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9th November 2011

Encarnacion Paraguay
Encarnacion is a nice city worth visiting, I live in Encarnacion for more than 20 years now and it is a quiet nice city, with lots of changes lately, it has changed a lot in the last 5 years you wouldn't recognize it! Check this website for information about Encarnacion: www.encarnacion-paraguay.com
25th July 2011
Montañita, Ecuador

it so amazing what you did, traveling all thoses countries, im from ecuador but i never been on montanita, hopefully this year im going, im been a dumb ass because i lived there so many years but i never went to montanita. i love beach and surfing, i hope one day i could do what u did, traveling all south america , just me and my backpack lmao. not just south america ill love to do da same in europe. well i wish you luck and hope u keep doing this adventure, this what life is about, the world is so big and people deserve know it much better. btw i live in new york, if u decide one day to come to visit hit me up. peace out
19th January 2011

Visa to Paraguay
Hello Stuart, We obtained our visas from the Paraguayan Embassy in Buenos Aires which only took 24 hours to process and cost a total of $45 USD ($30 single entry fee + $15 administration fee). Costs may vary depending on citizenship and whether you are wishing to seek a single or multiple entry visa. We did not have too much trouble locating the Embassy but it was busy so I would suggest going early in the day. We also obtained the visas 3 weeks prior to entering Paraguay as we did not know how long the process would take. You will need to submit passport photos, your passport and paperwork. Hope this is helpful - enjoy your travels!
5th January 2011

You never mentioned the whole process of getting a visa to Paraguay. How long did it take, cost, difficulty if any in finding the Paraguayan Consulate, etc. I'm planning a trip and your excellent blog is very helpful. Thus, I'd love to have you answer my queries. Stuart
15th April 2010

Hello Aunty Bonnie. Thanks so much for your messages. It was always nice to hear from friends and family while on the road. We had a great time and travelling is definitely what we love to do. Your life doesn't sound boring to me, but sheep herding certainly doesn't sound like something I would care to do (I'll leave that up to you and Uncle Stan). Take care and say hi to the family for me :) Raya
14th April 2010

Welcome back
Thank you so much for sharing you trip with us. It is not one I'd ever wanna take but I really enjoyed following you guys around and getting to know you better. We obviously lead a pretty boring life in comparison. When we leave we take 500 sheep, 2 collies and 4 guard dogs for 4-5 months. Not many people would enjoy our life style but we love it out on the Cowessess First Nation, I ride a quad all day, pick ticks off my dogs, read lotsa books and get a tan. Last year 3 times I was asked for my treaty number. We enjoyed spending Easter with your Mom and Gary. Keep us posted on what new steps you two are taking. Luv you. Byeeeeeeeeeeee
11th April 2010

Hello Eric. Now that I am home I will take some time to check out your blog and see if I have any good pics to contribute. Also, if you have any specific pics in mind either from my posts or from certain destinations let me know ~ Raya :)
9th April 2010

I enjoyed your Venezuela post. I have always wanted to go there. My blog is looking for travel photos. If you have the time, email us some at dirtyhippiesblog@gmail.com or check us out at dirty-hippies.blogspot.com Continued fun on your travels, Eric
3rd April 2010

Hi Auntie Colleen. Great hearing from you! The trip has been fantastic but has gone by a little too quickly for our liking. Glad you found the blog and are enjoying the pictures - I love photography and am happy to have had the chance to capture such amazing parts of SA. Glad to hear all is well, say hi to everyone on your end for me. Love you :)
3rd April 2010

Hey Grandma! Happy to hear from you and know that you and everyone else are doing good. Braeden and I are also well aside from the expected "going home blues". Venezuela (Isla Margarita) is nice and most days are hot but we hit a couple overcast days that weren't as nice. Oh well, the tan is coming in good anyway :) Love you, see you soon.
2nd April 2010

Hi you travelers. Happy to hear you are both well and will soon be home. We were in venezuela for 3 weeks nice but very hot.Nice here right now at 13 degrees. Maybe spring has sprung,but this is Sask. and anything can happen.Everyone seems fine and so am I.Soon Easter and I am staying here as I have a doc. appointment on Tues. Well must go eat, stay safe and well and hurry home. Love Grams
28th March 2010

I really enjoyed your Paraguay post. It reminded me of my time there. My blog is looking for some good travel photos. If you have time, email us some at dirtyhippiesblog@gmail.com or check us out at dirty-hippies.blogspot.com Continued fun on your travels, Eric
12th March 2010

