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8th June 2021
2104-43 Voortrekker Monument, one of the wagons used in the trek

Family Community Wagon
This community wagon belonged to my grandfather, SP Botha ( We called him Oupa Faan ). My mother was his second youngest daughter, Hester Christina Elizabeth Botha ( later Minnaar ). He owned several ox and horse drawn carriages, and had a beautiful Spider in the garage.
9th June 2021
2104-43 Voortrekker Monument, one of the wagons used in the trek

Thanks for adding a personal note. So often, the family history and artifacts are lost.
10th February 2021

Thank you for "paving" the way
Making a similar drive & wanted to know what to expect. Completely enjoyed your descriptions of the birds, trees, lakes & landscapes. The photos enhanced the blog. I learned from you. On my future excursions, I'll be checking your blog.
11th June 2020

Tnx 4 PIX!
Lived & hiked in area 12+yrs. Very homesick for isolated hikes & wonderful lack of "civilization".
11th June 2020

Tnx 4 PIX!
Lived & hiked in area 12+yrs. Very homesick for isolated hikes & wonderful lack of "civilization".
15th November 2017

We love your realistic style. We have traveled to most of the world - it was our goal and we wouldn't change a thing. This time, we sail out of San Antonio and spend 5 days in Antarctica - exciting for us! Now, you have
found Canal Sarmiento for us. Thanks! Connie and Dave from California
15th November 2016

Tuvell Family
Hello, distant Tuvell relations! I also descend from George and Elizabeth Tuvell. My mother's maiden name is Tuvell. I was interested in your photos of former Tuvell and Brinkman land. Any signs of the remnants of houses out there? Anyway, feel free to contact me by e-mail if you would like to know more about how my branch ties in.
From Blog: Waverly, Ohio
4th May 2016

My husband Randy and I were with you on the South American cruise. We were in the group that picked you up at the airport and toured with you that day on the way to the ship. I came across Valerie's name as a guest speaker on the Amsterdam so I did a Google search and found you here and read your posts about the South American cruise. Great trip.
12th June 2015
AK6 July17 Dawson City Old Post Office

Seeking permission to publish Dawson Post Office photo
May I use your image 'AK6 July17 Dawson City Old Post Office' in a scholarly article? I'm writing about Martin Eli Weil (1940-2009), who was the restoration architect with Parks Canada who was responsible for the restoration of the Post Office. The article will appear in the Journal of the Society for the Study of Architecture in Canada. If I may, please tell me to whom I should credit the photo. Would the credit line be: 'Sharon Mock Whitaker and Valerie Mock, travelblog.org' ?
14th June 2015
AK6 July17 Dawson City Old Post Office

We would be delighted to share
Hal--I suspect you would prefer the original photo so you can adjust it for publication as you wish. I suspect the reference should be for full blog address or an abbreviation: www.mytb.org/RamblingRosies Please send your email address for better quality photo.
19th May 2015

Enjoying your blog
I live in Cokeville, Wy which you mentioned earlier in your blog. I'm a "Rutty" or "Rut Rat". Returning from a trip to Casper, I stopped for a quick visit at the Martin's Cove, Mormon historic site. I'm so enjoying your blog to include journaling and photos. Thanks so much for sharing.
29th May 2015

Is a rutter someone who follows the Oregon Trail ruts?
Thanks for your kind words.
16th August 2014

Any photo of the grey\green fruit? Continue please :-)
16th August 2014

Grey/green fruit
Are you talking about the fruit in 1403-403? That is a sycamore fig--weird, eh? Do you have normal figs down under?
3rd May 2014

Holland America trip in Dec.
Hi Ladies, I just found your business card as I was going through my purse I used while on our trip around the Horn. Jan and I went to South Africa a couple of years ago with a tour, not anywhere as brave as the two of you. I will be driving to New Hampshire this month to see my sister for a couple of weeks. (I am originally from NH). Maybe Jan will fly up to NH and ride back with me. Jan and I are going to the Holy Land (jordan and Isreal) July 16th. It will be group travel again with a twist--The Epicopal Bishop of Oklahoma is leading the group of 19 good souls and 1 on the teetering board, sometimes I wonder about myself.
8th March 2014

Dec 8, 2014
Hello, I've signed up for this trip, and am spending some time with research. Where to go...what to look for. It looks like this area has lots of places to go...after you walk the mile (LOL). If you have any advice, or hints, I would certainly appreciate your input. Thanks a lot Bob
24th March 2014

Puenta Arenas, etc.
Please ask a specific question and we will try to get back to you. We are currently in South Africa and connectivity has been very limited, so only doing essential email. After the next few days, we should be doing better with wifi.
29th January 2014

Pic 1312-220, 221
These pix remind me of a Stegosaurus in the sea. I wonder if the round green squash were what we call: 'gem squash'?
24th January 2014

End of the world
Good to see your travels continue. This is an amazingly beautiful part of the world. We hope to get there one day. Thanks for sharing.
12th January 2014

Hello ladies, Just caught up with this blog, glaciers are amazing eh? Hans and I touch one on the south island of New Zealand, it was surprisingly dirty! We are off to India next month and after that Hans intends to start planning a trip to the good old USA, so don't be surprised if we drop in to say cooee. LOL Keep the good work up re the blog, and your next big adventure is???????. Cheers, Brian.
16th January 2014

next adventure
We leave Feb. 21 for 40+ days in South Africa on a RV tour. Valerie will be driving a manual shift on the WRONG side of the road. A bit of a challenge.
9th August 2013

I have abetter (?) photo if you would like it. Cheers, Brian.
14th August 2013

Ya betcha!
Brian--I was hoping you did. I assume you are talking about the cappuchinos?
26th May 2013

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16th April 2013

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