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Europe » Czech Republic » Prague August 14th 2015

Another day another place to explore. Today I was heading out on a day trip to Terezin, which was a concentration camp used by the Nazis in WW2. Terezin was a collection camp which meant that people were not exterminated there however the death toll was high due to the cramped spaces and disease. Many of the people who were sent to Terezin were eventually moved on to another concentration camp, most often Auschwitz. The town of Terezin originally had a population of 7000 individuals (3500 civilians and 3500 military employees). Throughout WW2 during the Nazi occupation more than 150 000 Jews resided a Terezin before being shipped off to other camps. Terezin was also used as a front by the Nazis to spread their propaganda about the conditions in concentration camps to Western countries and ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague August 13th 2015

I was up relatively early and walked to the Old Town Square to meet my tour group. Today I went to Kutna Hora; which is a smaller town to the east of Prague and is mainly known for its history of silver production. It also has this amazing chapel that is full of bones and skeletons that have been used to create crazy designs like goblets, pictures, massive pyramids, a coat of arms, a chandelier, and all manner of decorations. It was definitely a site to behold, slightly morbid – this made the more so due to all the people clambering to take their photos with the skulls and bones – but also just awe inspiring to see the ingenuity that people have used to create these designs. Many of the bones belonged to people who ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague August 12th 2015

I had a sleep in and then was up to pack my bags ready to check out and head to the Erberg bus stop. I managed to find my bus and settled in for the 4hour drive to Prague, my last stop before Moscow. I have really enjoyed travelling overland for the majority of this travel. Again I was able to look out the window and see the wind farms of rural Austria/Czech Republic. Getting into Prague I was again hit by the heat after spending 4hours in the air-conditioned sanctuary of the bus. After getting some Czech Krona I bought myself a ticket for the metro and managed to navigate my way to my hostel. I have lucked out again and It is a really nice place in a very central location. After dropping off ... read more

Europe » Slovakia » Bratislava Region » Bratislava August 11th 2015

An early start today as I had to make it to catch the ferry to Bratislava. What a great way to begin the day. The boat ride took around an hour speeding down the Danube. It was amazing seeing all of the residences along the river. What it must be like to live by the river away from everyone. The weather, as it has been for the majority of this trip, is swelteringly hot. When I arrived I didn’t really have much of a plan. I had booked my bus back to Vienna at 8:30pm but the rest of the day was mine to enjoy. Outside the port there was a lady advertising for a castle and town tour for 10euros. The castle was at the top of a hill so I decided that in this ... read more

Europe » Austria » Vienna August 10th 2015

Today was a continuation of the walking tour from yesterday. Today I covered the Museum Quartier, Capuchin Imperial Court and St Peter’s Church. I also ventured out to Danube Island (Donauinsel), which is an island that has been created in the middle of the Danube. The island has a number of different beaches and also has a wakeboarding course; which looked insane. The island, whilst being a great swimming/walking/cycling area for people, the island was actually created to prevent flooding in the main city area. A new channel was dredged (called the Little Danube) creating the island and helping to protect the city. It is also the venue of a music festival once a year.... read more

Europe » Austria August 9th 2015

I decided to head out on my own and complete a walking tour of Vienna taking in some of the sights around the Old Town. http://www.bigboytravel.com/europe/austria/vienna/freewalkingtour/ Again the weather was overwhelmingly hot (why do we have so much time off at the hottest time of the year – I would love nothing better than to be cooped up in an air-conditioned classroom). It was amazing walking around and seeing the city though. I went to the Schmettering Haus (Butterfly House). It was incredibly hot inside, turns out going inside a greenhouse is not the best idea during a heat wave. But it was amazing to see the butterflies in their chrysalis breaking free and flying around the enclosure. Not as good as the one in Cairns though. Walking around seeing things like the Roman Ruins and ... read more

Europe » Austria August 8th 2015

Being just a little bit broke I decided to take it easy today. I started off by having a sleep in and then bought myself some food from the supermarket and sat in the park reading my book. After this I decided to entertain myself by just walking around and checking out some of the sights around my area. It’s funny how use to travelling you get after a while. Adjusting to new streets, new transport systems, new currencies. I decided that seeing as Mozart is Austrian it would be crazy not to at least get some culture and take in a music show. In the Palaise Palffy (the venue where Mozart originally performed in his youth with his sister) they were putting on a show of people playing music by Mozart and Strauss with the ... read more

Europe » Austria August 7th 2015

My first day in Vienna. After having a walk around town I headed to Stephanplatz to check out St Stephan Cathedral (Stephandom). This is the main gothic church in Vienna. It was amazing to see inside. Visiting these old fashioned churches kinda makes me understand how the church could have had such a big influence in the past. Just the scale and design of the buildings, particularly considering the age in which it was built, must have been extraordinary. I bought the All Inclusive Ticket which included the Audio-guide tour for the main cathedral, the Catacombs, the North Tower, the South Tower and the special treasures section. The Catacombs tour was very busy, I guess it being summer everything will be busy, but it was still really interesting to see. Particularly this one area, which looked ... read more

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest August 6th 2015

Sadly my time in Budapest has almost come to an end. I decided to get up early and enjoy my last few hours before catching the 5pm train to Vienna. I ended up doing another free walking tour, my third in as many days. This one was focused on the effects that Communism had in Budapest. - People had to apply for a blue passport for travel to non-communist countries. This application could take up to 3 years. - People travelled to communist countries using a red passport. - Everyone received 3 weeks paid holiday a year. Many of the companies had resorts in beachside areas that the workers could travel to for their holidays. This was all subsidised by the state. - People were often enlisted to the Secret Police after getting caught commuting offenses ... read more

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest August 5th 2015

After a nights rest I was refreshed and ready to explore the city. I planned on attending another free walking tour of the Jewish District but first I headed to the City Markets. This was in a massive beautiful building near the river. It had all manner of fruit and veg, meats and of course souvenirs. It was hilarious to see some of the things being sold at the markets – Brazilian flags and patches, Egyptian papyrus, Eiffel Tower statues (seriously, who buys this stuff when they are in Budapest?). I can just imagine admiring someone’s Eiffel Tower necklace and having then turn and say ‘thanks, I got it in Budapest’. One thing that I have been incredibly impressed by in Budapest is there collection of t-shirts. I love a good pun or play on words ... read more

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