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Friendship must be built on a solid foundation of alcohol, sarcasm, inappropriateness and shenanigans. I can vouch for the fact the above statement is so true!!!! Lots of shenanigans!!! (Very little alcohol...hahahaha) Other than relaxing on the beach and eating good food and sharing good company, we've just overall been enjoying our girls' trip. Lots of laughs and lounging. The condo allows for everyone to have their own space whether in the condo itself, or at the pool, on the beach or walking around town. Sunday we did enjoy beach BBQ and the food was excellent. We sat there for hours feeling the breeze sitting under the palm trees. The beach club was having a wedding, so we stuck around to see it. The bride was beautiful, and the beach side setting beautifully decorated. It reminded ... read more
Rooftop drinks
Beach Club rooftop
3 muskateers

Greetings all, and happy Domingo (Sunday) from sunny Playa del Carmen which is expected to be 32C today with a 46C humidex. Thankfully someone installed an ocean around here otherwise we'd be in big trouble :> Things I like... Hanging with my friends on the beach, sipping drinks & laughing about life. Things I don't like... My child throwing up all night, and being sick all day. Things for Rory started to turn around by noon on Saturday when I realized the medication the doctor would give her, I could get at a pharmacy. I researched it, and it did say it was a safe drug to take, but not for any great length of time as it could cause some side effects. I know Rory; when she gets ill, she's violently ill, then if she ... read more
Morning walk with Linda & Sue
Fried eggs with 2 Mexican salsas

See you later alligator, after a while crocodile, Bye-bye butterfly, be sweet parakeet. See you soon raccoon, blow a kiss goldfish, Take care polar bear, so long king kong. Toodle-loo, kangaroo. Ahhh good-byes are hard. Al, Lara, Ray & Pat left on Thursday to go home. As mentioned, Marth, myself, Rory & Ava are staying on till July 25th, with my girlfriends coming to join us. With Ray and Pat out west in Alberta, it's always hard to say good-bye. It's hard for the girls too, not to see their grandparents, then get 2 solid weeks with them and then have to say goodbye again for at least 6 months to a year. And it was hard to say goodbye to my marido (husband) and Lara, but as I said, let the good times roll with ... read more
Sue & Mo
Girls of the round wine table
Before dinner drinks

Louis Armstrong sang it best. I see trees of green, red roses too. I see them bloom, for me and you. And I think to myself, what a wonderful world. I see skies of blue, And clouds of white. The bright blessed day, the dark sacred night, And I think to myself, What a wonderful world. Hola all! So I've taken to starting my blogs with things I like. Well here's Things I DON'T like...In particular, getting a major cold in a trop... read more
Marth & her amberjack (& Luis)
Cheese board...ahhh
I got you babe...

BBQ rules: Don't touch another man's "grill". Where there's smoke, there's flavor. It's acceptable to eat with your fingers. "Sauce" happens! Moaning while eating is considered a compliment. Things I love. Beach BBQs & the unmistakable smell of charcoal... I think it's safe to say we all love the smell of BBQ & charcoal and we got to bask in some charcoal BBQ yesterday. As mentioned Sundays are big here in Playa for beach BBQ. We met the gang on the beach to enjoy BBQ/lunch at the Indigo Club; a bali themed/exotic beach club with a couple of big barbecue's smoking, and chefs in white top hats putting out some really good grill. This beach club is part of a very high end condo hotel (Playa Beach Getaways manages properties here) and I think some of ... read more
Beach chefs
Cowboy Al
Chefs a grillin'

Everybody, sing along to this song... Groovin', on a Sunday afternoon,Really couldn't get away too soon I can't imagine anything that's better The world is ours whenever we're together There ain't a place I'd like to be instead of. Things I love. 5. Waking to birds c... read more
Ava hair braid
No competition here
Fish derby

"If everyone is happy with you, then surely you have made many compromises in your life. If you are happy with everyone, surely you have ignored faults of others." ~ Things I love... 4. Breakfasty by the ocean. Our family vacation is going like gang-busters. We are all vacationing at our own pace; some are early birds getting the worms (using potholders to get those worms since it's so hot here!), and others are crashed till 11am. That would be two teens usually. Some like to float in the pool, some like to read, or surf the web, and some like to wander around eating and drinking :) This morning as I type this blog, we are sitting on the beach having breakfast...see the glass of fresh orange juice. Excellent breakie at Playa Maya. There's a ... read more
Water park
Island Girls

"The voice of the sea speaks to the soul". Things I love... 3. Freshly squeezed orange juice sold from bike carts on the corners here. Thursday/Jueves Al was up and at 'em early Thursday morning to go for his dive. I got up with him to see him off. I have to say I'm always a little apprehensive when he dives but I know he's with experienced divers who know the area well. Al lives for these dives & I can imagine the complete quietness of the ocean places him in a zen zone unlike any other. Life above water is so hectic and we all need an escape and the ocean is Al's grand escape. He always comes home with a smile and so relaxed. (PS Good time to ask him to borrow money). Dave ... read more
Mariachi going to work!
The cute chefs
Chicken noodle stir fry

Advice from a sea turtle Swim with the current. Stay calm under pressure. Be well traveled. Age gracefully. Think long term. Spend time at the beach. Buenos Dias to all you crazy fools reading these blogs! Hope it's warm & sunny where you are. OK for those of you that have been reading my blogs, see if you can fill in the blank. It is so H_T here. I bet you can't do it???!!! (insert big smiley face). Things I love... 2. No socks worn here - just flip flops. When the "low" for the day is going to 28, you know it's going to be a hot day. Yes you got it, it's HOT! Why do I find myself so humorous? Yesterday we all got to do different things. Al took some of the kids ... read more
Ray floating (a rare thing!)
Girls in Akumal

Wednesday evening: I am tonight, adding on a blog in honor of two of our best friends, Keith & Danielle Kelley. First welcome home Keith from your El Camino walk. This is a spiritual pilgrimage walk that takes weeks and weeks to do in Spain, and is done by foot, around 700 km. Keith researched it, and talked about it for 6 years till he did it with his daughter Tanya, who stayed for a smaller portion of the walk. The rest he did by himself. It took blood, sweat & tears, determination, and well, family support, and in the end, Keith's inner strength & physical endurance to do it, and his perseverance paid off. This walk for many is something that gets into your blood; while it may be a bucket list for some, it ... read more

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