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21st April 2011

Unbelievable! So where's the snow glasses Rich? Dropped them down the ice hole? X
21st April 2011

bejesus you lot be careful .....thats really scary to read all of that !!!!! sounds like you having an amazing experience already and lots more to go.......Love to you all ....stay safe !!! xx
20th April 2011

I don't know about your palpitations...I was certainly having some while reading this! Just remember, you and ladders don't go together! Stay safe now, luv you lots X
19th April 2011

I cant see the photos? Coming up as black squares! :-(
18th April 2011

Looks amazing ! I not sure I could reach the start of the trail with my lunghoonas... well hope it goes well, dont smoke for god sake
18th April 2011

Amex work you hard
Why has jon taken all his work with him ... i cant believe he has a pile of CGM work on the arm of the chair...
From Blog: Arrival in Chile
17th April 2011

Senoritas who can sway, olé
Hope the 'male bonding' is going well, make or break maybe? This link should cheer you up, if all the mountain scenery is getting too much.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M81ph3BslqQ
11th April 2011

Medical advice
My God ! How did you get up for your flight - well just make sure you use your vasaline wisely when you go on a very very long hike ! have a good time dont worry about us in Croydonia
11th April 2011

Enjoy !
Hey boys, Enjoy the trip...it seems that you've been planning it for an age and now your all there. We want to hear all about it on your safe return to Blighty... R,R and D :o)
29th November 2010

Namaste!!!!!!! it is nice you have visited to Nepal and you had done sevaral trekking in Nepal and you builed the blog on the internet. and promoting to nepal. and i got opportunity to read your blog on the internet. i like it you have done very good job. thank you
15th September 2010

I visited that lama in 1999 - it's amazing to see him up there still doing his thing. I've been wanting to return to Nepal and Annapurna again...if you have the time and inclination will you message me about the road that has been built up to Muktinath. Are people still trekking down the Kali Gandaki side? Thanks for the blog, brings back good memories!
25th June 2010

I cant believe it's nearly over!
Maybe you should consider a change of career and start writing travel blogs, lots of history, i'm very impressed... amazing trip v.jealous. Never mind this time next week you'll be sitting in ets plodding away and it'll all be a distant memory, make the most of the weekend in Thailand.
25th June 2010

almost home :(
hey rich, this drivel has kept me entertained on many a dull amex morning and has genuinely brought a smile to my face. safe journey home lad, see ya when your back and hopefully for the England Argentina game in the next round. RK
15th June 2010

dalai lama
hey rich, have really enjoyed reading these... you gotta see the dalai lama, there was a programme on the telly recently with michael palin and he went to visit the dalai lama as well. he greets all of his well wishers and blesses them all...might be worth the trip to be blessed by his holiness before ehading back here to bosnia... rk
From Blog: New Delhi
15th June 2010

Any chance you can air freight me a load of the curry.. Looks great!
From Blog: New Delhi
14th June 2010

Hi Richard - wow the whole trip just looks so amazing. The blogs and pics have been fantastic....we all cant wait to see more. Enjoy the final leg of your trip. 46deg - thats hot - sweaty pants all round!! (Have the 5pairs disintergrated yet???) Everything much the same this end, it's still raining! Off to Florida next week to meet Laura Dora, Harry Potter Land here we come! Enjoy the last few weeks...Take care. Helen.
14th June 2010

Great reading...
If I could afford to keep you going for another 3 months, it'd be worth my while because it's all so fascinating to read. Being in these places is life-changing. The streets of Colombo were eye-opening for me - this is something else.....! Not sure about the lack of a seat belt on the roof of those buses though, going round those bends on high hills.... bsve boys. Enjoy the rmainder Rich. x
13th June 2010

Didn't he do well!
Words fail me Rich.....Brilliant! I've printed each one off and it makes quite a story. Just one thing worries me.....the details have been explicit about all your adventures but there is no mention of washing a T shirt here and there? I won't mention other necessary items but I'm sure you came across a Hotpoint in the mountains somewhere. Who cares....you have achieved so much and conquered your fears, so well done from a proud mum! x
13th June 2010

Which one of the trekkers on the road to Naya Pul (top pic) are you?
9th June 2010

Well done...
Rich, What can I say brother? Very well done so far - what a fantastic blog. Fascinating reading from sea level!! Great pictures and stories. A life-changing trip, I'm sure. Say hi to The Lama and when you next see him, ask him if he can do anything for a baby that doesn't sleep!!! x
8th June 2010

Hi Rich, Glad you still going strong. Really enjoying your blog. Keep it up. Parry
8th June 2010

Which ones you in the Chris Bonnington photo?
RG, That must be you with the holy communion three quarter length trousers on! MWB
7th June 2010

Great update sir!
Hey Rich, these travel updates are proving to be extremely entertaining reading sir, including the pictures! You seem to have shrunk considerably! Must be all the high altitude air and walking! Great bit of facial fungus too sir! You look like a salty old seadog! Any, keep the updates coming! I'm enjoying reading them and i'm not ashamed to say i'm feeling a tad jealous!
7th June 2010

Throng-La - la - la - la - la - la
Woo Hoo ! Glad you made it, how exhilarating is it to reach that summit, Its really quite emotional to have acheived it and to be standing so high with all the other peaks surrounding you.... I remember the feeling as well... Well done ! R
7th June 2010

Hiya Rich, Well done for getting to the top....the photos are amazing. looks like you deserve a rest now. Enjoy the rest of your trip and take care. (some sunscreen is needed, you look a tad burnt)

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