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Rachel Marie Washart

Rachel Washart

I am 8 years old and I am going to Alaska with my grandmother. I am really excited about going.

North America » United States » Alaska » Skagway July 11th 2010

Today I hiked up toward the top of a mountain. It took about 51/2 hours. I hiked about 5 and a 1/2 miles. I saw lots of amazing sites including Lower Dewey Lake and Icy Lake. Sophia my five year old cousin and my aunt Suzie had to quit three quarters of the way because Sophia couldn't climb any more. The people who successfully finished the hike were Me, Grammy, Sahara my nine year old cousin, Asia my seven year old cousin, Stacey Suzie's friend, Cassy Sahara's best friend, Niko Cassy's brother, and Joy another one of Suzie's friend. We completed a very big destiny! ... read more
Lower Dewey Lake
Rachel at the Lake
Running Stream.

North America » United States » Alaska » Skagway July 9th 2010

Today I went on the White Pass and Yukon Railroad. It is the route that the Stampeders took from Skagway to Dawson City, Yukon where the gold rush took place. It was very fun and I saw lots of amazing sites. I went though two tunnels and over four bridges. One bridge was very narrow and also old and when you looked down there was a one thousand foot drop.... read more
Looking back to the Lynn Canal
Two of the Bridges
Another Train Passing

North America » United States » Alaska » Skagway July 8th 2010

I have not done anything really exiting over the last three days so today seemed very special. Today I went to Carcross which is in the Yukon Territory, Canada. Today was the very first time that I went into Canada. I ran along the beach at Lake Bennett and dipped my feet in the water. It was lots of fun. I also ate lunch on the beach. I got my Passport stamped for Canada and Skagway and hiked the tallest hill in the smallest desert in the world. We saw lots of pretty sites including Emerald Lake. I went with Sahara, Asya, and Sahara's best friend Cassie. All of us had so much fun!... read more
Standing in the water.
The Famous Train
Climbing in the Desert

North America » United States » Alaska » Skagway July 4th 2010

Today was so fun. My cousins were in two parades. I saw both of them. They were great. After that we went to the historic Moore House and played old-fashion games. The games were, bean bag toss, ring rolling, three legged race, and egg balance. Then we went to the world famous egg-toss contest in the center of town. To end the day we had a Barbeque. I had so much fun. Happy Fourth of July!... read more
My Cousins in Costume
Asya and I doing the three-legged race
Egg Toss

North America » United States » Alaska » Skagway July 3rd 2010

Tonight I went to a lookout on a mountain to watch the fireworks. The fireworks were very beautiful. Luckily because of fog it was dark outside so we could see better than usual. The fog (when the fireworks exploded) made the whole sky light up. When the fireworks stopped I thought they were over and started home then they started up again so I had to watch from the house window.... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Skagway July 2nd 2010

Today I hiked up to Dyea. Dyea and Skagway were the places where Stampeders got off their ships and headed north to Yukon to get gold. After the Gold Rush people left Dyea and Dyea became a ghost town. At Dyea I went on nice a hike and saw the false front, which used to be the front of a hardware store that Harriet Pullen, a famous woman owned.... read more
False Front

North America » United States » Alaska » Skagway July 1st 2010

Today my cousin and I went for a hike to the Gold Rush Cemetery, Reid Falls, and The Point. Jefferson (Soapy) Smith, a very bad con man and the man who shot him, Frank Reid are both buried at the Gold Rush Cemetery. Reid Falls was named after Frank. Reid Falls are big, beautiful, and powerful. To get to the point I had to climb over lots of rocks.... read more
Reid Falls
Frank Reid Grave
Jefferson "Soapy" Smith Grave

North America » United States » Alaska » Skagway June 30th 2010

I explored Skagway with my cousin Sahara and my Grandma. We walked around downtown and went to the Gold Rush Museum and listened to a story about Harriet Pullen, a famous Skagway women. Then we saw a film about the Klondike Gold Rush. After lunch we went to the library and got some good books and a puzzle. Skagway is a very small place, but has a lot of jewelry shops.... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Skagway June 29th 2010

Looking out the window as we left Washington, DC I saw the Washington Monument. We flew high above the clouds for many hours until we landed in Seattle, Washington. After lunch at Chili's we got back on a plane for another 2 hours and flew to Juneau, which is the capital of Alaska. A 45 minute trip on a small plane took me to Skagway. I flew over many glaciers and mountains. I landed safely in Skagway and my Aunt Suzie picked me and Grammy up. I saw my cousins, Sahara, Asya and Sofia which was pretty nice, since I haven't seen them in two years. I managed to stay up until 8 pm Alaska time which was was midnight in Maryland.... read more

North America » United States » Maryland » Sykesville June 27th 2010

In two days my grandmother and I are going to get on a plane at 8 O'clock and fly to Alaska. It will take a long time to get there and we will need to take three planes. We will have so much fun together!... read more

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