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31st August 2018
Rock Churches of Ivanovo

Beauty in Bulgaria
31st August 2018
Walking in Bucharest

Really beautiful walkway!
24th August 2018

Wanted to see more
I wanted to see more photos of Petra. But the camel ride was also fun to watch. Hope you had a great time. Visit: Lava Engineering
11th December 2017

Beautiful blog of a special place
Incredible blog of a very special trip. It brought back memories of my trek to Supai years ago, when permits were easier to get. It looks different now (they had a huge flood twenty years ago) but still as beautiful as ever. Thanks for capturing it so well.
19th June 2017

Sun and sand...
Hi, I stumbled upon your blogs on Guatemala and Belize a while ago and found them interesting (we travelled through that region with Intrepid Travel too). Looking forward to reading about the rest of this Jordon trip now - I assume it's also with Intrepid? Cheers, Ren
19th June 2017

Yes, the Jordan trip was with Intrepid. I do enjoy travelling with them.
26th July 2009

Came here after a comment from you on my blog. When we visited Zion in 2005, the Virgin was impassable. Crazy snowmelt created a ban. In any case, anyone who went close to the river would be washed away. It was ferocious. I am glad you could do not just 1, but 2 crazy hikes in this beautiful park. :-) travelbuffs
20th January 2009

Great pictures. I have visited all the places in your pictures and can honestly say its my favorite place in the world.
19th September 2007

you've really helped talk me into doing a trip like this, your story was great! thanks!
10th August 2007

are you sure?
are u sure that's london bridge? Looks more like the Tower Bridge ... hehehe ... The real London bridge was moved to Texas !!!
From Blog: Such Tourists!
8th May 2006

Lung Busting Biking
I will be travelling to Austria at the end of the month and was interested to read about your mountain biking experience. I'm a bit lazy when it comes to getting any excercise, so imagine my horror when you said the ride was about 15 hours!! I might rethink that one or feel brave when I get there:-O This makes great reading. Thanks for the tips:-)
From Blog: Alpine Boredom!!

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