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25th June 2017

old blokes
love Gent. Hows the bike holding up Rik??
25th June 2017
Passing through Gent

speed demons
what did you think of antwerpe old bloke
18th June 2017

Great to hear it all worked out meeting Bob, no doubt he's got the good taste in beer! Hope you enjoyed Antwerp, safe riding lads.
15th June 2017

Washing like a local!
Was the washing being done in the same manner as when you first landed? That's one way to scare the locals! We have just returned from France and their baguettes, butter and cheese are like nothing you can experience in Australia. I can easily recall the flavours. Surprisingly, the best location of source the baguettes would be from their Railway Stations! We were known to loiter around the "Gares" without any intentions of boarding a train!
14th June 2017
Ready to begin the journey

Bad start
Hasn't anyone told Gus about the dangers of white Lycra on middle aged men?
14th June 2017

After a few beers...
Vertigo photographers! So you saying the slant has nothing to do with Belgium beer? Looking good guys, ready to read the next days adventure.
14th June 2017

Change your blog to Pissheadonabike
Looks great mate. I'm just heading of for my haircut. Will cost me 10,000Rp or $1 Aus. On Friday I go to Darwin for my annual Barramundi fishing trip. Only beer to choose here is Bintang.
13th June 2017

Have Fun
Nice pics kids. Sorry I tried ringing please accept this text Rick 😑

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