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Europe » Germany » Bavaria June 22nd 2012

Saturday, 16 June – Berchtesgaden One of the things I love about the northern hemisphere is the yummy yoghurts. I saw a pineapple flavour in the supermarket so I bought it home for breakfast. Upon opening it this morning, I realised it was 250g of pineapples and cream. It was delicious for sure, but I couldn’t help but feel a little defiled by all the cream after I’d finished it. After leaving our apartment, we headed southeast towards the Bavarian Alps. We sat in bumper-to-bumper, “Sydney Harbour Bridge at peak hour” type traffic for 30km of road works, but once that had passed we zoomed towards Salzburg and the encroaching mountains. We had a cloudless day so the mountain peaks could be seen all day. It was easily the prettiest drive we’ve done on this trip, ... read more
Cows with bells
Eagles Nest, Berchtesgaden
Check out my massive salad!

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich June 19th 2012

Thursday, 14 June Yesterday we made our way to Munich via Regensburg, with torrential rain for most of the way except at Regensburg and Munich, which not surprisingly, had a pocket for blue sky for us. The forecast was for three days of rain whilst in Munich but that seems to have changed to five days of sun and high 20’s to mid 30’s. Hello summer. We slept in for the first time since Amsterdam. Got up at 9am and made our way into the main square, Marienplatz. Munich was heavily damaged in WWII and was then part of West Germany afterwards. Most things have been restored although there is still construction to be seen. The downtown area is more compact than some of the larger cities we’ve visited and the city feels a touch like ... read more
Munich Town Hall & Glockenspiel

Europe » Germany » Bavaria June 14th 2012

Sunday, 10 June – Prague to Nuremburg It was raining when we got up and checked out, but by the time we reached the Vysehrad Castle (Prague’s second castle), it stopped within 2 minutes of us getting out. Vysehrad Castle is enchanting. It’s also covers a massive area but where Prague Castle was about ornate detail and screaming “filthy rich palace”, Vysehrad is more secluded, quiet and reflective. It almost felt like a monastery if it weren’t for the fortifications and bastions of a military operation. It has a cemetery that still gets used, so perhaps that attributes to its peaceful mood. There were also significantly fewer people, so that was a welcome change after being suffocated by the masses yesterday. The bastions were imposingly thick and again it was an impressive display of architecture given ... read more
Wurzburg Residenz
Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague June 10th 2012

Friday, 8 June We were supposed to go into Dresden again this morning to sightsee further but I wanted to see a national park. We didn’t think we had time for both so we made tracks to the Elbe River valley. The drive was pretty with gently rolling hills, fields and lots of little villages dotting the countryside. This area is part of the Saxony region and is called “Little Switzerland” for its scenery. True to its reputation, the housing and flora did remind us a little of Switzerland without the Alps. Before long, we had reached a town called Rathen, in the shadow of the Bastei formations. Rathen is wedged in a little valley running down to the Elbe River but is such a sleepy and quaint little place. It felt like a ski town ... read more
Bastei Bridge
Prague Old Town

Europe » Germany » Saxony » Dresden June 10th 2012

Thursday, 7 June We left the motorways this morning and drove the country roads between Berlin and Dresden, stopping off in the middle of nowhere to eat a cheap supermarket-bought lunch. The drive was pretty, running through a couple of great little towns and showing off much more of the typical German architecture that we’ve been expecting. Arrived in Dresden and were immediately amazed at the cityscape. This town was decimated in WWII by allied bombing and the town has rebuilt most of the downtown area to its pre-war state - it’s all grand and elaborate. Dozens of buildings - several churches, the Theatre, the Royal Palace, the Zwinger Museum, Art School, quaint squares - you name it, they’ve been reconstructed and are all as intricate as they were before the bombs. They all look hundreds ... read more

Europe » Germany » Berlin June 8th 2012

Monday, 4 June We caught a ferry from Denmark to Germany and drove the 400km to Berlin on the autobahn. It wasn’t raining, there were very few road works and once we started heading east to Berlin, there was hardly any traffic at all. We didn’t see the point of pushing the GW (gutless wonder) to its maximum capacity so we sat on 160kph and experienced the Autobahn as we’d first expected – stress free and fast. I shouldn’t really call it the GW because it was giving us 10.5L/100km at 160kph, which isn’t terrible. Can I just say that German drivers are the pits! The ones who speed at 180+ are fantastic but the ones that sit on 130 or below are shocking. Every couple of kilometres we had slam on our brakes because a ... read more
Berlin Wall remnant
Berliner Dom
What the??!!

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen June 4th 2012

Thursday, 31 May - Lubeck, Germany It was time to say goodbye to Brugge and let it rip on the German Autobahns. As great as it was to visit, in hindsight we should have left Belgium off the itinerary, as Brugge was a major detour and we’ll still need to return to see the rest of the country. We should have added an extra night to Amsterdam and Berlin, but oh well – you don’t know these things. However, it was a sorry day for driving and so I’m going to call it “The Great Disappointment”. Here are the stats as to why: 700km of road (200km in Belgium, 100km in Netherlands, 400km in Germany) 700km of continual trucks – thousands of them! 400km of road works (approximately 6 of each 8km, with only 2km of ... read more
With Kat and Ken at Kronborg Castle, Denmark
Nyhavn, Copenhagen

Tuesday, 29 May We farewelled the Netherlands today and as per our custom, spent hours trying to find Thrifty car rental and then arguing with them over our car. Firstly, we went to the airport only to find out that their airport office is not at the airport and neither do they have any signs or courtesy phones to tell you otherwise. Once I finally decided to use my international roaming to call them, we discovered they have a shuttle which picked up from a completely different place to what the Tourist Info had told us. When we arrived, they said “we’re short of cars” and couldn’t give us our Jetta, despite knowing we were coming and specifically wanted that car (I had corresponded via email last month to confirm we were getting the VW and ... read more
€1.10 chocolate eclairs!
The healthy alternative
Brugge by night

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam May 28th 2012

Sunday, 27 May We awoke at the reasonable time of 8.30am and settled on doing a self-guided walk after breakfast. The sky was blue and every man and his dog were out in force. Actually, we’ve been quite surprised at how large the crowds are. Given is this only the beginning of the tourist season, I’m glad we’re not here much later. It was a hectic pace as we spent the day wandering through little lanes and squares, touring the Amsterdam Museum and Anne Frank’s house. Some of the areas are more picturesque than others but overall it’s more of a large town than a big city. I especially love that there are no buildings higher than 8 storeys. It doesn’t have the grandeur or Paris or Vienna, but it does have that infectious feel like ... read more
As you'd expect...

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam May 26th 2012

Not having had children, I would think that flying must be similar to giving birth. You endure 30 hours of being a pretzel in every imaginable position to try to find comfort, there’s little sleep to be found, we wonder why we’re putting ourselves through this and noting not to do it again any time soon. And yet, the pain quickly fades once it’s all over and before you know it, you’re planning the next arrival. That’s how this journey felt. Garuda were good between Sydney and Jakarta with a new plane and most of it empty. They also provided complimentary lounge access in Jakarta for our 4hr stopover, which was most appreciated. We also discovered that you could enter for $11 if you don’t have complimentary access, which I think is more than reasonable. I’ve ... read more

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