Hello Terri! Oh how time goes by so quickly! You´re right, reality is just around the corner with less than a month to go. We are headed to Isla Margarita on the 27th for some lazy beach time which will be a nice way to wrap up the trip. Hopefully it won´t be as hot as Paraguay - we´re melting :)
11th March 2010

hiya kids
Despite the not so grand aspects of Paraguay that you've both written about, sounds like you're happy you stopped in for a visit. Glad to hear from you both too. Enjoy --- be vigilant and stay hydrated...what country is next? A little less than a month left and back to realty? Love Mom (Terri)
11th March 2010

Cordoba vs Salta?
Hello. I can understand why you would enjoy Cordoba as it is a nice city but after a few days we found that we had sort of seen everything we wanted to including the Natural History Museum and ¨Villa Nydia¨ in Alta Gracia. Salta on the other hand is a place that we never originally intended to go to so we didn´t really take full advantage of what it has to offer. If you enjoy sight seeing, there are several beautiful buildings, churches, monuments, etc. around the city that are worth checking out - especially during the day when everything is shut down. I do not recommend taking the over-priced city tours as you can either take the hop on/hop off tourist bus for only a few dollars just by waiting at the stops or see most of the sights on foot (the city is quite small and most of the important tourist attractions can be found on the city maps provided at hotels). If you are into outdoor activities, Salta apparently offers several day trips outside of the city for activities such as horseback riding, rock climbing, trekking, rafting (depending on the time of year), etc. Not sure about the cost though. And as for the food - best steak we found in all of Argentina for quality, quantity and price. The steak house we´d recommend is ´El Solar del Convento´ which is just off the main plaza. ´Goblin´ is also a nice little pub off the main square that offers fantastic empanadas for really cheap if you are looking for a nice snack. Just remember that most restaurants do not open until 8pm or later. Hope you find this info helpful :)
From Blog: Salta, Argentina
10th March 2010

Hi, We're in Cordaba now and are thinking of going to Salta next but after reading your experiences, we're not sure we want to go ... expecially since we kind of like Cordaba. So....what's your opinion when you compare both places? We're not into the bar scene but love to explore old buildings and parks. We also like good food - Alex thinks a face-size steak would be just about right!
From Blog: Salta, Argentina
2nd March 2010

Your so cute
Lol! Love the sandboarding videos! "B" looks like a pro with his feet up and you look like a star fish. Thats so funny I have played it like 10 times..
From Blog: Huacachina, Peru
26th February 2010

Photo panels of dogs in courtyard of Palacio Moneda
I completely agree with you - you don´t see many dogs that look emaciated or hungry, but they are everywhere, just laying around often in small groups. This information was given in a tourist information paper printed in Santiago, perhaps they over-estimated but they wrote a whole article on the dog situation. Unfortunately I can´t recall if or what they said about how they are eating...
26th February 2010

Photo panels of dogs in courtyard of Palacio Moneda
I was at Palacio Moneda on Wednesday (2/25/10). At the north end (I think) of inner courtyard, on either side of entrance/exit gate, are eight or ten panels of amusing photos of dogs in all sorts of situations. These panels have 'Chile, Bi-Centennial, 200 annos' printed on their tops, but no explanation what relevance the dog photos are. The very officious military types who guard the palace were of no help, and there didn't seem to be any brochure-type material available. I find many Google items about the many stray dogs in Santiago (who incidentally looked pretty well-fed, at least the ones I saw), but nothing about this 'official' display featuring dogs at the Presidential Palace. One of the photos was of a dog, and below, the dog's Chilean driver's license. Quite a disconnect between these photos and the perception of homeless dogs in Chile.
23rd February 2010

hiya kids
The BA Ritz? Glad you're enjoying yourselves! Betcha you won't want to go inside many museums for a while after this trip is over eh? Stay healthy, keep safe! Love Mom
15th February 2010

A note for Christie
Hey Christie! Thanks for the message - Happy Valentine´s Day to you too. Miss you lots :)
12th February 2010

Sending love!
Miss you XOXO Happy Soon Valentines day!!!
11th February 2010

Hey Steve
All is good here - still enjoying the heat. Nice to hear from you - hope things are good in Calgary. And yes, those were horses. Take care :)
11th February 2010

Population Correction
Hello james st. james. Thanks for the population correction. Unfortunately I took that information right out of a tourist information paper printed in Santiago - they must have made a mistake :)
11th February 2010

james st. james
Just an FYI, the entire country of Chile has 17million people. Santiago has about 5.3 million. Cheers!

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