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7th May 2017

Absolute thriller..
Your death road narration was a super thriller.Just happened to bump into your blog. Great travel experience...i am from India and love travelling.. Best wishes for more travel and continue your superb blogging and fabulous pics.. I am your another follower and will read all.blogs as and when i find time... Cheers Ramz
2nd May 2015

I spent a few weeks over the last 5 years in Tingo Maria, You are very accurate. I love this little town. I always see warnings about this city due to its past during the 80's and 90's and the drug cartel had a hold on this city and its people, that's all changed. I was there when US and Peruvian military had closed the airfield and had military helicopters flying every hour to find and destroy coca fields. the threats of hijackings and drugs are more likely in a lot of US cities then here. although there still is a military presence in TM, its more a good feeling then not. When traveling in and out of TM you might have experienced a check point, and me being a Gringo on a motorcycle, I experience a few stops, but nothing dramatic being I was with others that are native to TM. All of my traveling, I never met nicer people then the people of TM. the last few times I went to TM I stayed in a Hotel on the edge of the city and the Jungle named Hostal Suites, its new construction and the people are the sweetest people you will ever meet. clean and comfortable rooms. the woman who works there, (if she still does) I believe she lived next door, after my 2nd day being there, she baked me cookies and bring them over..........and OMG!!!! they were the best cookies I ever ate. my next return 6 monthes later, and they remembered me, my name and everything I like. Now when I go, its like I have a Peruvian family. Tingo Maria is without a doubt a natural Beauty.
22nd March 2015

questions on carrying gear
You mention carrying gear. Is this done up to base camp only, with the summit day being without carrying gear? Is it normal practice to carry your own gear or to pay a guide to carry it? Why do some people choose to carry their own gear? Is it as training for even higher mountains or bravado? You mention that the pack weights are 18kg to 24kg. This is quite a range. What is the reason for the difference.
22nd March 2015

RE: questions on carrying gear
You can choose to pay for a porter to carry your gear for you. You'll leave some clothes at the base of the mountain (whatever you absolutely don't need for the climb). A lot more is left at the high base camp (sleeping bags, cooking equipment etc.); again, you only take what you need to take. The gear is picked up on the way back down the mountain. Hiring a porter is relatively common among females, not so much men. Obviously for physical reasons, but also because the men are more likely to want to carry their gear for bravado reasons. Personally, I wonder if I would feel like I'd achieved less by not carrying my own equipment. That said, of course getting to the top with a porter, is better than not making it without one. It is generally regarded as good practice to hire a porter to support the local economy.
12th June 2014

Looks Terrifying!
Great photos - looks absolutely terrifying! What an adventure though.
14th October 2012

huayna potosi
Alan! I feel so happy having read this all back after 14 months! complements that you took time to write all the details! I def was back on the mountain for 20 minutes! was really nice meeting up with you buddy! good luck in canada and take care! Thijs
1st October 2012
Largest Bird in the World Takes Flight

I'm just curious on what the name of this bird is. My boyfriend keeps telling me about this massive bird in Peru but he can't remember the name....
10th October 2012
Largest Bird in the World Takes Flight

RE: Cassie
Hi Cassie, It's an Andean Condor and it has the longest wingspan of any land bird. Best Wishes, Alan
4th June 2012

Great review
I've been living in peru for 4 months and have been fascinated with Tingo Maria. Your blog has reaffirmed that i want to make it there!
7th June 2012

RE: Great review
Thanks for the comment Ryan! It was a great little spot and the locals were great only wish we couldn't had another night there. Happy travels :-)
15th May 2012

Hey :-) Sounds like fun to me! I've been searching for a place like this; I would like to volunteer in the summer of 2013. Is this the Equador Eco Volunteer Program?
21st May 2012

RE: Volunteering
Hi Nicolina, it was indeed through Equador Eco Volunteering. If you would like to know about about my experience with the actual company, PM me. One day I'm going to get round to finish off the second part of my experience there!
18th March 2012

Hey just finished reading about your stay with the alpacas etc,, Sounds like you had a great time, but as usual soo tough n critical of yourself,,, its not exactly a big surprise that these people who were born to their way of life are fitter, less affected by the altitude etc than you are, you should not consider yourself a failure just because you were unable to use an axe in the same way as them, or climb as high or fast or dig as them especially after only a few days. I'm sure were you to have stayed for several months you would have made a fair job of it ,but you'd need a whole lot longer than that to be equal to them. So give yourself a break for once they were obviously very impressed with you you personality and desire to be useful and above all your interest in them a a people, and means a whole lot more than anything. xxx
18th March 2012

RE: Mum
I still you misunderstand again. It's not about being self critical, it was a point about the fact that volunteers are not for the most part of any use, and the whole thing was funny whenever I ballsed up
11th March 2012

A very bitter sweet christmas tale, so romantic and yet so sad at the same time. But i do believe you will one day find the absolute perfect girl who will be by your side wherever you go. You are such an amazing young man and you absolutley deserve to find peace and happiness. xx
29th February 2012

Sun, santa, surf
I SO miss celebrating christmas in summer... I swear my next winter christmas will be my last! Glad you had a good one though; look forward to reading about your new years.
2nd March 2012

RE: Sun, santa, surf
I'm generally all for Winter in the snow, but this one was pretty fantastic and a perfect spot. St Kilda Christmas wasn't too bad either!
20th February 2012

Quality update mate - definately worth the wait! I can see why you would love Banos so much - it's beautiful! Just like that Israeli girl of yours...
20th February 2012

RE: Matt
Cheers for reading Matt, Banos was definitely one of my favourite places in South America, make sure you go when you get here!
28th January 2012

ps you did'nt mention the flight out if i remember right you had few things to write about regarding that too, its parts like that the human interest bit that makes your writing so good.
28th January 2012

Hey there Reading that first story and remembering those first few weeks seems like a lifetime ago. It was so horrendous. As you pointed out its not enough to just pick a few facts from a guide book it does'nt sink in and you always think it'll never happen to you. But to read it first hand as an adventure from another traveller I think it makes nmore of an impact and should your book be published one day I think it will be a great read any future back packer. Try to keep it informal and personal as you have with your past blogs, the language and way you write, the humour and human interest, like a conversation that what makes your blogs so interesting. a couple of your descriptions like the word Catatonic I think would be better replaced with Frantic andwhere you describe the smells would have been better as 'smells' or stench i forgot what word you used but thought it sounded wrong. But thats just nit picking and editing.
27th January 2012

Thanks for re-living your nightmare!
Will never tire of hearing that story, epic introduction to the professional travelling career that you now have! Having first hand witnessed your anxiety at the time of leaving the UK as Ines and I left you in Hereford I can't imagine the terror that you (and your parents) were likely living on that joyful day! Great writing. Safe onward travels buddy.
12th January 2012

:-O ..... I wrote you in facebook, honey...
4th January 2012

You took a 2011 TravelBlog favourite photo
. Check this out, and feel free to add some TravelBlog favourite anythings of your own. PS. Happy New Year! :)
3rd January 2012

Wow man great writing, sorry to hear about your bad experience in Iquitos, when I arrive there early next month if I happen to see the german dude he will for sure get knocked out :-) seems like a douchebag...anyways man cool blog again!

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