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South America » Colombia » Taganga December 30th 2011

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all my blog readers! Sorry my blogs are getting later and later, as my trip goes on it seems to get harder and harder to find the time to write. I will try and get better for the remainder of my trip, which seems to be fast approaching. I will admit it, I was also a little scared to go to Colombia since it has consistently been ranked as one of the most violent countries in the world. The guerrilla organization FARC is the cause of many problems within the country and one of their main money makers is to kidnap tourists and government officials and hold them for ransom for many many years. Thus I will not be taking buses from city to city, instead I will fly which ... read more

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz December 18th 2011

Why more people don’t go to Bolivia, I don’t know. I didn’t expect much from Bolivia but it was amazing! Besides being one of the cheapest countries in South America, the views and salt flats are breathtaking. Speaking of breathtaking, hello altitude sickness. From Salta, Argentina I caught a bus to the border city of La Quiaca. It took ages to get through passport control into the Bolivia side, a city called Villazon. There were about ten other backpackers that crossed around the same time and we all had to race to get to the train station since there are only two trains a week that leave from there and one was in two hours and nobody knew how many seats would be left. Nicci is fast on her feet and we were the second ones ... read more

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta December 10th 2011

An important part of traveling for most people is food. In case you don’t know me, that is the part of traveling I hate most. I HATE trying new foods! I would be perfectly happy eating McDonalds once a day for my entire trip. That is till I came to Argentina. Argentina is famous for one of my three favorite meals, steak. This is my food holy land and I love it! Besides steak, there is another food I had just about everyday, “Uno carne empanadas, por favor.” This is a pastry filled with meat, cheese and spices, I am getting hungry just writing this. BUENOS AIRES The adventure started with a week in Buenos Aires. Due to Nicci’s love of taking pictures of graffiti around the world, we booked into a high rated hostel called ... read more

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Rio de Janeiro November 20th 2011

After many issues at the airport in Frankfurt where I almost missed my flight despite getting to the airport five hours before take-off and after days of flying I am finally in South America in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. And I am terrified! The one place on my entire trip i was actually nervous about going to was Brazil. From most of the travellers I met that have been here, almost everyone of them said they were robbed, mugged or something along those lines. Unfortunately I have not prepared for the last leg of my trip as much as I hoped I would have and have no idea where I’m going to, how long I will be places, or what I’m going to do. Although it ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul November 1st 2011

So this is going to be a short one but I am now in Asia for the third time on this trip. Really I just have a 20 hour layover but since my sister and I are real competitive about who’s been to more places, I thought I would leave the airport. On some of her recent trips she would step over into a new state or territory just to mark it off on a facebook app. Thats basically what I had planned to do but it turns out the airline, Korean Air, actually puts you up in a five star hotel for free. They also gave me three meal vouchers, free internet and a bunch of other stuff. I couldn’t believe the airlines did this, the hotel was amazing. It had one of those ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Nadi October 31st 2011

Sorry the last blog entry on New Zealand was so late, there is almost no internet in paradise. After a 3 hour flight, Nicci and I entered the airport without a plan. Luckily the second you step out, travel agents swarm you like bees to honey. By the time I finished my smoke, Nicci had already picked a women and had a plan. After many months of traveling and just finishing a action-packed 3.5 weeks in NZ, we decided to skip cramming as many islands as we can into our 2.5 weeks and just pick 3 places to spend more time relaxing at. After receiving our ‘Bula’ (more on Bula later) beads made of small white shells, we caught a cab to Stoney Creek Resort for our first night on the main island. On the ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Queenstown October 13th 2011

Once again I am back in New Zealand. I remember from my trip 12 years ago (man, i’m getting old) that I did kinda prefer NZ to Oz because everywhere you go there is just jaw dropping landscapes. I did have trouble getting through passport control again, I didn’t have a printout of my flight out of NZ so they made me try to go to the airlines desk to see if they would print me something. So I rushed over to the desk cause now time is an issue and the lady proceeded to lecture me saying “I cant believe you people these days traveling without a printed itinerary.” After asking her again if she would just print me the ticket she said she couldn’t do it so I told her in the future ... read more
Whats left of Christchurch
Swimming with dolphins
Swimming with dolphins

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne September 21st 2011

I know its been awhile since my last post so this one might be a little longer. I will try and keep each day short. Just as a general opener Nicci did tell me i am driving the camper van like my BMW and just as I got used to parking the beast, it was time to give it back. I also discovered my addiction to salt and vinegar chips (i ate almost a bag a day, but i did try every brand i saw) and a certain coffee drink called Dare Cappuccino. August 16th, 2011: Drove 66 km (41 miles) The day started with a drive to Townsville, one of the bigger cities in Queensland. But we are putting Townsville on hold and heading right to Magnetic Island. I was disappointed to find out ... read more
day 1a bluepearl (25)
day 2a diving luncheon bombie (72)
day 2b whiteheaven (18)

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns August 15th 2011

Aussie Campervan, Chapter 1: Da Rainforest August 7th-8th, 2011 First things first, sorry i dont have time to label the photos, i will go back and do that and probably add some more so check back in a few weeks Not an easy thing to leave Indonesia to go to Australia, not so much because the beaches but because of my luck at airports. First Nicci and I get to the airport and only her flight is showing up on the departure screens, so I thought I was at the wrong airport (Bali has two). After asking I was at the right one but for some reason mine wasn’t showing up despite leaving 15 minutes before nicci’s. Second, when you check into your flight they contact the Australian authorities to make sure you have a visa, ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Seminyak August 7th 2011

Aug 2nd - 7th I finally made it to Bali after flying from Istanbul to Doha, Qatar to Singapore to Denpasar, Indonesia. I was stuck next to a large smelly guy with three kids that ran all around the plane and his arm was halfway in my seat blocking all my air con. Fun Fun! Anyways I made it alright and was excited to see what I came for... and for the third time, meet Nicci. We will be spending a good amount of time together again as we plan to spend a few days relaxing in Bali before we head to Australia where we rented a campervan and plan to drive from Cairns to Melbourne for roughly 6-8 weeks. This will probably be a shorter entry since most of what we have been doing is ... read more
Waldo In Bali
Waldo In Bali
Waldo In Bali

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