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9th January 2012
The Church of Christ at Machame

i want your support in this lords work.
My Dear Brother and Sister in Christ Love Greetings of love, peace and grace be to you and you’re the elders of the Church of Christ. In the most mighty name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ Dear Brother and Sister I request your kind permission to introduce me, I am very much glad to It is my greatest privilege to introduce myself, as my name is S. Barna Boss I am Evangelist. Church of Christ (Roma-16:16) Servants of Christ. my father is doing this work from last 20 years now i am continuing this lord work in my area with 2 congregations.( Registered Charitable Society In India) My father choose me I am right person to do this lords work. Now I am gathering 27, co-workers preachers and doing the lords work successfully under 39 congregations. We are preaching the good news and attend to social works. Due to my father age the work is stopped last 4 years.(Luke 15:24) from 1 year back i am take this great (job) lords work with my hands. (2 Corinthians 5:17) Even we don’t have Our Bicycles also.Please pray me Bicycles for our Co-Workers, We are in Some Churches sea coast area and very slum area and Gospel full Development Project us. We don’t have any support from anywhere. Our main aim is to develop the Church of Christ in our area. In our surrounding areas there is so many other denominations. We are doing this work in India. Indian people are not converted speedily (John-4:24). Here all are Hindus and so many Hindus idol worship pings to snakes, cows, pigs. I am working hard in this center of other denominations and Hindus. If anyone lift our work it will be grown up. We are sometime arranging camping’s, (Mark16:15, 16) due to financial problem we are unable to arrange School of preaching classes. We are running Bible classes weekly two days with 35 students (Matthew28:20). If you want any details I am ready to give you. On that time we are giving snack only not giving meals. We are not daring to add new members. (Teaching School of preaching). So many persons want to join this but we are not daring. Because unable to give food. If monthly support is there it will be good and completed two years Teachings. We are giving two years course certificates also. I want to run these Bible Teaching School of preaching classes weekly. I.E. Monday to Friday. And giving to monthly stifund. So I humbly request you please help me in this regard. I hope someone help to this mails. Please understand these of our needs and send your help and monthly support, kindly prayers for my Gospel and social work. Please pray for my work continue. i want your support in this lords work. Dear Brother and Sister. Finally we need your prayers. Please prayer for us and for our Gospel and social activities .We are all remembering all of you in our Daily prayers. We are anxiously awaiting your loving and favorable reply. Yours in Christ’s Love Evangelist (Barna Boss) Sea coast areas Churches of Christ, Bro, S, Barna Boss (Evangelist) Church of Christ 18th Ward 47-2-40 W.G.Dist ( A.P ) S.India - 534260 Email:- Cell:- 0091-9396-7475-76 Thanks & Regards Bro, S, Barna Boss (Evangelist) Our Church is small; our hearts are big. Visitors are always welcome.
22nd September 2011

Thank you!
Thank you for caring the sick, the lonely, the unwanted, the orphaned, the dying children. I happen to see the picture of Jacqueline and her sister Irene - they are healthy and beautiful- shall visit the center one day just to see them GOD willing!! I am amazed at the inner love you have to these children and others - always in prayers for them to get the support they need. I am touched... May GOD grant them good health and happiness! AMEN!!
From Blog: Cradle of Love
2nd August 2011

Mwenyekiti wa meza ya mikutano Kanisa la kristo Kingugi
Bwana Yesu asifiwe Natumai nyote Mungu wetu amewabariki sana katika kazi zenu za kila siku. nimefurahi sana kusoma historia yanu ya hapo Kilimanjaro namna mlivyoanzisha kundi na ni kwajinsi gani mnavyo tangaza neno la Mungu Mungu awabariki sana. karibuni sana Kanisa la Kristo Kingugi Dar es salaam
5th June 2011

Let the Lord take us to his the mountain to see his glory and heaven with the angels host be with him and make us joyful for his presence in holiness and vision of miracles in CHRIST AND SEND US TO BE HIS THE LETT R IN OUR TH CITYS SALVATION AND HOPE,THANKS AND BLESS AND LIVE IN PRAYING ,KEIJO SWEDEN
16th May 2011

Mungu anawapenda wote
Natumaini Mungu wetu amewabariki nyote katika kazi zenu za kila siku, mimi ni mkristo mwezenu katika kanisa la Kristo kingugi lililopo mkoani Dar es salaa maeneo ya mbagala kingugi. wakristo wote wa kingugi wanawasalimu. Amen
19th April 2011

awesome and beautiful
19th January 2011

could I join you ?? I would love to serve God like you do !!
8th December 2010
Cy & Stephanie Stafford

Hey Cy, I am going to Chimala in Feb/March of 2011 and would like to reach you but do not have your email or phone. Thank you.
15th November 2010
Inside a typical African Home

I really liked the house, it was really interesting.....
24th February 2010

beautiful flowers!!!!
13th February 2010

brilliant red beauty beuty
its good and nice
7th August 2009

I'm so glad to see that y'all are doing so well!!! I miss y'all!!! -Sara
23rd December 2008

Committing to Jesus's Great Commission
The great commission is something all of us aught to understand and commit to it fully. May the good Lord richly bless the team in Arusha. I am very much interested in the book becoming a faithful christian. we will be starting an outreach program in the coming year in my local church. (+268 6083013)
21st December 2008

Wanting To Encourage You!
Brent & Julie, keep up the good work you are doing, till the very soon coming of Messiah! May God bless you indeed!
1st July 2008

friend of samfords
Hi, my name is Lindsey Iten. My husband, David, and I are friends of Carey & Bonnie Samford - went to Bear Valley together. Just wanted to say I really enjoy your blog. Your writing and photos are such an encouragement and so much fun to look at. I've browsed it a few times, just never had time to leave a comment. I found it awhile back while googling the Samfords blog b/c I always forget their website address. :)
25th June 2008

Julie! im so sad we didnt get to see you guys before we left! thank you for the sweet note, we just got in at about 8 30 tonight, so we're safe, just cant sleep! love you guys and miss ya already! -janna
20th June 2008

Thank you for the picture of Leslie and Sara in their VBS shirts! And the booster rooster!
19th June 2008

I would want Gracie on my team - she's fearless!
18th June 2008

A very enlightening and insightful post. Thank you for taking time to do this along with everything else you have to do.
18th June 2008

Happy birthday, Garrett. Looks like you had a good one. Sorry to hear about the trouble ya'll had over the weekend. We keep you in our prayers.
13th June 2008

unreal God bless ya'll
10th June 2008

wow I would love to be in Arusha freezing right now......and Brent that statement should tell you how much I really do miss TZ. But I will see you guys in 160 days!!!!! And Brent I'll say an extra prayer for you this week since I know how much you love the city of Arusha :) Love and miss you all so much ~Hannah Beth~
9th June 2008

Encouraging words
Julie, I love getting your blogs. It is soooo encouraging to hear about the children and the new converts. You are a great corresponder and I pray for your family's continued health and success for the Lord's church.
7th June 2008

Julie, thank you again for your hard work, your hospitality, your exciting updates and for loving our girls. Your family and the Jensens have been a highlight of the trip for the group - and for all of us. We are also very thankful for the church in Moshi welcoming and working with and feeding and caring for the group; as well as the neighborhood for allowing the work to be done there. In more ways than we can count God has blessed us. Thank you.
6th June 2008

Thank You
God bless the kitchen crew!

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