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Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Yorkshire » Leeds November 3rd 2006

Well, as you can probably tell by the location of this blog, we are not quite on a tropical beach in Thailand, or exploring temples in Bangkok, or riding elephants. No, we are actually sat in the library in Pudsey. Im sure there are similarities somewhere, although the weather is pretty cold here. We didnt leave on the date planned, because we have been having a proper mare renting out our house. We were trying to arrange things myself, as Dad Lloyd has offered to manage it while we are out of the country. So we advertised it in the paper and via mates and on the internet, and had alot of interest, but it appears that this was all from timewasters. We had lots of people arrange to come and view it and just not ... read more
Birthday Drinks in Bojangles
Mark and Kris

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Yorkshire » Leeds October 21st 2006

Final Countdown!! So this is us: Kris27, doctor of zoology, expert in moth-virus interactions, and devoted pest controller. After dreaming of being a jungle-based biologist for most of my formative years I went on to do a PhD to pursue the dream. Unfortunately this involved putting small brown moths in pots in labs in Liverpool and Leeds and not trekking through the rainforest. On completion of aforementioned moth-potting I sold out to industry and joined the ranks of Rentokil Pest Control, with the dream job title of Field Biologist. The "Field" being bakeries, supermarkets and kebab factories. After building up enough bad environmental karma between us - Kate building roads and me killing animals - I think it's time we got back to nature and gave something back...South East Asia here we come....... Kate... read more
Kris's new uniform
Close up of the new overalls
Dusky Langur - The monkeys we are going to work with

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