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14th December 2008

Superb photos
What an adventure, Rosemary! Trust you are now safely back home. Loved the orang utans - not as scary as gorillas. Best wishes - Rhonda
11th December 2008

What a great experience
That was just wonderful, what an amazing experience Rosie wish I could have done it really do. Look forward to seeing you when you get back. Loads love.
10th December 2008

last leg
will do Penny - these maladies are getting boring!!!! Yup I also thought of our Tom when we introduced to Rusty Red Tom.
8th December 2008

wish I had been there
What fantastic photos Rosie!1 Trust the alpha male who is hyper and then sulks to been called Tom!!! Their faces were so soulful and the night listening to the jungle must have been awesome! Can't wait to be 'trapped ' in front of the photo show at Christmas. But forgoodness sake, stay out of harm till you get back safely on Friday. Love Penny
3rd December 2008

Blenheim Lane Brigade
be good to see the BL gang - thanks for all your encouraging emails Jane love Rosie
From Blog: Kupang Memories
3rd December 2008

Coming Home
Thanks Rob , we too are really looking forward to coming home and catching up with you all but just a bit more of Indonesia to see first.
From Blog: Kupang Memories
26th November 2008

Great Blog
Great blog mum, all in all it sounds like it was a success. Now you can enjoy the traveling home. Can't wait to see you guys at xmas.
From Blog: Kupang Memories
23rd November 2008

hello rose glad to hear your ear is better now and that u and colin have had a great time i see u and colin still have great moves on the dance floor bye for now and see u soon danny
22nd November 2008

Cant wait
Thanks Judy cant wait to catch up and see Dad Clive as well - I still have another 234,546 pics as yet unpublished so don't be too ready with the invites!!!!
22nd November 2008

Thanks Penny - it is now that i feel well that I realise just how much I missed by being ill. We are having a wonderful sedn off and I so regret I couldn't have done mnore but Colin on teh other hand has achieved incredible things here. He has been fantastic - will keep you up dated with travels love Rosie
20th November 2008

It's the way you say it! Seriously though much relieved for you (not arf as much as you must be) let's hope that's the end of it, has it left you with any hearing difficulties? Thanks so much for all your recent v fascinating texts and pics - wot an adventure you've had - really looking forward to seeing you both around Christmastime or early in the new year. Stay well and better keep your head above water! Love Judy
20th November 2008

Great to see you happy
Dear Rosie, Brilliant happy photos for the end of a tough few months! Just for number two son, ear ache is excriciating and went on for 5 weeks! So must be at least equal in the Smith drama stakes!1 Looking forward to travelling bloggs and orang-u- tangs x Penny
20th November 2008

Ear versus knee
I had tropical knee infection of the ear - got to be more painful - you had lovely Thai nurses caring for you - I had your Dad-nuff said.
20th November 2008

Glad to hear the ear is on the mend mum, sounded really horrible. (probably not as bad as a tropical knee infection though, reakon that would be much worse).
19th November 2008

"Never seen this before", says the doctor
Yes, isn't that just the very last position you wish to find yourself in: the protagonist in a medical freak story. Smiths/Phillimores and weird tropical bugs...
19th November 2008

Shortest summary of Indonesian cuisine
"Rice with bits soaked in volcanic strength chili sauce". Both Eveline - who loves spicy grub - and I - my attitude is more one of awe and respect - agree. Selamat makan!
14th November 2008

Good health
Currently have big problem with ear - subject of forthcoming blog entry so the dramas continue - sdaly may have to coem hoem early to get treatment will keep you informed love Rosie
14th November 2008

Mystery Man
Thanks for this is great to have your comments - Rob is fine but I am now in Indonesia with potentialy teh same probelm as Rob - a mystery infection in my ear that has been with me for 6 weeks and has local doctors baffled.
From Blog: Leaving boystown
11th November 2008

Enough bumph to build a city ! I wish you luck sorting it. Great blog and pics, as always. Looking forward to seeing you both IN ONE PIECE (each) back in Oxford.
1st May 2008

Mystery man
Actually the mystery man is doing research at Griffith University, not Sydney, but is indeed investigating a bacterium that might have been responsible for Rob's infection. More clues: I left Parklands when I was about 10 in 1978. It was one of those bizzarre coincindences. I'd been at a conference in Khon Kaen (on the very bacterium that might have been the culprit in Rob's infection), and had a very pleasant chat on the plane to Bangkok with Rose. "So where are you from, Rose" "Near Oxford" "Anywhere near Witney?" "Yes, a village between Oxford and Witney" "Freeland ?" Rose says: "How do YOU know about Freeland?" and so started a discussion about which families are still there, and who might remember me. For those who do know who the mystery man is, he now lives in Australia (Gold Coast), married with 3 boys aged 5, 4 and 2.
From Blog: Leaving boystown
5th March 2008

Great pics and commentary! Thank you!
I saw your Mum last week at Madley Park and she seemed very happy indeed. When I said I lived in Blenheim Lane, she chuckled and said she would never want to live there as it was too much like hard work looking after and babysitting all the children... she claerly felt sorry for me living there, and smiled sympathetically at me, shaking her head, and repeating "oh no, I'd never want to live there!" :o) She looked very happy Rosie without any anxiety.
From Blog: The Antipodes
4th March 2008

dressed for the occasion!
Dear Rosie, I was so pleased to see that you were keeping up the Memshib standards in the colonies!! good to see Tony as madly positive as ever and the whole gang of people together. canĀ“t think what is happening with the weathre as Ecuador has been washed out and in a national state of emmergency all February. Even Galapagos was extra wet for the season! I think from this that you must be back in the Uk, very brave. I am not ready for the cold yet. Will climb a few glaciers in Chile to get in the mood, Love Penny
From Blog: The Antipodes
4th March 2008

We're home
We got home yesterday after 2 weeks in USA and Canada so will do a quick short (oh the relief) blog entry for Canada just so I can show off my skiiing photos and then - shock horror - some of you will actually have to talk to us now unless you are nimble enough to dodge into doorways when you spot our tanned , very tanned and youthless faces on teh horizon!!!!!
From Blog: The Antipodes
12th February 2008

Well what a journey
A wonderful experience rosie and what wonderful adventures; all that history. Wish I was there except for the delly belly of course. Have a great time and take lots of pics.
11th February 2008

Come with me!!!!
Hi Cathy - great to hear from you and a hap hip hoppy birthday. I'm planning to go back to Thailand in November and would like to organise a ladies trip to boystown and beyond - so if you are interested!!!!

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