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9th October 2014
Casa Cacique

Perfect traveling skill!
Good for you for making it through the TESOL course (and in such a gorgeous spot) and successfully finding a great job close to Taty. I went into ESL as a traveling skill, but ended up teaching in California for twenty years. Now, I'm sort of living in Arequipa, Peru, and am the resource person for the teachers I'm living with. And believe me, even an MA in English Literature doesn't help one be a good teacher; however, it sounds as if you have what it takes to be a great teacher. Good luck!
13th October 2014
Casa Cacique

Hi Tara, thanks for your comment! Living in Arequipa sounds great, I visited there a few years ago! Yeah that is good to know, I have a long way to go to get up to your standard I'm sure, but I'm looking forward to gaining more experience and improving. Hope you keep enjoying Peru :)
9th October 2014

Well done, Teacher!
I teach ESL in China. It was nice to read about your experience in Ecuador. I would love to move to South America and teach either French or English... someday... Good luck to you!
9th October 2014

Thanks for the comment. Yeah had a great experience here on the course and I'm really enjoy the teaching. You should definitely consider South America for the future, I'm sure you would love it. China definitely interests me and I'll hopefully get a chance to visit one day. Hope you are enjoying it out there and the teaching is going well!
12th May 2014

A beautiful city and a great photo.
7th May 2014

Kaikoura is one of my favorite places on earth. I love sitting on the beach watching the day come to a magnificent ending.
6th May 2014
Pancake rocks

Thanks! Glad You guys had fun there too :)
5th May 2014
Pancake rocks

New Zealand
We loved this area. Great memories. Really enjoyed your blog.
6th January 2014

Stunning scenery
Really enjoyed reading this blog.
7th February 2014

Thanks! Yes really is stunning up there!
20th December 2012

Go place
What a amazing place to go.
3rd September 2012

Can't wait to see you!
Hey bro I know you are almost at the end of your amazing trip and it seems to have been all you hoped for but. ........ We can't wait to see you!! Love you Xxx P.s. raya is with me waiting for Elisha to come off the boat after going to jersey live. She wants me to say hi uncle Ross, can't wait to see you and hope you've had a great time x
4th July 2012

Hey Bro It all looks amazing. You have met some very interesting people from all over the world with memories to last forever. Love looking at all the pics and reading your blog, it really brightens up my day in boring, wet, miserable Guernsey. Have Fun, say hello to the world for me. Love you loads XXX
12th June 2012

Hello, we are just doing the same route as you now...def agree with you about Hopkins! Just wondering where you ended up staying in Placencia?
6th May 2012

Looks like your having a wonderful time, the pics are great! We would love to follow your path one day!
12th May 2012

Thanks guys! yeah South and Central America are really nice places tonnes to do...highly recommend them! make sure you go :) Ross
19th December 2011

Hey bro, your hair is growing! Can't believe how different the sites are from one place to the next, you are certainly doing alot of different things and it sounds like you are having a fab time. Really gonna miss you at Christmas but you are in my thoughts all the time. Love ya and keep having fun. xxx
19th December 2011
Air time on the way down

You inspired a forum topic. :)
Check this out.
17th December 2011

We are giving your an award!
Congratulations! You are the Blogger of the Week. :) Check this out.
11th November 2011

Well jel
hey bro Wow, I am so jealous, I love the sort of wildlife you are seeing now. We are so pleased you are having a whale of a time, ha ha! Great to read your blog again, it feels like ages since the last one . Keep having a great time and next time you see a penguin think of me, that's what I feel like walking next to Danny :-) xxx
10th November 2011

hey. It is so good to hear you are still having an amazing time. Guernsey is going to seem so boring. Love you x x x
16th October 2011

Suena como tiempo de fiesta todos los días
Buenas tardes mi hermano pequeño, suena como que está teniendo un tiempo fantástico. Te amo xxx
15th October 2011

karl pilkington
alright mate sounds as though your doing well, plenty of nights out - seems like one big piss up which is decent. You seen Karl about on your travels yet x
29th September 2011

Hey little bro I love this place, it looks amazing and the streets are so cute. Sounds a bit dangerous though so make sure you wear arm bands next time you do something like that in the water, just in case! :-) Weather over here today is gorgeous (shame I have been at work all day) but I am sure it isn\'t as lovely as over where you are. Pleased you\'re having so much fun and it looks/sounds like you have met some cool people. Stay safe. Love you. Linz xxx

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