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20th June 2011

Hey Naissa, yeah there should be some pictures on here AND on facebook. The internet connection is not very good down here, so its a bit of a nigthmare to upload them, but i keep on trying! How are u guys, hows Brighton. We really miss it too! ;-(
11th May 2011

Hi claudi Hi Max, Nice to hear you both are enjoying it and have settled in Colombia. I was looking for pictures... Are they on Facebook or where can I find them on your Blog? We miss you here. There will be Oda's birthday on Saturday. drinks on you two too!!! xxx the.brightonstudent.blogspot.com
5th March 2011

Hi Claudi, I think it all sounds amazing just the kind of adventurous break I could do with at the mo. Its certainly not a hotel, but I think this is exactly the kind of environment where one (especially you) can make a difference and generate change for better. So keep the spirit up.... Little has changed over here, Jorun has moved in, Amex is still shit and I am busy 24/7. I miss you lots xxxx
28th February 2011

Hi Claudi, your trip sounds really adventurous. The jungle is not a 'ponyhof' I guess. Keep your head up! From what you have written you are establishing big changes there! Wow. This is great to hear! So proud of you! The project sounds so ineteresting especially the social problem with the men of the village. They should open up an AA centre there or some sort of extra work to keep them busy and away from the local pubs! Here in Brighton not much changed. We had some nice sunny days already and spring is showing itself slowly. University is absoluetely stressful. Malte probably has told you how much wehave todo right now. I cannot wait until this all ends. Peter is still inGuildford. He willmove to another ward (elderly ward) on the 15th March. He is happy there now and has settled in as best as possible. I can understand that you may be feeling a bit sad but keeping the goal of the project in mind will help you! Will try and write you here as often as possible. 2 months will pass in no time. Hello to Jana. Big hug and kiss from Brighton! Naissa

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