, we were back on the roads of Belize headed towards Belize City. We pulled in to a drizzly Belize City and had about an hour to kill at the water taxi station for our 45 minute ride to Caye Caulker. The water taxi was not what ... read more
Clear Waters of Caye Caulker
Arrival in Caye Caulker
Arrival in Caye Caulker

We left San Ignacio this morning for our foray into Guatemala. Originally, the tour had scheduled for us to camp at Tikal National Park. Due the unexpected rainstorms that they region was experiencing, our campsite was flooded. Instead, we would be staying in the town of El Remate near Tikal. We made it to the border in just a few minutes and spent about an hour going through border formalities including having to pay $37.50 in Belizean dollars as a departure tax. As we drove through Guatemala, I was quite surprised with the conditions of the roads. I don't know what everyone else was thinking but I was actually expecting third world conditions with unpaved road with deep potholes for the duration of the drive to El Remate. To my surprise, the roads for the most ... read more
Waiting at the Guatemalan Border
Ken & Troy Taking a Hammock Break
The Town of El Remate

This morning I had breakfast with most of the group at the same restaurant that we had dinner the night before. In true Belizean fashion, service was excrutiatingly slow. We all had to ask multiple times to place our order or to have coffee brought to us. Most of the group today ventured off to their day tours to the ATM caves or to Caracol. Oren and I stayed behind to slowly finish our breakfast and to meet up with Melanie and Troy later for our own adventures in the area. Before heading off for our exploration of the day, we checked out a few grocery stores in order to pick up some snacks. As in Belize City, we noticed that almost all of the grocery stores were owned by ethnic Chinese people. We would later ... read more
Fruit Vendor in San Ignacio
Wall Mural in San Ignacio
River Ferry to Xunantunich

After a surprisingly good sleep, Troy, Melanie, and I walked over to a bakery at the nearby Radisson Hotel for breakfast. Here we had our first taste of Johnny Cakes, which are little english muffin sized biscuits popular around the Caribbean. After breakfast, we met Kirsten and Tony, the 2 Australian sisters who missed last night's meeting. They had spent all day yesterday traveling by public bus from Mexico to Belize. Our private bus was delayed so we weren't able to leave at 10 as scheduled so to kill some time, a few of us decided to walk into town to find a store in order to buy some snacks. We received directions from the hotel staff and ventured into town. Being that it was a Sunday, almost everything was closed. We ended up settling on ... read more
Christmas Tree in Belize City
Cave Tubing
Cave Tubing

A new year, time for another trip. I definitely wanted to start the new year on a good note so it was time once again for another trip outside the country. I planned this one with my new friends Melanie and Troy whom I had met on my Intrepid tour of Morocco this past March. We all enjoyed that tour so much that we decided to do another Intrepid tour, this time to Belize. After a long day's work, I left LAX airport on Friday night for my red-eye flight to Miami. In Miami, I would meet up with Melanie and Troy at La Carreta, a Cuban restaurant located in the airport. The flight with American Airlines was uneventful and we arrived on time in Miami at around 5:30am. With the unusually cold weather conditions going ... read more
Marie Sharp's Hot Sauce

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Stuttgart September 9th 2013

Our last day on this trip started off with a late breakfast just off the Schlossplatz. We knew that eventually we wanted to try to find the apartment that my parents used to live in when they lived here in Stuttgart. However, we weren't quite sure of what else to do. We noticed that just off the Schlossplatz, there was one of those Hop on Hop off tour buses that would take us around the city. Not sure of what sights there was to see in the city, we chose to sightsee aboard one of these. We rode around the city stopping at various points of interest but it didn't really seem like any of us were interested in getting off. Apparently 2 weeks of travelling had taken it's toll on all of us. Everyone just ... read more
Fountain in Schlossplatz
The Neues Schlotz in Stuttgart
Walking Along Konigstrasse

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich September 8th 2013

We woke up on this final morning in Munich saying good-bye to Churro. He wasn't able to get any more time off work and had to return home today. I accompanied him over to Munich's main train station where he transferred to a train that would bring him directly to the airport. We said our goodbyes and just like that, he was gone. With just 2 more days left in the trip, we had a few hours to kill in Munich before our 4pm train to Stuttgart. We tried looking around to pick up a few local souvernirs, but being that today was a Sunday, all the souvernir shops were closed for the afternoon. We ended up just walking around and ended up having a snack at a restaurant next to the Hofbrauhaus. It was here ... read more
Neues Rathaus in Munich
Neues Rathaus in Munich
Altes Rathaus in Munich

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich September 7th 2013

After yesterday's long day of sightseeing through the Bavarian Alps, today was another busy day of sightseeing in the Munich area. To make it ever better, it was an unseasonably warm day today with temperatures approaching the upper 80s. We caught the train over to Dachau, located in the northwestern suburbs of Munich. Surprisingly, the subways and trains here in Munich seemed to work on the honor system. There were no checks to ensure that people paid their train fare prior to boarding. Being the cheapskates that we were, we all boarded the train to Dachau without paying, hoping that there would be no enforcement officers on board. Dachau is best known for the concentration camp that is located here which was the first of the Nazi concentration camps in Germany. Upon arrival in Dachau, we ... read more
Munich - Dachau concentration camp
Entrance to Dachau Concentration Camp
Gate To the Prisoner's Camp

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