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Ria Corcoran

Well I'm passionate about the environment and would love to be able to do conservation work all around the world. I'm a juggler and love to make people smile with my odd performances. I want to see all the nooks and crannies in this world because it's such a wonderful place and we should all explore it as much as possible

South America June 4th 2012

Ok so loooads has happened since I last posted... Party We were invited to a party in Santa Barbara and so off we went... Only to find that the party was not on. Turns out that the party was the following night and Jorge had misunderstood the lady in the shop. Karina trusted his Guarani more than hers but she had originally understood it to be the following night. But yeah they knew of another party happenign somwhere nearby so we drove around until we found it. It was a 15 year olds birthday party. The ride there was amazing! The sky was really clear and we saw loads of stars. I got that shivery surreal feeling as I sat in the back of the truck with great people singing stupid songs. To be honest the ... read more

South America » Paraguay » San Pedro May 12th 2012

So it has been fairly eventful recently :-) The other day I broke 2 machetes....... Yes that totalled it to 3 machetes fallen victim to my hands... But in fairness the last 2 only had lost bolts so the were easily repaired...unlike the first one which was outright snapped! So yeah one was without a bolt so me and Inge walked back and then I went back out alone with the other one and after about 10 minutes that one went too. I was so pissed off! I had to walk back again and was not able to go agaaaaaain! But I didn't really have to anyway and it was getting late so it would have been pointless to walk all the way back to come home again in less than an hour... Then we got ... read more

South America » Paraguay » San Pedro May 1st 2012

Stupid technology.... Wrote out this entry already and lost it all so not arsed writing it all again.... In summary: We sorted out the rubbish today, digging new pits and trying to slvage things to re-use... Lead to the quote from Noah whilst crouched down in a pile of half buried rubbish 'I feel like a 5 year old in Bangladesh' Hmm what else? I aksed Conche to turn the music down and he just stared angrily at me while I walked away saying gracias...and then he turned the music up... Doing some butterfly box varnishing.... It's getting damn cold! That was pretty much it.... Nothing too exciting,... The lads are making a punchbag now :-) Oh we played soccer yesterday and Noah and I bet Rich and Nick... Umm yeah not arsed typing anymore.... Sorry!! ... read more

South America » Paraguay » San Pedro April 28th 2012

It's raining, it's pouring, today is gonna be boring... We went out to the forest this morning and it started raining with a bit of thunder...but then it got reeeally heavy so we headed back. I was hoping the rain would get worse so we could head back though. I was thinking too much out there. It's frikkin deadly here and I know that, but being left with my brain for too long leads me to think silly things. All this 'what if' business.. It's just a waste of time and makes everything very confusing and annoying and it's all very unnecessary! But I can't help it when I have very little else to think about when I'm chopping away for hours. And its hard to have a chat while machete-ing because ya can't hear the ... read more

South America » Paraguay » San Pedro April 27th 2012

Time for another update I think. I'm sitting here on the porh of the volunteer house beside Augusta (who was renamed Disgusta recently for her dirty work digging up rat burrows) and Kelsey is on another chair on the porch. She (Kelsey) arrived just the other day with another girl named Inge. They were travelling seperately beforehand but happened to come at the same time. The lads are playing a game of CUNT (like DONKEY where ya pass the ball around) on the grass in front of the house and now Richard is in his boxers being hit by some sort of fruit by all the others... Now he is being rubbed down by Noah... I reckon he's wiping the juice off but who knows.... Those guys are an odd bunch. But they're all starting to ... read more

South America » Paraguay » San Pedro April 14th 2012

Hello, Ok so I have been very lazy and not entered a blog post yet even though I have been here a month now. And yes, that means I have forgotten loads and such but oh well.... Ok so first of all I've gotta explain my mix-up with Para La Tierra (PLT). So I emailed Karina (the girl who set it up) the day before I left saying that I was leaving and that I'd see her soon... The she replied saying that I had said I was leaving on April 12th, not March 12th.... I don't know how the hell I managed that!! I was always emailing her in work when I wasn't paying attention so... Aw I'm silly! But yeah I freaked out a bit because I didn't know if they'd have space for ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Kildare » Naas February 29th 2012

So I have finally booked my flight. March 12th! I've still got loads to sort out and get before I leave but I'm finishing work on Saturday so I have a whole week to do everything.... Mosquito net, boots, cancel insurance, cancel nct, get travel insurance, sunglasses.... STUFF!! Mostly though i want to spend that week juggling and hanging out with my friends! I'm gonna miss loads of people and that's a bit of a damper but it's grand because i'm gonna be able to stay in touch with everyone real easily and I'll be back at some stage so it's not as if I'll never see them again. That reminds me.... I need to gather more addresses for postcards and letters! Hrmmmm.... So overall, I am sooooo excited!!! Dying for my ankle to get better ... read more

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