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North America » Canada » British Columbia » Terrace July 6th 2008

Happy Independence Day all...we have so much to be thankful for. I an so thankful for all service members this holiday as we celebrate our Nation's birthday. You are not forgotten and I am very proud of each and every one of you. Today, after leaving Jack Gunness and the Muncho Lake area I pushed with a little more vigor toward Alaska. However, day two of rain fell in my tracks and after drying everything out the night before, it was already starting to get wet. My packed gear always has stayed dry, but my boots were not rainproof and after about one hour my feet we soaked and starting to get cold. Temps were hovering around 55-57 during the rain. You need to be extra vigilant in the rain as the roads get slippery and ... read more
Entering Into Yukon Territory
Watson Lake - Sign Post Village
Sign Post Forest

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Cranbrook July 6th 2008

Good evening all, I know you have not heard from me for several days. Lack of WiFi in the great Northwest is few and far between. I am now realizing how much time it takes to pull this off and keep everyone posted. And thanks for all the great remarks. I would love to answer each and every one, but suffice it to say, I love reading your remarks and posting to the travel blog. I stayed at the Dawson Aurora Suites last night to get caught up on laundry and blog to that point...great to sleep in a bed. Now, I'm not complaining about sleeping on the ground because it seems to be good for my back! Did you know they serve continental breakfast from 4:00 to 10:00 am? Sun started to come up around ... read more
Pointing NW to Alaska
Two sisters heading down the road to Valdez
What a great way to spend a rainy night!

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Cranbrook July 3rd 2008

Good evening, I traveled from Hinton, AB to Dawson Creek, BC today. It was a lot of driving with a few stops along the way. The drive from Hinton to Grand Cache and then to Grand Prairie was a very relaxing trip as I was pretty much the only one on the road. had to put on my chaps as it started to rain. The area is rolling mountains of pine trees. Industry along the route is logging and oil wells. But I did take time to spend a few minutes in Grande Cache, a little community built on a mountain plateau at 4,200 feet. There are 21 mountain peaks and two river valleys. The town was incorporated in 1960 so it is a relatively new community. The name comes from the French word "cache" which ... read more
Cache from Grande Cache, AB
Beaver Lodge, AB

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper July 2nd 2008

Happy Canada Day everyone...frequently referred to as "Canada's birthday," the occasion marks the joining of the British colonies of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the Province of Canada into a federation of four provinces on July 1, 1867. When I broke camp this morning I had to pack everything wet. Not an issue if you can dry it out within a reasonable time. It was cooler this morning since I was at a higher elevation but very comfortable traveling especially with my Transitions textile riding jacket...well worth the investment vs. leather. Oh by the way, the electric bear fence worked as I'm still here and typing...see the photo. My dad used an electric fence for years and it seemed to work very well. Wonder how much a jolt I would get if I touched it? I ... read more
Steams are Everywhere
Bow Lake with Crow Foot Glacier in Background
In my Riding Gear

North America » Canada » Alberta » Lake Louise July 2nd 2008

Day 3 (June 30, 2008): Made it to Lake Louise I broke camp this morning at 0530. Not because I needed to be up at that hour but because I was slept out…lots of fresh air causes a person to sleep very good and I have been sleeping extremely well. The routine is getting down but I always want to expect the unexpected. Like tonight I am at the Lake Louise National Park and started to set up camp. And then the unexpected…it started to rain. Got all my gear wet but it will dry out…I try and keep my clothing as dry as possible. Tonight I’ll cover the bike so that I will have a dry seat tomorrow. I left Calgary (population one million!) this morning and in front of me were the awesome Canadian ... read more
Olympic Village-Site of 1988 Winter Olympics (Calgary)
Famed Fairmont Banff Springs
Banff Gondola-They pack em in!

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary June 30th 2008

Good day hey, Good evening from beautiful Calgary, Alberta, Canada. This city of over 1 million people is host to the Calgary Stampede next week (large rodeo) so I came through at just the right time. Also, Tuesday is Canada Day and a huge vacation holiday and everyone here heads to the mountains so I hope I can get a campground somewhere on my way to Jasper. A little about today...although is was not that exciting...just driving for almost 400 miles straight west of Moose Jaw where the lay of the land is either crops (wheat) or oil wells and refineries. Road was great and the wind minimal and the temp was in the high 80s. I slept pretty good last night considering I do not usually sleep on the ground in a tent. I did ... read more
Looks like a snowbank in ND
French couple touring Canada and US

North America » United States » North Dakota » Bismarck June 28th 2008

Good morning everyone. You are about to take part in a 6,000 mile journey which also starts with my first turn of the tires. But before I get started I've asked my wife JoLynn, to make an entry on her thoughts about my trip. JOLYNN: Well, Rob can finally get started on his long awaited Alaskan adventure. He has been planning, organizing, and planning some more for all the details for months now. I remember about a month ago when I came home to a tent and sleeping bag set up in our family room. Now that is camping in comfort (HA)!! Our cat was not sure what to think of that. I enjoy riding with Rob on short trips but a month on the back of the Goldwing and sleeping in a tent for a ... read more
CMA Bike Blessing
My Pit Crew
Bicycling from PA to AK!!!

T-minus 3 days and not holding! I've had my Goldwing loaded and unloaded and loaded and unloaded, making small changes to weight, what I can take and/or leave behind...even driving around the area to get used to the extra weight and feel of the bike. All in all with my weight, gear and bike, I come in over 1000 lbs...not too bad for a 30 day outing! JoLynn and I made a short trip to Spearfish this past weekend to visit my parents before I depart on Saturday and to spend some time together. The Black Hills of South Dakota are an oasis and only 5 hours from Bismarck. We used to live in Rapid City and it is always great to return to an area that is so beautiful. A weekend in the Black Hills ... read more
D.C. Booth Historic Fish Hatchery, Spearfish, SD
Now that's a HUGE trout!
Rob & JoLynn Playing Tourist

North America » United States » North Dakota » Bismarck June 19th 2008 just a few short days there are over 60 subscribers to my travel blog...I hope you will not be dissapointed in my journal entries. Please feel free to make comments that I will publish as I go good friend Chuck Scott has an awesome comment...thanks Chuck for your humorous wisdom on my decision to go to Alaska. Also, pass my blog along to anyone you might think would be interested. Not much photos now, but just wait...... People have asked my why am I driving my motorcycle to Alaska via the Alaska Highway? While I think I know the answer, I will give you a more definitve answer when I return on July 26. What were my immediate questions as I started the preperation.... I wanted to know what are the road conditions? When ... read more

One of the best resources that I came across planning the drive north to Alaska was a magazine called THE MILEPOST. The 2008 edition just came out at a cost at Barnes and Noble for around $28.00 The MILEPOST provides a mile-by-mile description of all major highways and roads in Alaska and northwestern Canada. It includes detailed information on all major destinations (cities, communities, national parks, attractions, etc) and how-to-help for various modes of transportation (air, ferry, railroads, etc). One of the backbones of THE MILEPOST are the highway logs. In these mile-by-mile descriptions of the highways and byways of the North, you will find campgrounds, food, lodging, gas and other services, attractions, fishing spots, road conditions, geography, history and much more. It will be in my luggage when I make the trip North to Alaska. ... read more

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