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South America » Uruguay January 24th 2012

1-24-12 Tuesday 8 am wake up- seemed harder than you think because I didn’t sleep very well last night. I think that I have a phobia of mosquitos biting me at night, so I was up and down and up and down, turning on the lights every few hours to see if there were any in my room because I could have sworn I heard a buzzing. The morning came quick and we walked to the Winery together to see what the tasks of the day were. We tested the density and temperature of the two tanks and then went down to the fields for some sampling of grapes. Max and I were sent to one field while Ori and Ben to another. We sampled quickly and found some shade to take shelter from the sun ... read more

South America » Uruguay January 23rd 2012

1-23-12 Monday After the weekend in Montevideo, we are all anticipating the time we spend in the country. After an early wake up we are on our way to pick up the others at their hostels. Max was easy to find where as Ben on the other hand was still sleeping so Francisco could not find his hostel and we rode around until we thought we saw it. The morning was very foggy both physically and mentally because of the early wakeup, so there wasn’t much of a view for the first few hours of the trip. We made a quick stop in Los Violettas before we made our way to the north. The vineyard here is rested in a small hill with miles of grapes, a lot of the land is new bright red clay ... read more

1-22-12 Sunday When we woke it started to pour, so we ran through the yard to the kitchen where Richard was playing guitar with some friends and other guests of the hostel. We sat over some Mate and waited for the storm to pass before paying our bills and hitting the road. The ride back was just as long if not longer then the ride there. I passed out in the back seat (big surprise) and woke 15 minutes before arriving in Montevideo. The rest of the day was spent in the living room of Francisco’s house while we watched Italian soccer and prepared dinner. Sundays seem quiet here in Uruguay, we drove through the city on our way home and there was hardly anyone in the streets, it seems as they take their rest seriously ... read more

South America » Uruguay » East » Rocha January 21st 2012

1-21-12 SaturdayThe ride to La Pedrera was long and flat… quite literally. There are very few hills in Uruguay, especially in the south. As you ride along the highway, (a two lane road with a few stop signs) you can see as far as the eyes can wander. There are small “hills” in the distance that look as though they could be comparable to Connecticut's own, but our mind must have played tricks on us for the reality is they are very close and very small. Randomly speckled along the highway are fields filled with antique cars. through my eyes it seems as though the cars outlive the people here. It isn’t odd to see multiple vintage VW buses and bugs drive down the street, along with old ford trucks and tons of fiats older than ... read more

1-20-12 Friday Montevideo is a very intriguing city; I am not sure exactly how to gauge it. The streets are filled with young energetic people engulfed in the antiquity of old buildings slowly dying into the background as posh modern buildings are erected through the shadows. The old buildings are quickly forgotten, they are shrouded by graffiti that floods the city. Government gangs and hoodlums alike canvas these beautiful ghosts as backgrounds for a new era. A new era is much needed. The people of Uruguay are a mix of European decent, to which no one is for certain where they should pledge their allegiance to Spain, France, Italy, Germany, it is a melting pot of all the countries. It seems as though no one really takes pride in maintaining the country they occupying now. As ... read more

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan January 19th 2012

This is the first leg of my trip and thus far it is an adventure... I haven't even left NY! After the hustle and bustle of driving to JFK there a serine feeling comes over me as I sit in the terminal. I finally realize that I am leaving for a month. Not that a month is a long time in respect to how long I have been on this earth and how much longer I hope to be here (god willing). 1 month... New friends.. new sights.. new smells.. new tastes.. and everything else that comes with it all. I am thrilled. I need a breath of fresh air, and this mid January weather is not really refreshing to me. There is something about airports that helps me relax. I prefer the silence as I ... read more

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