So, I am about to set off into the wilderness, the adventure and the thrill of Southern America! My worldly belongings strapped to my back in a struggle to decide on WHAT I REALLY NEED!? No high-heels, no fancy jewellery, no make-up bag. A challenge? Indeed! But a very welcome one at that.

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Mar del Plata November 11th 2010

After a nerverending flight- sat right in front of some woman who WOULDN'T STOP throwing up- I finally touched down on South American ground. At last the realisation struck me that I was indeed going to be spending the next half year here and that-like it or not- there was no turning back! After passing through customs I followed an Argentinians advice and booked a taxi, also known as a "remise" before leaving the airport. Apparently, the taxi drivers lingering outside are keen to rip you of and like to take you on the scenic route to your destination as soon as they realise that you are a tourist and don't have a clue of where you are let alone where you are going. So I handed over my $135 pesos of ny freshly changed money ... read more

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